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Kel'Thuzad-US Honorable Kills
1Littlespark Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US48683
2Vtaenz Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US30382
3Carolan Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US28635
4Konawill Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US27968
5Selethem Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US26004Not updated
6Kyoukant Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US25934
7Sopoyiiako Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US25426
8Poofpooh Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US25223
9Eckzz Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US20818Not updated
10Ezø Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US19357
11Goráck Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US19219Not updated
12Battoussai Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US19006
13Danjim Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US18782
14Longjohns Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US18183Not updated
15Joycelynn Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US17253Not updated
16Badmedic Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US15840
17Prophetere Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US15731Not updated
18Arrune Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US15489
19Shamanei Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US14795
20Uzqt Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US14712
21Deadmits Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US13924
22Náki Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US13849Not updated
23Kaurla Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US13087Not updated
24Wilshir Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US12770Not updated
25Frozenia Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US12301
26Rubicz Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US11947Not updated
27Drsovereign Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US11765
28Kojoman Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US11662
29Minibatty Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US11589
30Jimzoo Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US11504
31Hugmeplease Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US11076Not updated
32Rubiks Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US10335Not updated
33Arcanan Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US10047
34Ilikepotato Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US7904Not updated
35Ezechial Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US7833
36Peeby Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US7487
37Mihoshii Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US7441Not updated
38Numlock Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US7419Not updated
39Kaigen Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US7324Not updated
40Minymage Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US7304
41Drunkntiger Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US6898Not updated
42Helstorm Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US6179
43Saberwolfen Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US5809
44Darkângel Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US5457
45Nystil Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US5307
46Veetaenz Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US5303
47Zapo Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US5104
48Magetrz Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US4566Not updated
49Gildartz Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US4439
50Shoottr Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US4023Not updated
51Supergoten Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US3944
52Shavoxxman Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US3648Not updated
53Stiffstick Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US3356
54Imálillôck Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US3084
55Maybrie Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US2907Not updated
56Exkz Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US2894Not updated
57Sanction Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US2883
58Everret Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US2844Not updated
59Ayaesa Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US2620
60Krewylla Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US2316
61Schnooben Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US2215Not updated
62Tycemus Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US2214Not updated
63Elbucho Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US2128
64Uxul Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US1796Not updated
65Burløk Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US1727
66Daryus Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US1664Not updated
67Insidioùs Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US1298
68Neulratol Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US1173
69Obnix Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US1062
70Babyskittle Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US972
71Bursthurts Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US946
72Nensnotdead Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US939
73Daviesmash Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US908
74Loru Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US895
75Superjedi Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US861Not updated
76Yaozu Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US770
77Bretonne Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US757
78Junim Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US744Not updated
79Veetaens Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US612
80Onemorerep Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US494
81Theophaneia Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US450
82Sureaim Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US418
83Misala Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US404
84Brimstontwo Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US372
85Dotlokndrop Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US317
86Njroman Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US314Not updated
87Alfhiem Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US294Not updated
88Charleekelly Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US289
89Brimmstonne Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US248
90Quinya Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US222
91Zarker Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US217
92Øze Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US202
93Unsui Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US170
94Friskyjay Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US150
95Deadlyspark Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US137Not updated
96Ärcticwolf Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US135
97Raiylin Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US119
98Chirack Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US101Not updated
99Cindrian Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US99Not updated
100Genezen Ten Angry NerdsKel'Thuzad-US93

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