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Kilrogg-US Honorable Kills
1Litzer Post MortemKilrogg-US217369
2Blacksad Post MortemKilrogg-US174331Not updated
3Séska Post MortemKilrogg-US154247
4Rajac Post MortemKilrogg-US153431
5Dunkamo Post MortemKilrogg-US85916
6Katrinx Post MortemKilrogg-US81842
7Ithoz Post MortemKilrogg-US79106
8Drak Post MortemKilrogg-US78287
9Unupotato Post MortemKilrogg-US70664
10Vreshna Post MortemKilrogg-US68671Not updated
11Vaporz Post MortemKilrogg-US68380Not updated
12Ramrambz Post MortemKilrogg-US65967
13Deltress Post MortemKilrogg-US60309
14Saraleecake Post MortemKilrogg-US55333Not updated
15Alirrath Post MortemKilrogg-US51962Not updated
16Murderah Post MortemKilrogg-US45433Not updated
17Zangy Post MortemKilrogg-US41592Not updated
18Fastous Post MortemKilrogg-US39101
19Hakuu Post MortemKilrogg-US36905
20Sibyl Post MortemKilrogg-US34224Not updated
21Sylvia Post MortemKilrogg-US33403Not updated
22Agnuz Post MortemKilrogg-US33391
23Turturin Post MortemKilrogg-US33062
24Dymlos Post MortemKilrogg-US32909
25Trunsta Post MortemKilrogg-US32682
26Spyber Post MortemKilrogg-US30414Not updated
27Shinjú Post MortemKilrogg-US30254Not updated
28Aiiko Post MortemKilrogg-US29581Not updated
29Deadpoint Post MortemKilrogg-US28197
30Zhortul Post MortemKilrogg-US27959
31Tenkeychy Post MortemKilrogg-US27339Not updated
32Annalisse Post MortemKilrogg-US25964
33Purplepuffer Post MortemKilrogg-US25814
34Kricxus Post MortemKilrogg-US25498
35Varimon Post MortemKilrogg-US25457Not updated
36Akishmi Post MortemKilrogg-US25257
37Hazereaper Post MortemKilrogg-US24152
38Adramelk Post MortemKilrogg-US23032
39Drakadin Post MortemKilrogg-US22982Not updated
40Crimsonfunk Post MortemKilrogg-US20937
41Pandorax Post MortemKilrogg-US20731Not updated
42Zerrisan Post MortemKilrogg-US20381
43Madmoos Post MortemKilrogg-US20004Not updated
44Zulabro Post MortemKilrogg-US19984
45Jarmander Post MortemKilrogg-US19650
46Rickybobbie Post MortemKilrogg-US19618
47Kosmonaut Post MortemKilrogg-US19152
48Urteg Post MortemKilrogg-US18651
49Checksmix Post MortemKilrogg-US18009
50Jwòww Post MortemKilrogg-US17607
51Kaydian Post MortemKilrogg-US16748Not updated
52Cheeriosz Post MortemKilrogg-US16336Not updated
53Kesira Post MortemKilrogg-US16325Not updated
54Draknight Post MortemKilrogg-US16211Not updated
55Cutiepotooti Post MortemKilrogg-US16116Not updated
56Naws Post MortemKilrogg-US15241
57Reyyna Post MortemKilrogg-US15079Not updated
58Xquisite Post MortemKilrogg-US14995
59Waflles Post MortemKilrogg-US14103
60Arcaik Post MortemKilrogg-US13964
61Adunaphel Post MortemKilrogg-US13876
62Baltimoore Post MortemKilrogg-US13639
63Synge Post MortemKilrogg-US13226
64Maryj Post MortemKilrogg-US13042Not updated
65Goyf Post MortemKilrogg-US12889
66Impulze Post MortemKilrogg-US12678Not updated
67Katlindra Post MortemKilrogg-US12390
68Linconly Post MortemKilrogg-US12333
69Magnataur Post MortemKilrogg-US12293Not updated
70Rydz Post MortemKilrogg-US12234
71Wonderbeast Post MortemKilrogg-US11825
72Puffbuffvamp Post MortemKilrogg-US11379
73Psyber Post MortemKilrogg-US11149Not updated
74Exswan Post MortemKilrogg-US11133
75Puffbuffboom Post MortemKilrogg-US10981
76Doraks Post MortemKilrogg-US10958Not updated
77Nevyr Post MortemKilrogg-US10875Not updated
78Turmo Post MortemKilrogg-US10621
79Rankone Post MortemKilrogg-US9796
80Rhetorical Post MortemKilrogg-US9492Not updated
81Newy Post MortemKilrogg-US9359Not updated
82Bully Post MortemKilrogg-US9274
83Lambz Post MortemKilrogg-US8745
84Crayzus Post MortemKilrogg-US8006
85Nitrax Post MortemKilrogg-US7622Not updated
86Puffbuffpass Post MortemKilrogg-US7607
87Codes Post MortemKilrogg-US7362
88Drakballs Post MortemKilrogg-US7163
89Drakshock Post MortemKilrogg-US7109Not updated
90Nohugnöhealz Post MortemKilrogg-US6685
91Excanary Post MortemKilrogg-US6684
92Deatox Post MortemKilrogg-US6561
93Mellamosean Post MortemKilrogg-US6492
94Sigíl Post MortemKilrogg-US6043
95Holygasm Post MortemKilrogg-US5944Not updated
96Madmoox Post MortemKilrogg-US5900Not updated
97Bonnïe Post MortemKilrogg-US5836
98Lethal Post MortemKilrogg-US5625
99Gûra Post MortemKilrogg-US5611Not updated
100Dreadscale Post MortemKilrogg-US5299

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