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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Light's Hope-TW Honorable Kills
1Opeako 天空殿Light's Hope-TW745948Not updated
2咬妳哦 拓荒者Light's Hope-TW418470Not updated
3為了誰 雙城Light's Hope-TW379969Not updated
4夏莎楓 夢想銀河Light's Hope-TW336170Not updated
5龍如意  Light's Hope-TW311249Not updated
6魔海遊俠 夢想銀河Light's Hope-TW290344Not updated
7黑占黑占黑占  Light's Hope-TW280926Not updated
8埃呀  Light's Hope-TW261273Not updated
9說太歲 夢想雲端Light's Hope-TW252066Not updated
10一風之原力一 Time Goes ByLight's Hope-TW247560Not updated
11十分秀氣 火之戀Light's Hope-TW244194Not updated
12耐辛 Time Goes ByLight's Hope-TW242277Not updated
13卍黑神卍  Light's Hope-TW238228Not updated
14卡布登 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW237763Not updated
15雅法二世 喵吼Light's Hope-TW235714Not updated
16闇黯暗 Dirge of GloryLight's Hope-TW235705Not updated
17巴沙卡 Eternal DarknessLight's Hope-TW232374Not updated
18星空之影 Repair CompanionLight's Hope-TW227934Not updated
19魯賓遜 台灣製造Light's Hope-TW226707Not updated
20黑暗之影 ReBornLight's Hope-TW225603Not updated
21伊斯卡卡夫特 夢想銀河Light's Hope-TW225290Not updated
22精靈晏 GeminiLight's Hope-TW220989Not updated
23一珍珍一 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW203786Not updated
24惡魔酷帥佐助 天空殿Light's Hope-TW201277Not updated
25法宗無名 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW200335Not updated
26夜月血 GeminiLight's Hope-TW198339Not updated
27快殺了我 SparkleLight's Hope-TW198310Not updated
28Sliwsnngkld  Light's Hope-TW196756Not updated
29Trickster 望月盼星Light's Hope-TW196127Not updated
30銀色十二月 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW194083Not updated
31雷馮德爾 ReBornLight's Hope-TW193760Not updated
32笨朱朱 永恆Light's Hope-TW191621Not updated
33草莓加牛奶  Light's Hope-TW190575Not updated
34Amina 同班同學Light's Hope-TW188288Not updated
35亞爾卡菲  Light's Hope-TW185144Not updated
36你的溫柔 Time Goes ByLight's Hope-TW183966Not updated
37巫毒 喵吼Light's Hope-TW183690Not updated
38狂獸戰 娃娃軍團Light's Hope-TW182406Not updated
39風雁寒 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW177219Not updated
40Saviour  Light's Hope-TW176716Not updated
41大尾獵神 火之戀Light's Hope-TW175586Not updated
42心肝 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW174686Not updated
43口魔菲斯特口 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW171668Not updated
44艾希爾特 鑲金玫瑰旅店Light's Hope-TW170812Not updated
45Kalako Eternal DarknessLight's Hope-TW170300Not updated
46Hurricane 喵吼Light's Hope-TW168544Not updated
47一潔諾薇雅一 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW168193Not updated
48淡淡的風 永恆Light's Hope-TW166725Not updated
49海天青 夢想銀河Light's Hope-TW164480Not updated
50黔盒子  Light's Hope-TW163230Not updated
51孤獵  Light's Hope-TW161384Not updated
52軍神之妹 一起玩 巴納札爾Light's Hope-TW156100Not updated
53卡薩克 夢想銀河Light's Hope-TW152210Not updated
54艾倫希伯來 喵魂Light's Hope-TW151739Not updated
55宋麗 blue heavenLight's Hope-TW151570Not updated
56奪命貔貅小優  Light's Hope-TW149626Not updated
57Niven 童夢奇緣Light's Hope-TW149067Not updated
58未食敗果  Light's Hope-TW147378Not updated
59奧莎貝拉 Time Goes ByLight's Hope-TW147199Not updated
60一阿薩一  Light's Hope-TW146123Not updated
61庫克洛 世界政府Light's Hope-TW142523Not updated
62布琳希雅 鬼眾堂Light's Hope-TW137318Not updated
63家破人亡  Light's Hope-TW137102Not updated
64拯救大地 微笑橘子Light's Hope-TW135371Not updated
65Maspiece 墜星海Light's Hope-TW135314Not updated
66啊杰  Light's Hope-TW134708Not updated
67Paulblue 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW133263Not updated
68Ljppa 天空殿Light's Hope-TW132576Not updated
69莫天 夢想銀河Light's Hope-TW130681Not updated
70地瓜妹  Light's Hope-TW130664Not updated
71Axelson 極速巔峰Light's Hope-TW130542Not updated
72Aisu  Light's Hope-TW130223Not updated
73伊歐莫  Light's Hope-TW129313Not updated
74魔之靈 天下有情Light's Hope-TW129197Not updated
75狂暴鬼鬼 鬼眾堂Light's Hope-TW128501Not updated
76靖天使  Light's Hope-TW128144Not updated
77神谷薰 BalnazzarLight's Hope-TW127833Not updated
78央行行長 曙光騎士團Light's Hope-TW125578Not updated
79Vivihoney  Light's Hope-TW125328Not updated
80虫它口勿 Nu EraLight's Hope-TW122867Not updated
81吃飽快睡  Light's Hope-TW122049Not updated
82芬里爾狼 台灣製造Light's Hope-TW121407Not updated
83Joed 極速巔峰Light's Hope-TW120963Not updated
84小鵬鵬 Eternal DarknessLight's Hope-TW118310Not updated
85萌萌的露露炭 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW118254Not updated
86Brokenday 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW118211Not updated
87Joshliao Time Goes ByLight's Hope-TW118015Not updated
88我要我的名字  Light's Hope-TW117397Not updated
89卡雷爾特  Light's Hope-TW117056Not updated
90謎幻 天空殿Light's Hope-TW116343Not updated
91露卡娃 莫失莫忘Light's Hope-TW116342Not updated
92快如風 火之戀Light's Hope-TW116242Not updated
93Zodd  Light's Hope-TW115716Not updated
94人邪劍邪 世界政府Light's Hope-TW115404Not updated
95凡賽絲 BalnazzarLight's Hope-TW115289Not updated
96翊冰 GeminiLight's Hope-TW114232Not updated
97末日烈焰 墨脫蓮花Light's Hope-TW113148Not updated
98小冠 天空殿Light's Hope-TW112465Not updated
99魔基  Light's Hope-TW112300Not updated
100創克洛 碧落之歌Light's Hope-TW111635Not updated

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