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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kil'jaeden-US Honorable Kills
1Screamn RequiemKil'jaeden-US630091Not updated
2Martencar Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US574350Not updated
3Shawt Criminal IntentKil'jaeden-US489733Not updated
4Ablueseven  Kil'jaeden-US474279Not updated
5Oministo BLOODKNIGHT REDEMPTIONKil'jaeden-US397734Not updated
6Marko  Kil'jaeden-US386317Not updated
7Jonesin Most HatedKil'jaeden-US359402Not updated
8Smileurdead RoyalKil'jaeden-US357290Not updated
9Cyestha AFK at FarmKil'jaeden-US352661Not updated
10Geralt WeeKil'jaeden-US352103Not updated
11Dairyn Cosmic VomitKil'jaeden-US338817Not updated
12Asilverfour  Kil'jaeden-US331892Not updated
13Bree ConcordisKil'jaeden-US330019Not updated
14Elwardude  Kil'jaeden-US325780Not updated
15Phishy RuinousKil'jaeden-US325665Not updated
16Regulatin Annihilation EnsuesKil'jaeden-US323789Not updated
17Zoolma  Kil'jaeden-US321500Not updated
18Arpharezon RequiemKil'jaeden-US317405Not updated
19Ðeathroh  Kil'jaeden-US314304Not updated
20Ummu ReqKil'jaeden-US309462Not updated
21Toughox  Kil'jaeden-US308794Not updated
22Socratez BloodbathedKil'jaeden-US307849Not updated
23Dolsen illestKil'jaeden-US307613Not updated
24Shnidy RequiemKil'jaeden-US305395Not updated
25Thugli RequiemKil'jaeden-US304487Not updated
26Hicups  Kil'jaeden-US296062Not updated
27Damnka  Kil'jaeden-US292794Not updated
28Crusäder WardemonsKil'jaeden-US288995Not updated
29Cinnamon RequiemKil'jaeden-US286219Not updated
30Macobre CarnageKil'jaeden-US280334Not updated
31Kníives To Be DeterminedKil'jaeden-US279127Not updated
32Kinesio  Kil'jaeden-US275053Not updated
33Zorgnorg Easy CompanyKil'jaeden-US273057Not updated
34Harusaki  Kil'jaeden-US269167Not updated
35Esgrimidor  Kil'jaeden-US265746Not updated
36Xanaduz UnorthodoxKil'jaeden-US262131Not updated
37Haedeus RequiemKil'jaeden-US261805Not updated
38Shappie  Kil'jaeden-US257787Not updated
39Shamwôw  Kil'jaeden-US257701Not updated
40Darkskull HyperresonanceKil'jaeden-US254750Not updated
41Amateratsus CognitionKil'jaeden-US251974Not updated
42Xanaj  Kil'jaeden-US250873Not updated
43Lexxey Upper EchelonsKil'jaeden-US244693Not updated
44Tsalera Vis MajorKil'jaeden-US241938Not updated
45Ubiquityz Dead Gnome SocietyKil'jaeden-US241459Not updated
46Eluna  Kil'jaeden-US239148Not updated
47Antihero  Kil'jaeden-US237078Not updated
48Totemtootz Rage Pillage MurderKil'jaeden-US237019Not updated
49Ensiifer  Kil'jaeden-US236742Not updated
50Kafubanton AnguishKil'jaeden-US236411Not updated
51Flôcked ReqKil'jaeden-US235041Not updated
52Akyalas WeeKil'jaeden-US234916Not updated
53Devinestar CarnageKil'jaeden-US234907Not updated
54Coolier Infinite ChallengeKil'jaeden-US231039Not updated
55Alphaprimus  Kil'jaeden-US230112Not updated
56Regs  Kil'jaeden-US228284Not updated
57Fizeau A Boss Too FarKil'jaeden-US228183Not updated
58Yourmyfood Shealbhu LaidirKil'jaeden-US227589Not updated
59Vallarus  Kil'jaeden-US227455Not updated
60Thesandbox Silly Hats OnlyKil'jaeden-US226566Not updated
61Spin Knights of the ForsakenKil'jaeden-US224556Not updated
62Deadazphuc  Kil'jaeden-US223593Not updated
63Epistaxis  Kil'jaeden-US221483Not updated
64Qlikz Riddles in the DarkKil'jaeden-US219859Not updated
65Newdruid Silly Hats OnlyKil'jaeden-US218644Not updated
66Vultan Rage Pillage MurderKil'jaeden-US214745Not updated
67Bustygirl ObstinateKil'jaeden-US213295Not updated
68Altmer PsychedelicKil'jaeden-US212741Not updated
69Docpain Silly Hats OnlyKil'jaeden-US212102Not updated
70ßûtch stay small NERDSKil'jaeden-US211469Not updated
71Snipethiswho ExecutusKil'jaeden-US210184Not updated
72Fountaiin Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US209335Not updated
73Demoniclily Interrupts Like KanyeKil'jaeden-US208637Not updated
74Múgsý Fight On The FlagKil'jaeden-US207885Not updated
75Nerdstomper  Kil'jaeden-US204136Not updated
76Parias Cereal KillersKil'jaeden-US202185Not updated
77Terminalfury AdaptationKil'jaeden-US201419Not updated
78Kolamis RequiemKil'jaeden-US199823Not updated
79Tobig VÅTO CLANKil'jaeden-US199540Not updated
80Ulhrick  Kil'jaeden-US199183Not updated
81Lollipõp  Kil'jaeden-US199113Not updated
82Daidrick The Skeptical ChymistKil'jaeden-US199108Not updated
83Bronwynn MandamusKil'jaeden-US198760Not updated
84Fireon Targaryen WarLordsKil'jaeden-US198534Not updated
85Bloodymoco  Kil'jaeden-US198277Not updated
86Rhanoo  Kil'jaeden-US197016Not updated
87Angrirr  Kil'jaeden-US196184Not updated
88Dangerousd RequiemKil'jaeden-US194672Not updated
89Hadesjr  Kil'jaeden-US193884Not updated
90Billorbilly  Kil'jaeden-US193378Not updated
91Rooftrollen  Kil'jaeden-US192234Not updated
92Fostergray  Kil'jaeden-US192162Not updated
93Trapmusik S A D I S T I CKil'jaeden-US191115Not updated
94Klandon RequiemKil'jaeden-US189894Not updated
95Dosun A Boss Too FarKil'jaeden-US188933Not updated
96Zemxterat WardemonsKil'jaeden-US188752Not updated
97Olina Battle TacticsKil'jaeden-US188008Not updated
98Slackjawz RequiemKil'jaeden-US187157Not updated
99Elindil  Kil'jaeden-US187086Not updated
100Praeus  Kil'jaeden-US187033Not updated

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