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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kilrogg-US Honorable Kills
1Humviy StormKilrogg-US358382Not updated
2Mecast MonolithKilrogg-US313280Not updated
3Shashris Swords and SorceryKilrogg-US284862Not updated
4Snaga AscendancyKilrogg-US283437Not updated
5Siskuz OmnipotentKilrogg-US255581Not updated
6Ponglot More Human than HumansKilrogg-US255005Not updated
7Artanthor Keepers of LightKilrogg-US232815Not updated
8Durota Exact ChangeKilrogg-US227356Not updated
9Litzer Post MortemKilrogg-US217408Not updated
10Zeemma Temporary InsanityKilrogg-US213989Not updated
11Praetextus MonolithKilrogg-US211578Not updated
12Taloriana ResurgenceKilrogg-US203630Not updated
13Basilissa Minions of MythKilrogg-US201996Not updated
14Demisoth AscendancyKilrogg-US194044Not updated
15Brentcorigan Late Night MafiaKilrogg-US193139Not updated
16Rahroo MoonglowKilrogg-US188874Not updated
17Throx  Kilrogg-US188186Not updated
18Meenkus WhitehawksKilrogg-US184818Not updated
19Metrix Temporary InsanityKilrogg-US183785Not updated
20Brutaltactic Monachus OrbisKilrogg-US183444Not updated
21Antipain My Life For AiurKilrogg-US181876Not updated
22Turp Alliance Population CtrlKilrogg-US180460Not updated
23Invoker BaneKilrogg-US179594Not updated
24Blacksad Post MortemKilrogg-US174331Not updated
25Midnightpro Sons of CronusKilrogg-US173776Not updated
26Averic  Kilrogg-US173737Not updated
27Elowenspapa Something DecidedKilrogg-US173595Not updated
28Birmilla StormKilrogg-US172884Not updated
29Alboone Exact ChangeKilrogg-US172324Not updated
30Stardoag Spectacular DemiseKilrogg-US171829Not updated
31Karch The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US171397Not updated
32Bowmângles Brutal CombatKilrogg-US169851Not updated
33Shadowtiger Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US169084Not updated
34Barbaul OnaraKilrogg-US168792Not updated
35Dangled WakeKilrogg-US168784Not updated
36Rodalii  Kilrogg-US168602Not updated
37Roz Khaos TheoryKilrogg-US168346Not updated
38Chiru Fringe of LunacyKilrogg-US165239Not updated
39Loreth Hostile TranquilityKilrogg-US164446Not updated
40Majicia Tenacious DevilzKilrogg-US164319Not updated
41Lurumok Empire of Lost SoulsKilrogg-US164208Not updated
42Jatop  Kilrogg-US163217Not updated
43Varaa The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US161901Not updated
44Rajac Post MortemKilrogg-US161246Not updated
45Darcidian  Kilrogg-US160335Not updated
46Dillsfamily The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US160329Not updated
47Coldwind ModestKilrogg-US156344Not updated
48Aquenita  Kilrogg-US156159Not updated
49Wildtang WakeKilrogg-US155228Not updated
50Osyrius ThunderstormKilrogg-US154705Not updated
51Séska Post MortemKilrogg-US154460Not updated
52Avrielle StormKilrogg-US152012Not updated
53Savah WakeKilrogg-US151722Not updated
54Hyskamir Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US151633Not updated
55Shinea Swords and SorceryKilrogg-US150529Not updated
56Blazarine Common BloodKilrogg-US149005Not updated
57Hammilcar RenaissanceKilrogg-US147896Not updated
58Marut The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US147428Not updated
59Vanormy The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US147211Not updated
60Drokmar Khaos TheoryKilrogg-US145849Not updated
61Eremai The Crimson FlameKilrogg-US143812Not updated
62Thibalexis ASBESTOSKilrogg-US142996Not updated
63Lilze  Kilrogg-US140818Not updated
64Bigtimesquid DOGZ of WarKilrogg-US139960Not updated
65Killminster EsotericKilrogg-US139703Not updated
66Snyderz  Kilrogg-US137767Not updated
67Hason  Kilrogg-US135806Not updated
68Tayadan MortaKilrogg-US135597Not updated
69Majja WhitehawksKilrogg-US135543Not updated
70Maxxer Exact ChangeKilrogg-US133444Not updated
71Omatrya  Kilrogg-US130883Not updated
72Geelorn  Kilrogg-US130063Not updated
73Earthstorm The Fifth HorsemanKilrogg-US129661Not updated
74Lifethief MonolithKilrogg-US129092Not updated
75Mofu Night WatchKilrogg-US126873Not updated
76Syln Last RitesKilrogg-US126409Not updated
77Darkonius Sons of CronusKilrogg-US125752Not updated
78Tarà  Kilrogg-US124405Not updated
79Leoka WakeKilrogg-US124255Not updated
80Dakilla Clout MaceKilrogg-US124247Not updated
81Might Temporary InsanityKilrogg-US123330Not updated
82Paigow The Reservoir DogsKilrogg-US123310Not updated
83Ihäteyou SENTINELS of DHARAKilrogg-US122881Not updated
84Wondercluck Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US122103Not updated
85Gq SerenityKilrogg-US122086Not updated
86Pooarrow Tempus NoobisKilrogg-US120541Not updated
87Mageomatic WolvesKilrogg-US120225Not updated
88Midknightsun Up Your AzsharaKilrogg-US119772Not updated
89Aliixth Bring It On CupcakeKilrogg-US119303Not updated
90Vonhero  Kilrogg-US118930Not updated
91Crunkjuice Something HardKilrogg-US117340Not updated
92Gersin ModestKilrogg-US114981Not updated
93Budzforlife Winter ís ComingKilrogg-US114563Not updated
94Qweenmj  Kilrogg-US114469Not updated
95Blacknyte The Rabbit HoleKilrogg-US114074Not updated
96Sukuli Sons of CronusKilrogg-US113311Not updated
97Zeemann Tenacious DevilzKilrogg-US113197Not updated
98Rohcnar  Kilrogg-US112065Not updated
99Ikasar BlackhawksKilrogg-US110601Not updated
100Shadowthrone JunkKilrogg-US110498Not updated

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