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Korialstrasz-US Honorable Kills
1Twopac The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US45712Not updated
2Magëmyday The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US25312Not updated
3Karenza The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US24462Not updated
4Jukta The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US23451Not updated
5Denaria The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US23179Not updated
6Captin The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US22184Not updated
7Stinkyshoses The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US17248Not updated
8Dinglebearyy The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US14825Not updated
9Docpalliday The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US13937Not updated
10ßubbles The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US10979Not updated
11Intahlekt The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US9304Not updated
12Harrez The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US8648Not updated
13Adio The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US8591Not updated
14Dronks The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US8120Not updated
15Mysticraine The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US7620Not updated
16Avanditus The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US7508Not updated
17Sneakycaptin The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US7230Not updated
18Splorch The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US7211Not updated
19Peekabôô The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US6889Not updated
20Mysticone The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US6493Not updated
21Sneakydog The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US6351Not updated
22Poppéd The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US6172Not updated
23Scrotus The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US5962Not updated
24Aloraar The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US5579Not updated
25Moonflower The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US5358Not updated
26Spectrefax The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US4291Not updated
27Williestyles The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US4071Not updated
28Tomatojuice The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US3955Not updated
29Tamerleigh The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US3871Not updated
30Izeret The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US3460Not updated
31Ricecakes The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US3402Not updated
32Strifee The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US3374Not updated
33Ispamab The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US3325Not updated
34Shamé The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US3322Not updated
35Jacyth The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US3241Not updated
36Nazrat The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US2719Not updated
37Ichheisse The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US2694Not updated
38Shrook The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US2609Not updated
39Buffmyhelmet The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US2079Not updated
40Xunain The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US1743Not updated
41Peekachôô The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US1489Not updated
42Runswsczrs The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US1427Not updated
43Capalt The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US1156Not updated
44Prawl The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US856Not updated
45Bunnymoon The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US675Not updated
46Pannus The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US654Not updated
47Blues The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US641Not updated
48Ianas The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US597Not updated
49Hopesfall The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US592Not updated
50Chillinger The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US556Not updated
51Blastie The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US512Not updated
52Damagemagnet The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US484Not updated
53Elfium The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US428Not updated
54Pallietank The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US337Not updated
55Stabzies The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US298Not updated
56Gorodok The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US251Not updated
57Cartigan The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US235Not updated
58Dahak The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US166Not updated
59Eandevor The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US153Not updated
60Nazzage The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US132Not updated
61Fridgit The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US96Not updated
62Nastii The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US90Not updated
63Warwyn The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US88Not updated
64Fäyt The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US66Not updated
65Blackpeople The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US65Not updated
66Bloomtomb The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US53Not updated
66Gruul The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US53Not updated
68Asran The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US34Not updated
69Whoops The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US24Not updated
70Carixi The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US7Not updated
70Hairypalms The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US7Not updated
72Selphiitia The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US4Not updated
73Maplesyrupho The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US1Not updated
73Kixie The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US1Not updated
75Arsan The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Ausar The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75ßacon The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Squatngobble The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Amiira The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Beamisx The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Lownstar The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Barfthemogg The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Shwartzasbig The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Darkhellmet The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Yoggurt The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Prezskroob The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Colsandurz The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Sybiline The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Nias The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Brunhing The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Tinyhealz The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated
75Snotti The Forgotten OnesKorialstrasz-US0Not updated

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