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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Laughing Skull-US Honorable Kills
1Lyk WSG Midfield SuperstarsLaughing Skull-US349540Not updated
2Antigonee Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US271203Not updated
3Pryderei  Laughing Skull-US262961Not updated
4Kytera PuNk In DrUbLiKLaughing Skull-US256372Not updated
5Drocden  Laughing Skull-US245838Not updated
6Srona Deus VoxLaughing Skull-US237210Not updated
7Browncosby  Laughing Skull-US236851Not updated
8Steelrain ThrillerLaughing Skull-US228855Not updated
9Ripefruit One Shot At GloryLaughing Skull-US214421Not updated
10Mechaninja Car RamRodLaughing Skull-US213545Not updated
11Ursila Car RamRodLaughing Skull-US208838Not updated
12Riezo Cream of the CropLaughing Skull-US193221Not updated
13Ohh  Laughing Skull-US189862Not updated
14Zavier PvPLaughing Skull-US180641Not updated
15Yacë Cream of the CropLaughing Skull-US180601Not updated
16Holden  Laughing Skull-US172870Not updated
17Tõxic nOOb NiNjA nEtWoRkLaughing Skull-US172334Not updated
18Chiêf The Charred CouncilLaughing Skull-US171656Not updated
19Yawzy KrypticLaughing Skull-US166535Not updated
20Ashleyskye Order of the Gold DragonLaughing Skull-US164793Not updated
21Kiekö ImperiumLaughing Skull-US164574Not updated
22Grimstead SHUT UP PvE GUYLaughing Skull-US162160Not updated
23Schoolgirl Restraining OrderLaughing Skull-US160876Not updated
24Instyle  Laughing Skull-US155132Not updated
25Souperstar Knights of HonorLaughing Skull-US154823Not updated
26Baît Equinox GamingLaughing Skull-US153247Not updated
27Wardrunk F Y MLaughing Skull-US152664Not updated
28Zaxxu  Laughing Skull-US151968Not updated
29Jopapa nOOb NiNjA nEtWoRkLaughing Skull-US149916Not updated
30Maarakame WildTrashLaughing Skull-US148046Not updated
31Adama Ironwood GuardsLaughing Skull-US147932Not updated
32Oxyzultin UrghLaughing Skull-US147656Not updated
33Reznorr Ask About My Hard SwitchLaughing Skull-US146081Not updated
34Myago TenLaughing Skull-US146007Not updated
35Tyzz Deus VoxLaughing Skull-US145838Not updated
36Baphotaur The EvocatiLaughing Skull-US141525Not updated
37Pipedreams  Laughing Skull-US140898Not updated
38Corpsel Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US139274Not updated
39Arredan  Laughing Skull-US137693Not updated
40Turaylon  Laughing Skull-US136448Not updated
41Pøisón  Laughing Skull-US134751Not updated
42Ed  Laughing Skull-US134404Not updated
43Yodapoo  Laughing Skull-US132475Not updated
44Durkadurkah  Laughing Skull-US132255Not updated
45Siij scumLaughing Skull-US130503Not updated
46Ryntoohigh ObsoleteLaughing Skull-US130268Not updated
47Shortdog Exiled Loyal RenegadesLaughing Skull-US129157Not updated
48Dreylina UNSPOKENLaughing Skull-US128074Not updated
49Fullfck Paper NinjazLaughing Skull-US127349Not updated
50Jerboa  Laughing Skull-US127223Not updated
51Tørment  Laughing Skull-US126737Not updated
52Mocdrizzt AlkansiyaLaughing Skull-US126280Not updated
53Auraphex Deus VoxLaughing Skull-US124828Not updated
54Õprawindfury Forever Alone PartyLaughing Skull-US124773Not updated
55Rackornar  Laughing Skull-US124641Not updated
56Hazror  Laughing Skull-US124394Not updated
57Flapdoodle Brotherhood of ChaosLaughing Skull-US124006Not updated
58Inumano  Laughing Skull-US123921Not updated
59Snarll PALS FOR LIFELaughing Skull-US123584Not updated
60Johnnykine  Laughing Skull-US122673Not updated
61Ineedhp scumLaughing Skull-US120986Not updated
62Makagh Brothers of DestruçtionLaughing Skull-US119951Not updated
63Flametung Guardians LegacyLaughing Skull-US118444Not updated
64Gnimocebsok VigilantLaughing Skull-US118307Not updated
65Rynø Kill StreakLaughing Skull-US117968Not updated
66Drdänknëss The DepartedLaughing Skull-US117352Not updated
67Mysteriouss  Laughing Skull-US117167Not updated
68Bormes The SourceLaughing Skull-US117004Not updated
69Scorpiobro PlebeiansLaughing Skull-US115306Not updated
70Sustained Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US115113Not updated
71Frostfeeld  Laughing Skull-US114957Not updated
72Tuvia  Laughing Skull-US114892Not updated
73Fedz  Laughing Skull-US114540Not updated
74Merkalol DiscordiaLaughing Skull-US114406Not updated
75Detest The Fighting McGeesLaughing Skull-US113893Not updated
76Fatherkilz Dark HorizonsLaughing Skull-US113670Not updated
77Mimoso Angels Of DeathLaughing Skull-US113167Not updated
78Kalev Restraining OrderLaughing Skull-US112522Not updated
79Whiteràh VoidLaughing Skull-US112494Not updated
80Beebzz The ExpelledLaughing Skull-US112359Not updated
81Splink WildTrashLaughing Skull-US111539Not updated
82Soltric Deus VoxLaughing Skull-US111310Not updated
83Magebait UrghLaughing Skull-US110883Not updated
84Zepyon Ask About My Hard SwitchLaughing Skull-US109422Not updated
85Nastyloog Ask About My Hard SwitchLaughing Skull-US107785Not updated
86Caylia  Laughing Skull-US107262Not updated
87Korbendallas  Laughing Skull-US107001Not updated
88Altershino UrghLaughing Skull-US106718Not updated
89Purtur  Laughing Skull-US106177Not updated
90Cys Dead On ArrivalLaughing Skull-US106012Not updated
91Lokkar Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US105526Not updated
92Fortheglory The SourceLaughing Skull-US105453Not updated
93Elgron  Laughing Skull-US105212Not updated
94Åpollo  Laughing Skull-US105040Not updated
95Stealth eThugginLaughing Skull-US104911Not updated
96Whatislove The Montreal PwnographyLaughing Skull-US103566Not updated
97Jsgorecki  Laughing Skull-US103518Not updated
98Seanimus  Laughing Skull-US103121Not updated
99Nerrisa LetheLaughing Skull-US103016Not updated
100Freshsup  Laughing Skull-US102972Not updated

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