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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lothar-US Honorable Kills
1Dworf Sword and SorceryLothar-US576978Not updated
2Alshinow brave heartLothar-US381494Not updated
3Nactu Necro ChronicleLothar-US321556Not updated
4Aquilaforte The Fighting C BsLothar-US308394Not updated
5Calamitijane Flaming War KittensLothar-US297171Not updated
6Furious GenerationsLothar-US281514Not updated
7Virral  Lothar-US243175Not updated
8Ishtar Art of the BladeLothar-US237435Not updated
9Wòòd MiSFiTSLothar-US209252Not updated
10Lemerps  Lothar-US208218Not updated
11Play EternityLothar-US203717Not updated
12Fun  Lothar-US200632Not updated
13Thepriestguy DO WORKLothar-US197411Not updated
14Texana Kindred ChaosLothar-US193590Not updated
15Fülgrim Silvermoon ClanLothar-US192730Not updated
16Arke The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US190639Not updated
17Hagandaz TalonicLothar-US184963Not updated
18Kurese  Lothar-US180990Not updated
19Maliciou La confrérieLothar-US178746Not updated
20Convîct MiSFiTSLothar-US176747Not updated
21Mistianna OKTLothar-US164153Not updated
22Honeywhisp The Blue KnightsLothar-US163216Not updated
23Ezro Element of FearLothar-US162182Not updated
24Razzamun  Lothar-US160833Not updated
25Morley The Bit PlayersLothar-US157175Not updated
26Spyloric Guild of RøckLothar-US155963Not updated
27Ibdat Element of FearLothar-US152929Not updated
28Midst MOES GAMINGLothar-US150600Not updated
29Spagirus The Daily ShowLothar-US149619Not updated
30Gyras New World OrderLothar-US148977Not updated
31Damano Hourglass Mage DiscipleLothar-US147430Not updated
32Dalvard AnônymôusLothar-US144661Not updated
33Deaconfrost The UnboundLothar-US137790Not updated
34Kurv Element of FearLothar-US135631Not updated
35Vladar  Lothar-US135598Not updated
36Elfinboots Funny BusinessLothar-US130412Not updated
37Biøhazard  Lothar-US130229Not updated
38Seen Element of FearLothar-US128460Not updated
39Knikkaqt MOO MOOS POWER WAGONLothar-US127222Not updated
40Garithe ObliterationLothar-US125725Not updated
41Natall  Lothar-US123088Not updated
42Bighammer The ClawLothar-US122745Not updated
43Morihei Tornado of SoulsLothar-US121817Not updated
44Metlic  Lothar-US118053Not updated
45Kuvon Ice MonkeysLothar-US116069Not updated
46Guerrera TalonicLothar-US114441Not updated
47Kamdyn The UnboundLothar-US114228Not updated
48Lucielor U MAD BROLothar-US113696Not updated
49Regnadkin Bring Out Yer DeadLothar-US113447Not updated
50Noktunal  Lothar-US112852Not updated
51Frostshadow Element of FearLothar-US111708Not updated
52Deathclutch The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US111609Not updated
53Sellious EternityLothar-US110851Not updated
54Varibraun ExcellentLothar-US109734Not updated
55Hilzariee Sanctus CovenirLothar-US109640Not updated
56Aquisto DO WORKLothar-US109012Not updated
57Booz unveiledLothar-US109011Not updated
58Renris Spectral WebLothar-US108972Not updated
59Argano  Lothar-US108909Not updated
60Diablox SlackersLothar-US106851Not updated
61Käth  Lothar-US106721Not updated
62Pouncer  Lothar-US106589Not updated
63Cordylus Lost Order of AkalabethLothar-US105730Not updated
64Stormfang RebìrthLothar-US105118Not updated
65Katholia  Lothar-US104624Not updated
66Barrock Ferrum AeternumLothar-US104187Not updated
67Gyrren Spectral WebLothar-US103759Not updated
68Atiium CelestialLothar-US103737Not updated
69Trianaorphus Hourglass Mage DiscipleLothar-US103556Not updated
70Dumshaman Knights of Myth DrannorLothar-US103160Not updated
71Clissi The ClawLothar-US101940Not updated
72Crimsoncow Like A BossLothar-US101629Not updated
73Hordestalker Blizzness as UsualLothar-US101422Not updated
74Althelock Ferrum AeternumLothar-US101330Not updated
75Eatmynuggets Dark SlayersLothar-US100465Not updated
76Jhemma Wärdens of ÅltlândLothar-US98609Not updated
77Guesswhoiam Physical GraffitiLothar-US97644Not updated
78Riel DerivativeLothar-US96834Not updated
79Ohmaybe Knights of Myth DrannorLothar-US96375Not updated
80Khold The CauseLothar-US94612Not updated
81Raistilian  Lothar-US94364Not updated
82Wickleer Kindred ChaosLothar-US94259Not updated
83Razieljenova Ashes CrusadeLothar-US94215Not updated
84Broskif Physical GraffitiLothar-US94030Not updated
85Eclipso Element of FearLothar-US93267Not updated
86Shadowfang Dont Tread on UsLothar-US92787Not updated
87Marel Ashes CrusadeLothar-US92444Not updated
88Tsirya Silent LucidityLothar-US92355Not updated
89Elaben Mass Rez IncLothar-US92033Not updated
90Actæon Mean Rock FiendsLothar-US91520Not updated
91Decapitater Team Bad NetLothar-US91156Not updated
92Celias The Daily ShowLothar-US90688Not updated
93Hiryu Volatile RumLothar-US89699Not updated
94Bigboomy Paper St Soap CoLothar-US89331Not updated
95Flaytime Alliance KnightsLothar-US88783Not updated
96Fortunæ  Lothar-US88465Not updated
97Sargmom The Crimson EventideLothar-US88047Not updated
98Wab Its Called BloodlustLothar-US87697Not updated
99Tyrant VitalityLothar-US87493Not updated
100Velkinn La confrérieLothar-US87155Not updated

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