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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Korgath-US Honorable Kills
1Lowceiling SuperwokKorgath-US579353Not updated
2Tapisarogue Lost ChapterKorgath-US431245Not updated
3Kootsie  Korgath-US418171Not updated
4Longteef Best of Whats LeftKorgath-US394934Not updated
5Mfshotta DistinctKorgath-US387905Not updated
6Agincourt Dark WarlordzKorgath-US382874Not updated
7Biasucci Draconic SavantKorgath-US351864Not updated
8Trentrez Murder and RetributionKorgath-US351586Not updated
9Dimitrius Burning SensationsKorgath-US323980Not updated
10Edardenski BloodspiralKorgath-US315737Not updated
11Välmordas RuinKorgath-US302122Not updated
12Namix NightwatchKorgath-US298822Not updated
13Ahhcutdapowa  Korgath-US296733Not updated
14Dirkdangle KORGATH GOON SQUADKorgath-US296424Not updated
15Nefarus Damage IncKorgath-US288573Not updated
16Save  Korgath-US279499Not updated
17Mâvrick NightwatchKorgath-US278996Not updated
18Änanas  Korgath-US271979Not updated
19Ultidox AnarchismKorgath-US270731Not updated
20Rhadamonn  Korgath-US268641Not updated
21Shadowfuryan TheForbiddënArmyKorgath-US267993Not updated
22Rngtone Vox RadixKorgath-US255865Not updated
23Remembered Crimson BanditosKorgath-US252954Not updated
24Nixor  Korgath-US251817Not updated
25Eluna  Korgath-US250744Not updated
26Marliath SilentKorgath-US249483Not updated
27Zealexx AnarchismKorgath-US245517Not updated
28Disturbence Good EnoughKorgath-US242817Not updated
29Inexor DedicatedKorgath-US241769Not updated
30Nöel  Korgath-US241507Not updated
31Dv Damage NetworkKorgath-US240875Not updated
32Pumpdragon Swole Team SixKorgath-US240022Not updated
33Nitrowarrior Months BehindKorgath-US232409Not updated
34Darkroxi TRIUMPH OF SEVENKorgath-US231998Not updated
35Chosen ArroyoKorgath-US230586Not updated
36Cosneeks AbsoluteKorgath-US227038Not updated
37Jgmshade  Korgath-US224652Not updated
38Thaisnia Broken Release ButtonKorgath-US224397Not updated
39Ripz Gentlemens ClubKorgath-US215541Not updated
40Tandi ArroyoKorgath-US210494Not updated
41Jain ArroyoKorgath-US209090Not updated
42Pallystrasza  Korgath-US207016Not updated
43Thalrin efeXKorgath-US206526Not updated
44Slyko CàrnagéKorgath-US204707Not updated
45Bucklucky  Korgath-US203220Not updated
46Vree ArroyoKorgath-US202056Not updated
47Ian ArroyoKorgath-US201981Not updated
48Lonekiller KrypticKorgath-US201601Not updated
49Pheex  Korgath-US201032Not updated
50Kevgochugo DreadKorgath-US200994Not updated
51Yrogerg Veterans of VictoryKorgath-US200953Not updated
52Elylia Gentlemens ClubKorgath-US199820Not updated
53Chuenso ImperiousKorgath-US199010Not updated
54Spacecakes Ex InfernoKorgath-US197184Not updated
55Herakleitos Gentlemens ClubKorgath-US195775Not updated
56Gotkush CCKorgath-US195761Not updated
57Noseed RadianceKorgath-US195454Not updated
58Lethalmethod Damage NetworkKorgath-US193886Not updated
59Dijit michaeljjffopxxoxKorgath-US193373Not updated
60Kosesdad GOAKorgath-US192830Not updated
61Voovoo AnarchismKorgath-US191655Not updated
62Plasmavapor  Korgath-US191590Not updated
63Naat Echoes of TimeKorgath-US191527Not updated
64Tîgèr Goldshire GangstersKorgath-US191378Not updated
65Emphology Vox RadixKorgath-US191227Not updated
66Aragonè Vox RadixKorgath-US188131Not updated
67Lumpz  Korgath-US186747Not updated
68Myztick Forsaken VengeanceKorgath-US186497Not updated
69Mírage Höuse of OmniXKorgath-US185980Not updated
70Fathis Dark WarlordzKorgath-US185416Not updated
71Futurex The DriftKorgath-US184823Not updated
72Milkdud NightwatchKorgath-US184596Not updated
73Beardare Violet TraganKorgath-US184239Not updated
74Pregnant  Korgath-US183561Not updated
75Kerith ArroyoKorgath-US183471Not updated
76Millstipe efeXKorgath-US183062Not updated
77Neal ArroyoKorgath-US182487Not updated
78Maleficia  Korgath-US180929Not updated
79Rickrolle MolotovKorgath-US180904Not updated
80Evakami DreadKorgath-US180158Not updated
81Cackholster Empire of the BraveKorgath-US179259Not updated
82Roalviro  Korgath-US175875Not updated
83Glormras AnnihilàtionKorgath-US175733Not updated
84Rmz  Korgath-US175421Not updated
85Nerfz GOAKorgath-US175025Not updated
86Shadowwz  Korgath-US174110Not updated
87Jslayer The Best of the RestKorgath-US174013Not updated
88Refleximus KORGATH GOON SQUADKorgath-US173727Not updated
89Ezslay  Korgath-US173517Not updated
90Decisivewho Ex InfernoKorgath-US172844Not updated
91Luminoso  Korgath-US171241Not updated
92Directfader SpicyKorgath-US171066Not updated
93Ayasha Goldshire GangstersKorgath-US170382Not updated
94Killian  Korgath-US170211Not updated
95Shäo All Eyes On MeKorgath-US170164Not updated
96Wheeliekool KORGATH GOON SQUADKorgath-US169302Not updated
97Jønike  Korgath-US169110Not updated
98Mesiphidon  Korgath-US168941Not updated
99Ithral  Korgath-US168890Not updated
100Adorapriest Deadly By DesignKorgath-US168286Not updated

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