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Maelstrom-US Honorable Kills
1Öhm Legion of the NRUMaelstrom-US280541
2Aldafea The Death GuardMaelstrom-US265075Not updated
3Pjones WoeMaelstrom-US242551Not updated
4Nthari The Only GodsMaelstrom-US232389Not updated
5Demonyoso Horde Strike ForceMaelstrom-US229029Not updated
6Clockworks Roll InitiativeMaelstrom-US227721Not updated
7Dimples The Exiled WarlordMaelstrom-US217585Not updated
8Gibson The GréatMaelstrom-US217064Not updated
9Grammerus Great Sea Isle ScalawagsMaelstrom-US209231
10Siked  Maelstrom-US209187Not updated
11Venicide Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US187022Not updated
12Jjookkeerr  Maelstrom-US186019
13Durkanis Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US185937
14Phieneas The Only GodsMaelstrom-US183608Not updated
15Invictus MelioraMaelstrom-US174805Not updated
16Arkuran Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US164716
17Manamônster  Maelstrom-US164516
18Luningning Carpe CerevisiMaelstrom-US163373
19Nxn FIGHT CLUBMaelstrom-US162632Not updated
20Phalix AvalonMaelstrom-US161574
21Jamaicamon  Maelstrom-US161000Not updated
22Zlert Horde Strike ForceMaelstrom-US160969
23Dreadspirit  Maelstrom-US157442Not updated
24Situationxd FIGHT CLUBMaelstrom-US154900Not updated
25Akaveary Legion of the NRUMaelstrom-US154659
26Avalo Whispers of the HordeMaelstrom-US152501
27Spîcy  Maelstrom-US151191Not updated
28Volpit im swaggin im surfinMaelstrom-US149949Not updated
29Xarine Court of the Ruby GrailMaelstrom-US148519Not updated
30Kannidelle Incredible MiracleMaelstrom-US148413Not updated
31Sinzai Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US146471
32Haoyunqi Hao Yun QiMaelstrom-US145251Not updated
33Spacejamqt  Maelstrom-US144474Not updated
34Miollnir Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US143093Not updated
35Arnem Quite QuintessentialMaelstrom-US142635Not updated
36Pestis GriefSquadMaelstrom-US141165Not updated
37Tzakara Legion of the NRUMaelstrom-US141156
38Mokkthemadd Two Orcs One CupMaelstrom-US140116Not updated
39Maliix Korkron WarbandMaelstrom-US138733Not updated
40Waynewolf Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US138458
41Hate WoeMaelstrom-US136416
42Inseyne Muffin MakersMaelstrom-US135566Not updated
43Trent Quite QuintessentialMaelstrom-US134975Not updated
44Mericus Horde Strike ForceMaelstrom-US134770Not updated
45Spenca Incredible MiracleMaelstrom-US133764Not updated
46Vizerath SynergyMaelstrom-US133725Not updated
47Io WoeMaelstrom-US128594
48Krog ShadowKnightsMaelstrom-US125830Not updated
49Samadams Korkron WarbandMaelstrom-US125317Not updated
50Topcut AvalonMaelstrom-US125030Not updated
51Hestlol  Maelstrom-US124517Not updated
52Yirko Crimson BrotherhoodMaelstrom-US123777
53Entropy Quite QuintessentialMaelstrom-US123483Not updated
54Waple WoeMaelstrom-US122567Not updated
55Critsil Knights of the SwordMaelstrom-US122434Not updated
56Amputec WoeMaelstrom-US122079Not updated
57Xalaron  Maelstrom-US121679Not updated
58Imagenation  Maelstrom-US121549Not updated
59Aelita Court of the Ruby GrailMaelstrom-US120898Not updated
60Deidrianna Diplomatic ImmunityMaelstrom-US120512Not updated
61Quy PieMaelstrom-US120473Not updated
62Mastiff Original ZealotsMaelstrom-US119442Not updated
63Shadowzan ActivatedMaelstrom-US119438Not updated
64Opiee  Maelstrom-US119200Not updated
65Noteworthy Paladin Petting ZooMaelstrom-US118329Not updated
66Iskashendi BLTMaelstrom-US117666Not updated
67Bobblahlaw SynergyMaelstrom-US112179
68Dethzorg Horde Strike ForceMaelstrom-US111812Not updated
69Umgross  Maelstrom-US110653Not updated
70Eyd Legion of the NRUMaelstrom-US110051Not updated
71Sunsétblvd  Maelstrom-US109860Not updated
72Zanguna Paladin Petting ZooMaelstrom-US109195Not updated
73Poizion Legion of BrothersMaelstrom-US108895Not updated
74Seyne Muffin MakersMaelstrom-US108503Not updated
75Solidz WoeMaelstrom-US108290
76Samalma Clan of the PhoenixMaelstrom-US107684
77Zwingley  Maelstrom-US107438Not updated
78Urshingora Muffin MakersMaelstrom-US107267Not updated
79Heavenstouch  Maelstrom-US106932Not updated
80Theson Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US106384
81Yodared Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US106338
82Vorag  Maelstrom-US106004Not updated
83Kio Bloodtalon MercenariesMaelstrom-US105836Not updated
84Suicyco The Greyside GangMaelstrom-US105215Not updated
85Fluffcake Carpe CerevisiMaelstrom-US104816
86Thundaga  Maelstrom-US104574Not updated
87Fedlan WoeMaelstrom-US104475
88Umbrys  Maelstrom-US104053
89Zlatyn im swaggin im surfinMaelstrom-US103866Not updated
90Apachè The GréatMaelstrom-US103737Not updated
91Riddikulus Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US103625
92Deleos WoeMaelstrom-US103497Not updated
93Krankshaft League of AssassinsMaelstrom-US102062Not updated
94Roloch  Maelstrom-US101505Not updated
95Jawbreaker The Greyside GangMaelstrom-US101274
96Mjoexiong Legion of BrothersMaelstrom-US101218Not updated
97Xidash  Maelstrom-US100122Not updated
98Bovii Bloodfang RaidersMaelstrom-US100071Not updated
99Tikitak Crazy NinetyNineMaelstrom-US99395
100Phabbio Legion of the NRUMaelstrom-US98484

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