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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Krag'jin-EU Honorable Kills
1Schattenz  Krag'jin-EU304992Not updated
2Aparthy my grandma trained meKrag'jin-EU286940Not updated
3Tristis CarrierKrag'jin-EU261141Not updated
4Dôm CarrierKrag'jin-EU215821Not updated
5Vîka adrenalinKrag'jin-EU187649Not updated
6Minimaxine roOXxKrag'jin-EU183115Not updated
7Muertä  Krag'jin-EU178764Not updated
8Beliat EXECUTEKrag'jin-EU177325Not updated
9Dìcht noìrKrag'jin-EU174163Not updated
10Rázze l Roots lKrag'jin-EU173179Not updated
11Tivuli  Krag'jin-EU164001Not updated
12Epizwei HonorisCausaKrag'jin-EU163698Not updated
13Mari  Krag'jin-EU162345Not updated
14Theskulker Die Letzte LegionKrag'jin-EU155548Not updated
15Dutchli Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU152002Not updated
16Amaja AlptröimKrag'jin-EU147240Not updated
17Rhenus my grandma trained meKrag'jin-EU146033Not updated
18Rágnarøk my grandma trained meKrag'jin-EU142849Not updated
19Bandollero LoW BroWKrag'jin-EU142810Not updated
20Nyxala UNITYKrag'jin-EU140626Not updated
21Rashinav Hello KittyKrag'jin-EU137323Not updated
22Shoona l Roots lKrag'jin-EU136689Not updated
23Drunch VollKontaktKrag'jin-EU134193Not updated
24Lune  Krag'jin-EU134055Not updated
25Funkymary  Krag'jin-EU131380Not updated
26Bero The RequiemKrag'jin-EU130311Not updated
27Isern CarrierKrag'jin-EU128705Not updated
28Jóhn l Roots lKrag'jin-EU128410Not updated
29Gingiskahn  Krag'jin-EU127423Not updated
30Orphi noìrKrag'jin-EU125808Not updated
31Rumdir Insomnis EquitatusKrag'jin-EU125283Not updated
32Haggs  Krag'jin-EU123363Not updated
33Jaedana VírusKrag'jin-EU118996Not updated
34Duwia EXECUTEKrag'jin-EU116889Not updated
35Àzraèl Die Letzte LegionKrag'jin-EU114173Not updated
36Clappy  Krag'jin-EU114047Not updated
37Skorpi noìrKrag'jin-EU111426Not updated
38Nemui roOXxKrag'jin-EU109310Not updated
39Imperial MortalTeamWorkKrag'jin-EU108440Not updated
40Tommyknocker UNITYKrag'jin-EU108170Not updated
41Aylín infusionKrag'jin-EU106748Not updated
42Xyle l wRong tuRn lKrag'jin-EU106522Not updated
43Mirc  Krag'jin-EU106417Not updated
44Schokosahne Finis Coronat OpusKrag'jin-EU106069Not updated
45Recklessness roOXxKrag'jin-EU105931Not updated
46Pirotes  Krag'jin-EU105692Not updated
47Jâlla roOXxKrag'jin-EU104804Not updated
48Herrcoolius MortalTeamWorkKrag'jin-EU103887Not updated
49Ângeló I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU103861Not updated
50Minz l Roots lKrag'jin-EU103609Not updated
51Jez  Krag'jin-EU103390Not updated
52Puschel Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU101668Not updated
53Kahlilein  Krag'jin-EU101040Not updated
54Stürmer TriAdaKrag'jin-EU100591Not updated
55Bälzebub In flagrantìKrag'jin-EU100045Not updated
56Eboli  Krag'jin-EU97861Not updated
57Ashé  Krag'jin-EU97721Not updated
58Borñtokill TriAdaKrag'jin-EU97050Not updated
59Gonokokken Vienna HuntersKrag'jin-EU96918Not updated
60Israamun  Krag'jin-EU96035Not updated
61Urkraft noìrKrag'jin-EU95516Not updated
62Darkbringer KragnoobsKrag'jin-EU95132Not updated
63Rèi medium rareKrag'jin-EU94989Not updated
64Elchkuh noìrKrag'jin-EU93699Not updated
65Carogan  Krag'jin-EU93424Not updated
66Skubula VinyamarKrag'jin-EU92820Not updated
67Medeor AlptröimKrag'jin-EU92512Not updated
68Adlerkralle CarrierKrag'jin-EU92483Not updated
69Grimson  Krag'jin-EU91993Not updated
70Philsen my grandma trained meKrag'jin-EU91719Not updated
71Jinjy I Cynetic IKrag'jin-EU91458Not updated
72Fumaro noìrKrag'jin-EU90908Not updated
73Chât EXECUTEKrag'jin-EU90365Not updated
74Icatweazlei Finis Coronat OpusKrag'jin-EU90360Not updated
75Mikhail roOXxKrag'jin-EU90343Not updated
76Mdixia noìrKrag'jin-EU89561Not updated
77Sîsâ  Krag'jin-EU89466Not updated
78Tristìs CarrierKrag'jin-EU89299Not updated
79Fysty noìrKrag'jin-EU89211Not updated
80Lillygnom  Krag'jin-EU89106Not updated
81Xdeedo HonorisCausaKrag'jin-EU87891Not updated
82Rumpli PsychoaktivKrag'jin-EU86642Not updated
83Koksy I Cynetic IKrag'jin-EU85838Not updated
84Pattn flairKrag'jin-EU85506Not updated
85Meaney MortalTeamWorkKrag'jin-EU85331Not updated
86Guillotineur  Krag'jin-EU85099Not updated
87Menatarms Atrox RegisKrag'jin-EU84215Not updated
88Scóre I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU83924Not updated
89Vandrian  Krag'jin-EU83750Not updated
90Marag mortal sinKrag'jin-EU83570Not updated
91Atair I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU83518Not updated
92Scourdej Culus SalveKrag'jin-EU82130Not updated
93Salschi UNITYKrag'jin-EU81904Not updated
94Oceanborn Der weiße RatKrag'jin-EU80745Not updated
95Shadanka HerzblutKrag'jin-EU80699Not updated
96Eukalypt Die MusketiereKrag'jin-EU80482Not updated
97Dawishpriest Finis Coronat OpusKrag'jin-EU80396Not updated
98Sadism CarrierKrag'jin-EU80168Not updated
99Kurapika Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU79513Not updated
100Daisukina  Krag'jin-EU79126Not updated

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