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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Madoran-US Honorable Kills
1Maestrox OakrootMadoran-US428728Not updated
2Venatio  Madoran-US281907Not updated
3Nedal  Madoran-US251775Not updated
4Modad CoercionMadoran-US216052Not updated
5Fliptop Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US214929Not updated
6Oobleck EmpiricalMadoran-US197370Not updated
7Sëven EmpiricalMadoran-US179224Not updated
8Rastllyn Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US176906Not updated
9Smahtt  Madoran-US168290Not updated
10Gondoof Out For BloodMadoran-US168010Not updated
11Usmcvet Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US164590Not updated
12Ricecakey KhaosMadoran-US156558Not updated
13Nightpang KhaosMadoran-US155438Not updated
14Megajoe Midnight MafiaMadoran-US155157Not updated
15Cellash Blood RushMadoran-US150650Not updated
16Alisonw  Madoran-US147031Not updated
17Huntrrx  Madoran-US144589Not updated
18Ruilther IlluminatusMadoran-US143867Not updated
19Bobos Bombastic AudacityMadoran-US141451Not updated
20Puritee Amicitia OrbisMadoran-US140281Not updated
21Koboldo  Madoran-US140114Not updated
22Lupul  Madoran-US136944Not updated
23Goodmën Eight BitMadoran-US136552Not updated
24Miomai MatadorMadoran-US134301Not updated
25Sçratch  Madoran-US133832Not updated
26Slashinfoolz MatadorMadoran-US132874Not updated
27Ranaia The order of the dragonMadoran-US130146Not updated
28Zeaket SKey GamingMadoran-US126836Not updated
29Yaak  Madoran-US126200Not updated
30Ðrizzt Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US126185Not updated
31Mandarr Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US125839Not updated
32Azuleau  Madoran-US125409Not updated
33Borweru BloodbondedMadoran-US124236Not updated
34Dahll AFK REBORNMadoran-US123579Not updated
35Physick Jolly RogersMadoran-US122676Not updated
36Chewdog Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US121941Not updated
37Spacedonkey SKey GamingMadoran-US121895Not updated
38Chillywonka HordecoreMadoran-US121817Not updated
39Morbida MisanthropyMadoran-US119803Not updated
40Allykat Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US119115Not updated
41Anthonie Out For BloodMadoran-US118275Not updated
42Overdriveing Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US116865Not updated
43Rapph  Madoran-US116704Not updated
44Viciouz CoercionMadoran-US115384Not updated
45Aldaron String TheoryMadoran-US113102Not updated
46Redfoxx Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US112250Not updated
47Cryon Friends Of FantasyMadoran-US111702Not updated
48Ragneros Pvp SwaggMadoran-US110465Not updated
49Mystuff EmpiricalMadoran-US110440Not updated
50Vissili Rising SunMadoran-US109631Not updated
51Nelfi Out For BloodMadoran-US109526Not updated
52Aeroflunkey SKey GamingMadoran-US108362Not updated
53Subudei  Madoran-US108045Not updated
54Sarkana Fallen SoulsMadoran-US107945Not updated
55Thrlbnogoats MatadorMadoran-US107367Not updated
56Healslord MatadorMadoran-US107099Not updated
57Turkeyshoot SPQRMadoran-US106801Not updated
58Snowen Outlaw AssassinsMadoran-US104805Not updated
59Brebug THE DRAGON SLAYERSMadoran-US104513Not updated
60Ralia Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US104243Not updated
61Gnorf MatadorMadoran-US103059Not updated
62Broan SKey GamingMadoran-US102634Not updated
63Jahweedum Póg mo thóinMadoran-US101776Not updated
64Karmageddon Ctrl Alt ElitêMadoran-US101019Not updated
65Borntolose dat backflip thoMadoran-US100897Not updated
66Arb dat backflip thoMadoran-US100205Not updated
67Quatoki  Madoran-US99516Not updated
68Dago CIA AssassinsMadoran-US99081Not updated
69Antillar XtremistsMadoran-US98204Not updated
70Vazor Pvp SwaggMadoran-US98191Not updated
71Kaeljin Pollo de la MuerteMadoran-US98022Not updated
72Nastyman Blood RushMadoran-US97794Not updated
73Sudiztic MethodMadoran-US97377Not updated
74Vinaigrette Northern WardersMadoran-US95669Not updated
75Sailliforn Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US95149Not updated
76Avrand Unreal GuardiansMadoran-US94401Not updated
77Sebi SKey GamingMadoran-US93916Not updated
78Saka OakrootMadoran-US93014Not updated
79Skarth  Madoran-US92450Not updated
80Luciandkane  Madoran-US92052Not updated
81Brandenburg RedeemedMadoran-US91542Not updated
82Ugh Fish n ChipsMadoran-US90364Not updated
83Ellundel SKey GamingMadoran-US89099Not updated
84Sudz ImpulseMadoran-US88768Not updated
85Briannariel Out For BloodMadoran-US88094Not updated
86Alrorynin Night CrusadersMadoran-US87679Not updated
87Lychelis Tornado AlleyMadoran-US87579Not updated
88Bouudica Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US87455Not updated
89Squeakers Pvp SwaggMadoran-US87279Not updated
90Sabeladys Lost MarblesMadoran-US86750Not updated
91Amizzilin  Madoran-US86043Not updated
92Oobelisk EmpiricalMadoran-US85555Not updated
93Scythius MisanthropyMadoran-US85191Not updated
94Notalent  Madoran-US85116Not updated
95Shankypanky True BloodMadoran-US85110Not updated
96Wallase SKey GamingMadoran-US84737Not updated
97Habakkuk EmpiricalMadoran-US84662Not updated
98Flipstar  Madoran-US83873Not updated
99Nastymage Guardians of AtieshMadoran-US82442Not updated
100Chernovil MatadorMadoran-US82065Not updated

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