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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lightning's Blade-EU Honorable Kills
1Rokkzul PoseidonLightning's Blade-EU279969Not updated
2Piri ParagonLightning's Blade-EU275212Not updated
3Lappe ParagonLightning's Blade-EU273181Not updated
4Grinderr  Lightning's Blade-EU228781Not updated
5Yoða  Lightning's Blade-EU224728Not updated
6Praxx  Lightning's Blade-EU189442Not updated
7Øldschool  Lightning's Blade-EU172174Not updated
8Morgravez  Lightning's Blade-EU170327Not updated
9Xilyan  Lightning's Blade-EU163920Not updated
10Puliukko  Lightning's Blade-EU158799Not updated
11Gsting  Lightning's Blade-EU154745Not updated
12Zmooster  Lightning's Blade-EU152345Not updated
13Warga NazgûlLightning's Blade-EU150444Not updated
14Jarmoxz  Lightning's Blade-EU139707Not updated
15Simonee GBLightning's Blade-EU139477Not updated
16Levathian MystLightning's Blade-EU133967Not updated
17Centar Dark MatterLightning's Blade-EU133783Not updated
18Acidburn  Lightning's Blade-EU132828Not updated
19Thebota DeterminationLightning's Blade-EU131567Not updated
20Raziell  Lightning's Blade-EU130239Not updated
21Invictüs EdgeLightning's Blade-EU129129Not updated
22Pillar  Lightning's Blade-EU128279Not updated
23Firah  Lightning's Blade-EU126595Not updated
24Diivil  Lightning's Blade-EU124627Not updated
25Drughs AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU124090Not updated
26Kanpia  Lightning's Blade-EU123661Not updated
27Stygma  Lightning's Blade-EU118190Not updated
28Mosthated  Lightning's Blade-EU116517Not updated
29Jakare No Pain No GainLightning's Blade-EU116298Not updated
30Xoréna  Lightning's Blade-EU115475Not updated
31Galito  Lightning's Blade-EU113781Not updated
32Hazug  Lightning's Blade-EU112671Not updated
33Shakegirl  Lightning's Blade-EU111860Not updated
34Norm Ancient DefilersLightning's Blade-EU111597Not updated
35Stilianos  Lightning's Blade-EU110848Not updated
36Blitzkrieggr CAPS and s p a c e sLightning's Blade-EU108383Not updated
37Akeron  Lightning's Blade-EU107984Not updated
38Verminosis  Lightning's Blade-EU107612Not updated
39Moutos  Lightning's Blade-EU106163Not updated
40Coolzeroo  Lightning's Blade-EU105808Not updated
41Abalam  Lightning's Blade-EU105356Not updated
42Flybynight  Lightning's Blade-EU104254Not updated
43Blbodycount  Lightning's Blade-EU104066Not updated
44Gérms Archaic OrderLightning's Blade-EU103549Not updated
45Nbosa  Lightning's Blade-EU103491Not updated
46Magicwolf InfexiousLightning's Blade-EU103398Not updated
47Emile D e n i e dLightning's Blade-EU102436Not updated
48Johnsmiths  Lightning's Blade-EU102228Not updated
49Sennik DreamcatcherLightning's Blade-EU101998Not updated
50Zilij  Lightning's Blade-EU101937Not updated
51Catapols Ancient DefilersLightning's Blade-EU101845Not updated
52Claríbear  Lightning's Blade-EU100523Not updated
53Inuk  Lightning's Blade-EU100392Not updated
54Parapentix  Lightning's Blade-EU99625Not updated
55Dragonbreath  Lightning's Blade-EU98409Not updated
56Elesars  Lightning's Blade-EU96090Not updated
57Patzè TurpasaunaLightning's Blade-EU95570Not updated
58Fenius Mega GloryLightning's Blade-EU94837Not updated
59Alzu ParagonLightning's Blade-EU94833Not updated
60Skrarup Heroes LeagueLightning's Blade-EU94787Not updated
61Draasen Northern GranditLightning's Blade-EU93421Not updated
62Palaruth  Lightning's Blade-EU93326Not updated
63Darmor  Lightning's Blade-EU92322Not updated
64Scionboss  Lightning's Blade-EU91644Not updated
65Hotsasha  Lightning's Blade-EU91429Not updated
66Vuduzela RareLightning's Blade-EU90084Not updated
67Taintedlight  Lightning's Blade-EU89831Not updated
68Zluko  Lightning's Blade-EU89429Not updated
69Moimukulat  Lightning's Blade-EU88790Not updated
70Verestrasz ParagonLightning's Blade-EU88550Not updated
71Deret OverkilILightning's Blade-EU87986Not updated
72Ytinarua  Lightning's Blade-EU87367Not updated
73Sleepless In WonderlandLightning's Blade-EU87355Not updated
74Jimihendrixx  Lightning's Blade-EU87158Not updated
75Gnomegrinder Dead Gnomes Dont LieLightning's Blade-EU86890Not updated
76Huhuran  Lightning's Blade-EU86872Not updated
77Jubilee  Lightning's Blade-EU86530Not updated
78Gugão  Lightning's Blade-EU85809Not updated
79Môøg eXodusLightning's Blade-EU85121Not updated
80Canddy AtlasLightning's Blade-EU84899Not updated
81Trelorogakoc  Lightning's Blade-EU84855Not updated
82Boneduster eFamouzLightning's Blade-EU84567Not updated
83Rubyman GBLightning's Blade-EU83396Not updated
84Dilapidated  Lightning's Blade-EU83290Not updated
85Becooll  Lightning's Blade-EU82846Not updated
86Poizonfigure  Lightning's Blade-EU82277Not updated
87Zmai Z e v e nLightning's Blade-EU81943Not updated
88Desa RareLightning's Blade-EU80965Not updated
89Pflügenpferd  Lightning's Blade-EU79372Not updated
90Biff  Lightning's Blade-EU78375Not updated
91Fozgate  Lightning's Blade-EU78055Not updated
92Hyperz  Lightning's Blade-EU77796Not updated
93Grusomt In WonderlandLightning's Blade-EU77754Not updated
94Karmakode VrtraLightning's Blade-EU77738Not updated
95Fnixi  Lightning's Blade-EU77645Not updated
96Phixie  Lightning's Blade-EU77613Not updated
97Arwon Dark MatterLightning's Blade-EU77464Not updated
98Neophyt  Lightning's Blade-EU77422Not updated
99Huggawugga In WonderlandLightning's Blade-EU76742Not updated
100Cosmik  Lightning's Blade-EU76455Not updated

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