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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lothar-EU Honorable Kills
1Ludo ArckanumLothar-EU444248Not updated
2Kíllu MathildaLothar-EU342821Not updated
3Rhianon Garde des OstensLothar-EU331389Not updated
4Snakeseye EntropyLothar-EU327413Not updated
5Judás mescalinLothar-EU283682Not updated
6Círal Alliance Killing CorpLothar-EU282920Not updated
7Galatea Vivere Militare EstLothar-EU270789Not updated
8Ollitaurus YARLothar-EU253914Not updated
9Adamas IrasciLothar-EU252275Not updated
10Juda æternitasLothar-EU240761Not updated
11Marsur Garde des OstensLothar-EU238728Not updated
12Brovaz IrasciLothar-EU231931Not updated
13Kernreaktor klaut GehwegplattenLothar-EU218289Not updated
14Thormi Hortus AlereLothar-EU206396Not updated
15Shysan æternitasLothar-EU203139Not updated
16Satanus HighlanderLothar-EU192021Not updated
17Wildpet Angel of NightLothar-EU185996Not updated
18Saíntz  Lothar-EU184907Not updated
19Thyrus Mias ErbeLothar-EU182270Not updated
20Krang Mächtig viel MojoLothar-EU179903Not updated
21Bolltheknife MathildaLothar-EU174321Not updated
22Schubiduu mescalinLothar-EU172772Not updated
23Ermanerich KoosaiLothar-EU168307Not updated
24Stierknudeli Night shade plantsLothar-EU167259Not updated
25Archimedess  Lothar-EU162061Not updated
26Tarylinn  Lothar-EU158387Not updated
27Ariôna  Lothar-EU156465Not updated
28Dentist EhrenamtLothar-EU155918Not updated
29Torfal EclipseLothar-EU155587Not updated
30Sukî ateosLothar-EU152960Not updated
31Thaipan mescalinLothar-EU151192Not updated
32Indiox  Lothar-EU150408Not updated
33Tyrongral no campari no partyLothar-EU149382Not updated
34Zix Vivere Militare EstLothar-EU148481Not updated
35Jumar Team KnusprigLothar-EU148466Not updated
36Bigfootusi æternitasLothar-EU145711Not updated
37Aesculaveen IMBALothar-EU145366Not updated
38Weirdo YARLothar-EU144189Not updated
39Oldine YARLothar-EU143688Not updated
40Yînny  Lothar-EU143673Not updated
41Aprilianus Los DiablosLothar-EU142141Not updated
42Nekrosh  Lothar-EU141870Not updated
43Xibergerin Be EnrageLothar-EU138647Not updated
44Mexi FireEyeLothar-EU137440Not updated
45Cogliostro Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU137138Not updated
46Jagdtiger  Lothar-EU136804Not updated
47Ihsan  Lothar-EU135632Not updated
48Darkbeard HorizonLothar-EU134733Not updated
49Schatenlicht mescalinLothar-EU134235Not updated
50Neonona Treue GefährtenLothar-EU132597Not updated
51Wadenbeisser Die Macht der EhreLothar-EU132516Not updated
52Lorrano Orden von LordaeronLothar-EU131790Not updated
53Øni Honor and FraternityLothar-EU131564Not updated
54Syra EntropyLothar-EU130770Not updated
55Maximush Flammis ExustiLothar-EU129994Not updated
56Ciki Band of BrothersLothar-EU128532Not updated
57Kahari Flammis ExustiLothar-EU127923Not updated
58Gift  Lothar-EU127476Not updated
59Eltin Rising MoonLothar-EU127118Not updated
60Bentic HighlanderLothar-EU125311Not updated
61Onijuni  Lothar-EU125283Not updated
62Kjellbane MajesticLothar-EU125180Not updated
63Edie MathildaLothar-EU123989Not updated
64Kanonenfutta SomniumLothar-EU123410Not updated
65Rosso Tod und Pein GmbHLothar-EU122433Not updated
66Yasú eLRabiataLothar-EU122428Not updated
67Binbôse AddictedLothar-EU121607Not updated
68Skaby GravitasLothar-EU120628Not updated
69Wildwest AddictedLothar-EU120302Not updated
70Erigone IrasciLothar-EU119151Not updated
71Ímpuls Pandaria FunparkLothar-EU118929Not updated
72Sraap  Lothar-EU118493Not updated
73Verdammnis Klingt nach einem PlanLothar-EU117717Not updated
74Langdoran mescalinLothar-EU116565Not updated
75Oldfreesoul Brothers in ArmsLothar-EU115827Not updated
76Elementality MathildaLothar-EU115512Not updated
77Francisdrake Schatten von AzerothLothar-EU115438Not updated
78Kureha IrasciLothar-EU115330Not updated
79Iranari IrasciLothar-EU114734Not updated
80Furias æternitasLothar-EU114389Not updated
81Brachiales EhrenamtLothar-EU113786Not updated
82Scholtar  Lothar-EU113346Not updated
83Zehn Bewacher des OnyxLothar-EU112946Not updated
84Barnuk Die Schwarzen JuwelenLothar-EU111641Not updated
85Damagex IrasciLothar-EU111426Not updated
86Aeni Eleven DegreesLothar-EU111333Not updated
87Dessar  Lothar-EU110574Not updated
88Xintha InseparabilisLothar-EU109818Not updated
89Ayesha  Lothar-EU109774Not updated
90Brainstorm NextLothar-EU109659Not updated
91Shisâi  Lothar-EU109631Not updated
92Sebadin  Lothar-EU109195Not updated
93Unstôppable NextLothar-EU108920Not updated
94Spaßguerilla GöttlichLothar-EU108885Not updated
95Grandalf HypnoticLothar-EU108767Not updated
96Radio EntropyLothar-EU108304Not updated
97Calleigh WreckingBallLothar-EU108075Not updated
98Erebós WreckingBallLothar-EU107523Not updated
99Eucalypta mescalinLothar-EU107095Not updated
100Heínlein  Lothar-EU106071Not updated

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