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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kirin Tor-US Honorable Kills
1Wmaster Cavalcade of the StormKirin Tor-US308016Not updated
2Nikolaevich Heavens FireKirin Tor-US255246Not updated
3Mjorassid The Twilight PhoenixKirin Tor-US234351Not updated
4Bloodtrance  Kirin Tor-US221577Not updated
5Xenathal Emerald DragonsKirin Tor-US198053Not updated
6Trelane UnbrokenKirin Tor-US182103Not updated
7Ohgi Third Normal FormKirin Tor-US167934Not updated
8Sparks AcquittedKirin Tor-US167260Not updated
9Tondelevo The WarbringerKirin Tor-US164115Not updated
10Brotheradoy Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US157758Not updated
11Avari The Demonic StormKirin Tor-US155055Not updated
12Irongar Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US150444Not updated
13Takoggi Blacksky CompanyKirin Tor-US150142Not updated
14Elbforaker Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US144355Not updated
15Zohar  Kirin Tor-US142598Not updated
16Battlemaster  Kirin Tor-US141501Not updated
17Doode  Kirin Tor-US140534Not updated
18Hips  Kirin Tor-US138041Not updated
19Ninnajen Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US137247Not updated
20Vasilis AntagonistKirin Tor-US137135Not updated
21Hamburgr AlberscotiaKirin Tor-US134977Not updated
22Hammerkills THE MAD BROSKirin Tor-US134936Not updated
23Dansegnof Fifth ColumnKirin Tor-US134563Not updated
24Ralo DoomsdayKirin Tor-US130586Not updated
25Colour Morbid CuriosityKirin Tor-US129137Not updated
26Jornin Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US127586Not updated
27Gryllus DoomsdayKirin Tor-US127079Not updated
28Eligor ILLUMINATEKirin Tor-US126683Not updated
29Nikiya Angels of DarknessKirin Tor-US120970Not updated
30Rufumus RedZoneKirin Tor-US120853Not updated
31Zoraa DeliriumKirin Tor-US119712Not updated
32Akhari  Kirin Tor-US119190Not updated
33Primadondia  Kirin Tor-US118479Not updated
34Derpsalot DoomsdayKirin Tor-US116228Not updated
35Glogg stormwind city guardKirin Tor-US115294Not updated
36Vindler TBSGKirin Tor-US114942Not updated
37Denger FableKirin Tor-US114356Not updated
38Fivemagiks  Kirin Tor-US114161Not updated
39Wrlk  Kirin Tor-US113201Not updated
40Thorinhunter  Kirin Tor-US112070Not updated
41Madace Blood and GoldKirin Tor-US111868Not updated
42Kentoku Third Normal FormKirin Tor-US111306Not updated
43Sheogoroth  Kirin Tor-US110743Not updated
44Bonebrecka  Kirin Tor-US109748Not updated
45Eligorr HONORBOUNDKirin Tor-US109300Not updated
46Lovëlyundead  Kirin Tor-US109267Not updated
47Toráiah  Kirin Tor-US108594Not updated
47Vaalkia DoomsdayKirin Tor-US108594Not updated
49Thordin Faceroll SyndicateKirin Tor-US108527Not updated
50Sagur Searing ShadowsKirin Tor-US108489Not updated
51Nighteyez Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US107262Not updated
52Refrigerate CrustyOldGuysKirin Tor-US106663Not updated
53Destroyr  Kirin Tor-US105613Not updated
54Argamagus Shadow WordKirin Tor-US103329Not updated
55Nerack Malfurions RaidersKirin Tor-US103251Not updated
56Duganstone ElysionKirin Tor-US101009Not updated
57Ianasis Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US100803Not updated
58Ravikadosh Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US99817Not updated
59Natorious HONORBOUNDKirin Tor-US99187Not updated
60Quenbrandee ILLUMINATEKirin Tor-US98704Not updated
61Dotsnhotz  Kirin Tor-US98645Not updated
62Kazeyama  Kirin Tor-US97561Not updated
63Gelfingjen VigilantKirin Tor-US95465Not updated
64Shortanius RedZoneKirin Tor-US94536Not updated
65Rulo DoomsdayKirin Tor-US93009Not updated
66Impfletcher The Tusken RaidersKirin Tor-US92860Not updated
67Elina Blades of LightKirin Tor-US90171Not updated
68Descimate  Kirin Tor-US90051Not updated
69Kniv  Kirin Tor-US87179Not updated
70Zooter and the Temple of ToonKirin Tor-US87094Not updated
71Slade The Iron CraneKirin Tor-US86884Not updated
72Enemal Order of the SpiderKirin Tor-US86831Not updated
73Bluefusion RedZoneKirin Tor-US86645Not updated
74Quinthose  Kirin Tor-US86533Not updated
75Melunu  Kirin Tor-US86375Not updated
76Norbolus Through A Mirror DarklyKirin Tor-US86090Not updated
77Buntagna Random shadowsKirin Tor-US85638Not updated
78Zhuzin  Kirin Tor-US85010Not updated
79Chaosbreaker  Kirin Tor-US84935Not updated
80Etheria cant touch thisKirin Tor-US84511Not updated
81Dalishar FusionKirin Tor-US83524Not updated
82Aversea  Kirin Tor-US83256Not updated
83Indo RequiémKirin Tor-US82791Not updated
84Habz  Kirin Tor-US82674Not updated
85Ikandi Blood BrothersKirin Tor-US82278Not updated
86Yozshiku Not ViableKirin Tor-US82087Not updated
87Manaan  Kirin Tor-US81437Not updated
88Vszoid It Will Be GloriousKirin Tor-US81400Not updated
89Zinovia The Dragon SlayersKirin Tor-US81185Not updated
90Shalon  Kirin Tor-US81155Not updated
91Jabbitey Fairy TaleKirin Tor-US80663Not updated
92Minny Fabled FellowshipKirin Tor-US80548Not updated
93Vanillados  Kirin Tor-US80452Not updated
94Gaaren WatchamacallitsKirin Tor-US79760Not updated
95Snowcastle Fighters of EluneKirin Tor-US79541Not updated
96Dragotha The Horde ExpeditionKirin Tor-US78308Not updated
97Feylis  Kirin Tor-US77268Not updated
98Martana Malfurions RaidersKirin Tor-US77063Not updated
99Romenil  Kirin Tor-US77018Not updated
100Ziguzagu VindicationKirin Tor-US76247Not updated

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