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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Kel'Thuzad-US Honorable Kills
1Astarrose Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US122702
2Lokasenna Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US103043Not updated
3Scapegoats Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US94680Not updated
4Thrud Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US89139Not updated
5Malleus Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US78714Not updated
6Qandisa Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US59833Not updated
7Rowllia Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US57563Not updated
8Frozzy Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US52266Not updated
9Rathphd Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US44760Not updated
10Ñèrf Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US44589Not updated
11Ratmen Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US43804Not updated
12Tari Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US43211Not updated
13Delicatessen Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US40974Not updated
14Ona Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US37774Not updated
15Dungly Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US37292Not updated
16Drethax Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US35759Not updated
17Nasa Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US35738Not updated
18Ayama Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US30444Not updated
19Wheelchair Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US29599Not updated
20Rosyla Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US26506Not updated
21Fang Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US25467Not updated
22Salius Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US25345Not updated
23Healtrip Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US22942Not updated
24Dolomar Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US20043Not updated
25Njangu Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US18836Not updated
26Floral Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US18668Not updated
27Sênpai Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US16300Not updated
28Kimill Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US16246Not updated
29Amayya Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US16080Not updated
30Hel Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US15619Not updated
31Reilan Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US15142
32Bobbydigitul Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US14917Not updated
33Vöxen Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US14714
34Holyme Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US14640Not updated
35Chanamel Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US14508
36Padruea Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US14258Not updated
37Snegrow Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US13910Not updated
38Ambartur Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US13639Not updated
39Freyhild Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US12246Not updated
40Dotdotphear Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US11248Not updated
41Veeks Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US11058Not updated
42Bergenheimen Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US10757Not updated
43Acrostis Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US9794Not updated
44Paetar Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US9410Not updated
45Fabs Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US9189Not updated
46Roliavenator Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US9162Not updated
47Sicklymidget Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US8178Not updated
48Rolialake Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US7706Not updated
49Aurallea Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US7607Not updated
50Anidevon Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US7416Not updated
51Fabbyy Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US6474Not updated
52Zoch Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US6446Not updated
53Don Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US6246Not updated
54Siee Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US6216
55Kaorì Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US6131Not updated
56Phígment Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US6118Not updated
57Tyfeeout Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US6053Not updated
58Vvheelchair Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US5747Not updated
59Qiscake Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US5669Not updated
60Pippz Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US5505Not updated
61Efficacious Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US5326Not updated
62Tìfà Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US5213Not updated
63Whorabelle Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US5187Not updated
64Alottadots Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US5032Not updated
65Floros Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US4973Not updated
66Daura Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US4944Not updated
67Mossenheimen Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US4722Not updated
68Televanglist Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US4589Not updated
69Norte Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US4400Not updated
70Dreck Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US4237Not updated
71Aerìth Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US4034Not updated
72Vikaste Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US4010Not updated
73Fabsz Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US3994Not updated
74Professional Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US3953Not updated
75Seaworth Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US3689Not updated
76Paevich Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US3642Not updated
77Alainya Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US3389Not updated
78Fabssz Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US3367Not updated
79Bcbudd Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US3135
80Idroplogs Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US2799Not updated
81Paeotin Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US2767Not updated
82Thalaniya Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US2716Not updated
83Dannydevito Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US2495Not updated
84Balmerick Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US2446Not updated
85Dyngly Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US2407Not updated
86Saellara Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US2223Not updated
87Diemove Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US2116Not updated
88Shaytastìc Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1995
89Roliaopclass Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1795Not updated
90Florie Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1783Not updated
91Hôff Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1673Not updated
92Dognose Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1662Not updated
93Vixxine Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1591Not updated
94Metasploit Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1574Not updated
95Lockyness Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1419Not updated
96Kieloy Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1371Not updated
97Hoff Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1320Not updated
98Scottsmom Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1313Not updated
99Exs Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1168Not updated
100Xayle Ninja Pirate MonkeysKel'Thuzad-US1130Not updated

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