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Lightning's Blade-US Honorable Kills
1Dns Battleground BuddiesLightning's Blade-US280203Not updated
2Meatball The WorstLightning's Blade-US251890Not updated
3Ganji ImbaLightning's Blade-US249285Not updated
4Ashenshugar AftermathLightning's Blade-US244073Not updated
5Quanniepoo ImmortaILightning's Blade-US218280Not updated
6Zoea SigilLightning's Blade-US214240Not updated
7Killerzero Done Dirt CheapLightning's Blade-US211083
8Moonshades ZodiacLightning's Blade-US205415Not updated
9Bullzeyez  Lightning's Blade-US195723Not updated
10Tastemylight ImmortaILightning's Blade-US191483Not updated
11Scattertrap  Lightning's Blade-US190564Not updated
12Mikeular DOMLightning's Blade-US187937
13Cubbymonster Died in a GlobalLightning's Blade-US187013
14Uriah OnslaughtLightning's Blade-US185731
15Isrx  Lightning's Blade-US184682Not updated
16Pablocko  Lightning's Blade-US184505Not updated
17Fairshade The Emerald DreamLightning's Blade-US184407Not updated
18Clerkszilla  Lightning's Blade-US181656Not updated
19Sömeone My Hoes They Do DrugsLightning's Blade-US179006Not updated
20Vellektra ImbaLightning's Blade-US178148
21Spishy  Lightning's Blade-US174273
22Fuzzypantz Done Dirt CheapLightning's Blade-US171030Not updated
23Lungri  Lightning's Blade-US170493Not updated
24Jineluki  Lightning's Blade-US167989Not updated
25Natalia òóLightning's Blade-US167340Not updated
26Beastlike AftermathLightning's Blade-US158814Not updated
27Valura  Lightning's Blade-US156908Not updated
28Lezbefriends  Lightning's Blade-US155170Not updated
29Chiarrah Karazhan Chess TeamLightning's Blade-US154810Not updated
30Brontes RAWRMEANSILUVUINDINOSAURLightning's Blade-US152990Not updated
31Jaerlaxle Pantheons EliteLightning's Blade-US150829Not updated
32Hugø The WorstLightning's Blade-US150114
33Moller ImbaLightning's Blade-US149403
34Mahnnoth Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US147349Not updated
35Deadlypoizon  Lightning's Blade-US145265Not updated
36Quikkzpoof RAWRMEANSILUVUINDINOSAURLightning's Blade-US145248Not updated
37Hoth  Lightning's Blade-US143700Not updated
38Nukerezia The Emerald DreamLightning's Blade-US141888
39Gooney  Lightning's Blade-US139931Not updated
40Kesare ImbaLightning's Blade-US139418
41Jkindave LatitudeLightning's Blade-US139175Not updated
42Butchér UltimatumLightning's Blade-US138774
43Archone RAWRMEANSILUVUINDINOSAURLightning's Blade-US138427Not updated
44Atix UptimeLightning's Blade-US136621Not updated
45Soulslament Done Dirt CheapLightning's Blade-US135421Not updated
46Urthona  Lightning's Blade-US134558Not updated
47Natz EnclaveLightning's Blade-US133155
48Reraid AscendedLightning's Blade-US131709
49Odiscious Tunnel LoversLightning's Blade-US130987
50Razzukai HawtnessLightning's Blade-US129745Not updated
51Stickkum  Lightning's Blade-US128019Not updated
52Rhithm My Hoes They Do DrugsLightning's Blade-US126703Not updated
53Omnorax Section EightLightning's Blade-US126379Not updated
54Masheen ImbaLightning's Blade-US126289
55Rèv Grand HustleLightning's Blade-US125993
56Yerfdog Righteous ConvictionLightning's Blade-US124530Not updated
57Jaid  Lightning's Blade-US124499Not updated
58Helgùn RAWRMEANSILUVUINDINOSAURLightning's Blade-US123950Not updated
59Shuwho ImmortaILightning's Blade-US123403Not updated
60Tilly  Lightning's Blade-US123052Not updated
61Squarepusher Cereal Lovers ClubLightning's Blade-US122930Not updated
62Dunseth HawtnessLightning's Blade-US122056Not updated
63Periculum Clan HexLightning's Blade-US122054Not updated
64Macca  Lightning's Blade-US121691Not updated
65Uddercup ImbaLightning's Blade-US120645
66Pyla SigilLightning's Blade-US118454
67Gloketta Died in a GlobalLightning's Blade-US117965Not updated
68Elementsagee  Lightning's Blade-US116974Not updated
69Madmango Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US116804
70Qtmcwhiskerz AftermathLightning's Blade-US116773Not updated
71Blackrabbit  Lightning's Blade-US116485Not updated
72Erosa  Lightning's Blade-US116103
73Subs  Lightning's Blade-US115813Not updated
74Stromsmage  Lightning's Blade-US115656Not updated
75Manatar  Lightning's Blade-US114883Not updated
76Jassy RAWRMEANSILUVUINDINOSAURLightning's Blade-US114657Not updated
77Crush Pitches Love VibratoLightning's Blade-US114314
78Aesthetic Pantheons EliteLightning's Blade-US114300
79Xan  Lightning's Blade-US111708Not updated
80Hormone te pète en bédaineLightning's Blade-US111658Not updated
81Iodinez  Lightning's Blade-US111448Not updated
82Stonedout  Lightning's Blade-US109908Not updated
83Búg HawtnessLightning's Blade-US109477
84Drekai  Lightning's Blade-US108730Not updated
85Snobert SigilLightning's Blade-US108238Not updated
86Nutsauce  Lightning's Blade-US107112Not updated
87Carbonfated Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US106830Not updated
88Volley LatitudeLightning's Blade-US106208Not updated
89Greatmoon CoercionLightning's Blade-US105364Not updated
90Darkpolaris  Lightning's Blade-US105190Not updated
91Lispa UltimatumLightning's Blade-US104705
92Natacia DisbandedLightning's Blade-US104575Not updated
93Feardotbye  Lightning's Blade-US104361Not updated
94Reikaze CorvusLightning's Blade-US104209Not updated
95Huran Oblivions GraspLightning's Blade-US104079Not updated
96Flapjac Section EightLightning's Blade-US104012Not updated
97Bund  Lightning's Blade-US103914Not updated
98Amord  Lightning's Blade-US103714Not updated
99Aesøp elle for presidentLightning's Blade-US103173Not updated
100Kuraven TriadLightning's Blade-US102949

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