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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lethon-US Honorable Kills
1Nanakox EquilibriaLethon-US385899Not updated
2Killallys Dark LegendsLethon-US348674Not updated
3Urmothrslovr ObeyLethon-US291377Not updated
4Rowyco  Lethon-US288257Not updated
5Renster Dont BlinkLethon-US283451Not updated
6Melubyou ChampionLethon-US210057Not updated
7Clepetar SanctuaryLethon-US209487Not updated
8Holyraptor FTALethon-US180967Not updated
9Narosar Gank BusLethon-US175017Not updated
10Kanetix Crimson WarlordsLethon-US161793Not updated
11Arkal  Lethon-US152055Not updated
12Jockin GG No ReLethon-US142465Not updated
13Dkenginedk Death Skull KnightsLethon-US136552Not updated
14Gavise Death LordsLethon-US127259Not updated
15Awsika Well Timed RNG BROLethon-US126930Not updated
16Fooko Dark LegendsLethon-US126555Not updated
17Bulletprooff  Lethon-US125383Not updated
18Jude Lethon Logging CoLethon-US124182Not updated
19Daddÿ  Lethon-US120523Not updated
20Deadlinders ChampionLethon-US120263Not updated
21Draxyl Too Drunk To PvPLethon-US117697Not updated
22Stonechaser OP In Real LifeLethon-US116143Not updated
23Greyhawk  Lethon-US114037Not updated
24Tekh Dont BlinkLethon-US113563Not updated
25Arcanoranix  Lethon-US112920Not updated
26Sahtra The BloodbornLethon-US111681Not updated
27Gruen  Lethon-US111362Not updated
28Axinos RXLethon-US109985Not updated
29Lukien ChampionLethon-US108691Not updated
30Davesmash  Lethon-US105284Not updated
31Hisue  Lethon-US104633Not updated
32Melic FTALethon-US103568Not updated
33Evens  Lethon-US102438Not updated
34Nomemoleste  Lethon-US100106Not updated
35Deathelve RXLethon-US100073Not updated
36Lenfant  Lethon-US99976Not updated
37Hypnodeath  Lethon-US99566Not updated
38Ihazdaggerz  Lethon-US98520Not updated
39Shamanmoo Fear the GankLethon-US98041Not updated
40Deadpanther ChampionLethon-US97924Not updated
41Batterypwrd  Lethon-US96780Not updated
42Lyianais LegendsLethon-US95946Not updated
43Chucknabox  Lethon-US95605Not updated
44Mönster ChampionLethon-US95384Not updated
45Dertan  Lethon-US94613Not updated
46Yazata  Lethon-US94358Not updated
47Tog  Lethon-US92969Not updated
48Kynrelene  Lethon-US91843Not updated
49Gotskill Champion Never FailLethon-US91796Not updated
50Madmac  Lethon-US90715Not updated
51Mightyshazam  Lethon-US87983Not updated
52Webba Kings of the DeadLethon-US87827Not updated
53Adorabane Well Timed RNG BROLethon-US86907Not updated
54Thaitanic PainLethon-US86684Not updated
55Prolyphic  Lethon-US85540Not updated
56Peace Well Timed RNG BROLethon-US85328Not updated
57Solat The BloodbornLethon-US84636Not updated
58Deremoth CrusadersLethon-US83943Not updated
59Stixnstones JUST AFK SO WE CAN SMOKELethon-US83818Not updated
60Dig  Lethon-US83437Not updated
61Lubbly ChampionLethon-US82078Not updated
62Joii ChampionLethon-US81091Not updated
63Murze  Lethon-US80844Not updated
64Ishoko VerbatimLethon-US80516Not updated
65Aleunos Brew CrewLethon-US79934Not updated
66Gnolen AbyssLethon-US79707Not updated
67Rama  Lethon-US79290Not updated
68Soulrot  Lethon-US79251Not updated
69Exactly ChampionLethon-US78677Not updated
70Eebee  Lethon-US78366Not updated
71Geminiprince  Lethon-US77770Not updated
72Variant AbyssLethon-US76646Not updated
73Jery RâdianceLethon-US75721Not updated
74Zohkar ooWEELethon-US75568Not updated
75Pelanor  Lethon-US75518Not updated
76Noyrenemy  Lethon-US74020Not updated
77Warhide  Lethon-US73639Not updated
78Richardo AbyssLethon-US72347Not updated
79Spartan  Lethon-US72299Not updated
80Salax  Lethon-US71996Not updated
81Fatherdoom  Lethon-US71244Not updated
82Snakelip SanctuaryLethon-US71188Not updated
83Chibby  Lethon-US71138Not updated
84Wangjon  Lethon-US71100Not updated
85Oakshaspir RXLethon-US70721Not updated
86Gerky AbyssLethon-US70694Not updated
87Christler OP In Real LifeLethon-US70375Not updated
88Piriel  Lethon-US69999Not updated
89Imed The Guild of KalimdorLethon-US69659Not updated
90Ulva Little WilliesLethon-US69600Not updated
91Deathdoug RoyaltyLethon-US69393Not updated
92Spiritelf SanctuaryLethon-US69186Not updated
93Fatalerror Le Club des Supers AmisLethon-US68936Not updated
94Vasperous EnlightenLethon-US68843Not updated
95Kfcbeast AbyssLethon-US68365Not updated
96Traumabai RelentlessLethon-US68024Not updated
97Aroarr  Lethon-US67588Not updated
98Galerine  Lethon-US67014Not updated
99Lleina Dark LegendsLethon-US66970Not updated
100Flava RelentlessLethon-US66750Not updated

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