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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Khaz Modan-EU Honorable Kills
1Ades NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU154548Not updated
2Spanja NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU145365Not updated
3Ãch NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU131610Not updated
4Mamejj NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU131026Not updated
5Kaïlas NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU126905Not updated
6Kabutteur NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU113545Not updated
7Marlyk NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU107957Not updated
8Cõopiñ NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU94941Not updated
9Saïa NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU94794Not updated
10Joemanix NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU94435Not updated
11Dalià NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU82030Not updated
12Dekà NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU75929Not updated
13Nowued NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU69866Not updated
14Novel NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU62296Not updated
15Mamelostaitz NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU59126Not updated
16Nakia NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU58416Not updated
17Mädjin NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU55927Not updated
18Ellü NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU46528Not updated
19Ellunia NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU45981Not updated
20Lhark NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU45765Not updated
21Ellù NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU43387Not updated
22Isshin NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU42178Not updated
23Gràken NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU40436Not updated
24Kamïna NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU40227Not updated
25Ellu NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU39360Not updated
26Kornapik NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU37930Not updated
27Flexib NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU37636Not updated
28Smeh NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU36661Not updated
29Eat NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU35842Not updated
30Sàd NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU35505Not updated
31Tinyx NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU34493Not updated
32Tinyz NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU33341Not updated
33Ermina NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU33332Not updated
34Märlëy NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU29148Not updated
35Bonecolector NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU28491Not updated
36Arakhal NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU28141Not updated
37Ìzy NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU27744Not updated
38Iroel NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU27412Not updated
39Míína NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU25927Not updated
40Caséi NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU25770Not updated
41Lyxïa NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU25739Not updated
42Damélia NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU25537Not updated
43Kirïn NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU25390Not updated
44Kaspa NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU25357Not updated
45Smalou NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU24385Not updated
46Säty NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU22695Not updated
47Sadz NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU21242Not updated
48Käräa NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU20674Not updated
49Marolas NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU20580Not updated
50Moignon NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU20558Not updated
51Minimetaleur NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU19727Not updated
52Keriox NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU19455Not updated
53Gløbule NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU19103Not updated
54Cråz NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU18496Not updated
55Delajungle NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU18393Not updated
56Troujin NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU18275Not updated
57Dezideriel NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU18214Not updated
58Nowù NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU17215Not updated
59Õo NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU16604Not updated
60Ðrøïte NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU16020Not updated
61Øuanë NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU15278Not updated
62Kre NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU14953Not updated
63Kraksnor NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU14061Not updated
64Talïya NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU14039Not updated
65Mayeiv NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU13355Not updated
66Bumblebi NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU13170Not updated
67Yorou NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU13057Not updated
68Yumiru NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU13030Not updated
69Hippoh NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU12591Not updated
70Loel NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU12526Not updated
71Valeski NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU12195Not updated
72Obito NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU10287Not updated
73Ellfina NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU9699Not updated
74Ëasy NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU8027Not updated
75Ekrevice NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU7544Not updated
76Polynôme NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU7513Not updated
77Lyxiaa NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU7484Not updated
78Insÿdë NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU6662Not updated
79Hyden NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU6141Not updated
80Wheelie NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU5363Not updated
81Avelin NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU5305Not updated
82Nymería NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU5178Not updated
83Nowz NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU4947Not updated
84Shunko NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU4700Not updated
85Lyxià NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU4308Not updated
86Pølynôme NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU4079Not updated
87Rahmdek NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU4000Not updated
88Heizên NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU3684Not updated
89Pölynôme NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU3531Not updated
90Nows NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU3530Not updated
91Yunye NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU3497Not updated
92Rahotep NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU3388Not updated
93Chouquine NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU3105Not updated
94Lïxÿ NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU2945Not updated
95Lyxiia NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU2828Not updated
96Nezreal NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU2770Not updated
97Telmak NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU2513Not updated
98Jihei NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU2432Not updated
99Kreftw NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU2316Not updated
100Adechal NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU2305Not updated

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