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Llane-US Honorable Kills
1Dillinger Fail Hard or Wipe TryingLlane-US342643Not updated
2Callis  Llane-US336460Not updated
3Dragonmex JudgementLlane-US333050
4Thauronis JudgementLlane-US322625
5Creepers Heroes Rest LodgeLlane-US287309Not updated
6Gordoh SeveredLlane-US261672Not updated
7Purpleblood PVP AcademyLlane-US213853
8Purplejam The Defiant FewLlane-US210956Not updated
9Hooj Requiem EternumLlane-US210601
10Primusi Death Before DishonourLlane-US206214
11Geeman Molten CorpsesLlane-US204907
12Ciro Panic at the DisconnectLlane-US203526Not updated
13Avionna Outlaw JusticeLlane-US196149Not updated
14Kyrah Divine TwilightLlane-US165017
15Mishiko  Llane-US163082Not updated
16Satisfaction  Llane-US162929Not updated
17Sabrar Paradigm ReduxLlane-US153797Not updated
18Faerluna FahrenheitLlane-US150083Not updated
19Leiya BlackDeathLlane-US148840
20Shekana Elrendar RangersLlane-US147803Not updated
21Nystelinis Iron CircleLlane-US144598
22Mercy InsomniacsLlane-US143315
23Theloras For ChinaLlane-US143074Not updated
24Shorgaar Blood Bath and BeyondLlane-US142743Not updated
25Vegetarso JudgementLlane-US139167Not updated
26Jdmage RemorselessLlane-US137754Not updated
27Dominicm JudgementLlane-US136858
28Lamentationz JudgementLlane-US135786Not updated
29Utz Static ClingLlane-US135363Not updated
30Dak Panic at the DisconnectLlane-US135246
31Kalðren FuseLlane-US135157
32Resentful PVP AcademyLlane-US134471
33Ticona PVP AcademyLlane-US132005Not updated
34Blue Paradigm ReduxLlane-US130443Not updated
35Sedaine Outlaw JusticeLlane-US128375
36Vainamoinen InsomniacsLlane-US127677Not updated
37Lasyria InsomniacsLlane-US125167
38Smight InsomniacsLlane-US125023Not updated
39Blueice  Llane-US124907Not updated
40Psim AscensionLlane-US124827Not updated
41Paladiam Apocalypse WowLlane-US123303Not updated
42Witt JudgementLlane-US121377
43Viroc ImperiumLlane-US120864Not updated
44Nagrogg FuseLlane-US120543
45Predicate RemorselessLlane-US119386Not updated
46Junahurst Channel Føur News TeamLlane-US117776Not updated
47Suicidaire BlackDeathLlane-US117732
48Selej MonolithLlane-US116966Not updated
49Pinknipplz FuseLlane-US115770Not updated
50Nilnarix JudgementLlane-US113934
51Hendrixo Twilights DawnLlane-US112647Not updated
52Plutø Dynasty of the DragonLlane-US111860Not updated
53Wistywind First Evil CrewLlane-US110932Not updated
54Cerealbox Improved InitiativeLlane-US110129Not updated
55Makinwaves EpignosisLlane-US110110
56Evewhisper The GuildlessLlane-US110070
57Angeldusk Wicked LegionLlane-US109564
58Bisdak AegisLlane-US108781
59Frostborn RaptureLlane-US107636Not updated
60Nocturnum JudgementLlane-US107529
61Comadore JudgementLlane-US106511
62Pússycat The High CourtLlane-US105391Not updated
63Kolr DeathstrokeLlane-US105358Not updated
64Alekzandros  Llane-US105212Not updated
65Paiyn  Llane-US104765Not updated
66Azmyth  Llane-US104760Not updated
67Iskra  Llane-US104712Not updated
68Nofirg InterventionLlane-US104297Not updated
69Juggernot Cult Of Dead SquirrelzLlane-US103945Not updated
70Demonsmasher  Llane-US103944
71Maritiku Requiem EternumLlane-US103905
72Mightyinch Channel Føur News TeamLlane-US101868
73Cyberdemon PVP AcademyLlane-US101787
74Evilblue BlackDeathLlane-US101633
75Garfnart SoulboundLlane-US101103Not updated
76Cyberbang  Llane-US100640Not updated
77Vâinsoul JudgementLlane-US99764Not updated
78Turtlebolt RemorselessLlane-US99355Not updated
79Fangg Static ClingLlane-US99075
80Evilwarr Hell LegionLlane-US98681Not updated
81Flophouse Morally BankruptLlane-US97577Not updated
82Reom  Llane-US97228Not updated
83Bozak  Llane-US96875Not updated
84Cle  Llane-US96812
85Kinst Red ShadowsLlane-US96229
86Ricther Zodiac BravesLlane-US95876Not updated
87Levelup Ravaged SoulsLlane-US95657Not updated
88Öhnòés FuseLlane-US95197
89Diosakali  Llane-US94816Not updated
90Alorion Zodiac BravesLlane-US94292Not updated
91Knots  Llane-US94200Not updated
92Kabob Hell LegionLlane-US93848Not updated
93Bruscha Iron CircleLlane-US93577
94Metalzerofx UnforgivenLlane-US93141
95Zuur Channel Føur News TeamLlane-US92636Not updated
96Victi AegisLlane-US92597Not updated
97Mohawk Citadel of ChaosLlane-US92385Not updated
98Chadywin PVP AcademyLlane-US92372Not updated
99Ishan  Llane-US92133Not updated
100Padros EpidemicLlane-US91276Not updated

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