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Kil'jaeden-US Honorable Kills
1Matthuran Real TalkKil'jaeden-US127295Not updated
2Twinkletows Real TalkKil'jaeden-US124048
3Caré Real TalkKil'jaeden-US97470Not updated
4Rawklobster Real TalkKil'jaeden-US97148
5Meleficent Real TalkKil'jaeden-US68972Not updated
6Diabol Real TalkKil'jaeden-US57940Not updated
7Bërlin Real TalkKil'jaeden-US56408
8Vulseron Real TalkKil'jaeden-US51573
9Jaymzkerten Real TalkKil'jaeden-US46578Not updated
10Kravn Real TalkKil'jaeden-US44098Not updated
11Fotoaparate Real TalkKil'jaeden-US41359
12Shruu Real TalkKil'jaeden-US39184Not updated
13Ouja Real TalkKil'jaeden-US36913
14Kodette Real TalkKil'jaeden-US34034Not updated
15Shigeko Real TalkKil'jaeden-US31246Not updated
16Brittlebone Real TalkKil'jaeden-US30128Not updated
17Soulkeeperx Real TalkKil'jaeden-US27960Not updated
18Daipan Real TalkKil'jaeden-US25407Not updated
19Briksauce Real TalkKil'jaeden-US24734Not updated
20Anjüna Real TalkKil'jaeden-US24439
21Donz Real TalkKil'jaeden-US24355Not updated
22Novster Real TalkKil'jaeden-US23524
23Deipotent Real TalkKil'jaeden-US23397
24Bartch Real TalkKil'jaeden-US22503Not updated
25Kodö Real TalkKil'jaeden-US22307Not updated
26Modnoc Real TalkKil'jaeden-US21873Not updated
27Syphonzx Real TalkKil'jaeden-US19581Not updated
28Melvina Real TalkKil'jaeden-US18628Not updated
29Ladorine Real TalkKil'jaeden-US18429Not updated
30Zabulzel Real TalkKil'jaeden-US18027Not updated
31Mackên Real TalkKil'jaeden-US17900Not updated
32Roccoblin Real TalkKil'jaeden-US17339
33Strawberrì Real TalkKil'jaeden-US16573
34Níkket Real TalkKil'jaeden-US16136Not updated
35Cholen Real TalkKil'jaeden-US14151Not updated
36Shig Real TalkKil'jaeden-US14092
37Proteinshake Real TalkKil'jaeden-US13937Not updated
38Vexum Real TalkKil'jaeden-US13593
39Dijitel Real TalkKil'jaeden-US12150
40Twinkletøws Real TalkKil'jaeden-US11917
41Xif Real TalkKil'jaeden-US11749
42Joscélin Real TalkKil'jaeden-US11743Not updated
43Luzca Real TalkKil'jaeden-US11612Not updated
44Karloz Real TalkKil'jaeden-US10448Not updated
45Snugglés Real TalkKil'jaeden-US10203
46Tramped Real TalkKil'jaeden-US10077Not updated
47Rayne Real TalkKil'jaeden-US9977
48Moogasm Real TalkKil'jaeden-US9690Not updated
49Linthelis Real TalkKil'jaeden-US9593Not updated
50Picknflick Real TalkKil'jaeden-US9260Not updated
51Care Real TalkKil'jaeden-US9159Not updated
52Taintt Real TalkKil'jaeden-US9006Not updated
53Bearlymad Real TalkKil'jaeden-US8829Not updated
54Phukêt Real TalkKil'jaeden-US8778Not updated
55Yubari Real TalkKil'jaeden-US8727Not updated
56Hawtgirlirl Real TalkKil'jaeden-US8250
57Celarrah Real TalkKil'jaeden-US8204
58Sendeed Real TalkKil'jaeden-US7680Not updated
59Stuxnewt Real TalkKil'jaeden-US7617Not updated
60Guien Real TalkKil'jaeden-US7384Not updated
61Trampd Real TalkKil'jaeden-US7155Not updated
62Driizi Real TalkKil'jaeden-US7133Not updated
63Bubblebeard Real TalkKil'jaeden-US7012Not updated
64Donzee Real TalkKil'jaeden-US6891Not updated
65Ecofriendly Real TalkKil'jaeden-US6747Not updated
66Thersake Real TalkKil'jaeden-US6741Not updated
67Rhenzlo Real TalkKil'jaeden-US6737
68Frostìe Real TalkKil'jaeden-US6613Not updated
69Zombiegírl Real TalkKil'jaeden-US6347
70Petclass Real TalkKil'jaeden-US6298Not updated
71Kagon Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5966
72Kreud Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5932Not updated
73Lecksi Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5853Not updated
74Spillcanvas Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5811Not updated
75Dei Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5799
76Shaccoman Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5703
77Mellevolent Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5622Not updated
78Vexj Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5593
79Nagruk Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5510Not updated
80Anjuna Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5499
81Dirtygrandpa Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5473
82Foxling Real TalkKil'jaeden-US5096
83Zombieqtx Real TalkKil'jaeden-US4749
84Grizzlyadäms Real TalkKil'jaeden-US4746Not updated
85Icanhasresto Real TalkKil'jaeden-US4377Not updated
86Samavatì Real TalkKil'jaeden-US4193Not updated
87Pettíngzoo Real TalkKil'jaeden-US3992Not updated
88Shadowswirl Real TalkKil'jaeden-US3917Not updated
89Tipzee Real TalkKil'jaeden-US3902Not updated
90Lichu Real TalkKil'jaeden-US3833Not updated
91Drîîzy Real TalkKil'jaeden-US3801Not updated
92Holyzab Real TalkKil'jaeden-US3731Not updated
93Aaronk Real TalkKil'jaeden-US3677Not updated
94Yoox Real TalkKil'jaeden-US3666Not updated
95Vulgaritiez Real TalkKil'jaeden-US3234Not updated
96Kâhlan Real TalkKil'jaeden-US3215Not updated
97Zab Real TalkKil'jaeden-US3155Not updated
98Trampp Real TalkKil'jaeden-US2816Not updated
99Shokolatrain Real TalkKil'jaeden-US2794Not updated
100Icanhazheals Real TalkKil'jaeden-US2777

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