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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kel'Thuzad-EU Honorable Kills
1Heisebraut DemolitionKel'Thuzad-EU495488Not updated
2Borborrath PhoeníxKel'Thuzad-EU315532Not updated
3Grîmmjów VICIOUSKel'Thuzad-EU292636Not updated
4Ulda Reborn HeroesKel'Thuzad-EU290226Not updated
5Darkbull The Wild HordeKel'Thuzad-EU252210Not updated
6Garstling bleib stehen LumpKel'Thuzad-EU229627Not updated
7Budbutcher bleib stehen LumpKel'Thuzad-EU214644Not updated
8Mindchen NoirKel'Thuzad-EU210495Not updated
9Sukkubus Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU201861Not updated
10Habibi Reborn HeroesKel'Thuzad-EU198257Not updated
11Morbias The Wild HordeKel'Thuzad-EU196266Not updated
12Crazytrain Gardh en TeliadKel'Thuzad-EU195485Not updated
13Caerberos NoirKel'Thuzad-EU195200Not updated
14Caledin The AwakeningKel'Thuzad-EU194157Not updated
15Krabs KomaKolonneKel'Thuzad-EU192991Not updated
16Arkam ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU191208Not updated
17Graag Enemy DownKel'Thuzad-EU190996Not updated
18Goorak DemolitionKel'Thuzad-EU184769Not updated
19Myrmiânda THE FORCEKel'Thuzad-EU183369Not updated
20Wargriman Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU182858Not updated
21Bumpel Wächter der InnbrückeKel'Thuzad-EU179797Not updated
22Tytus RevéngeKel'Thuzad-EU173182Not updated
23Lënny ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU169816Not updated
24Thêrapy KomaKolonneKel'Thuzad-EU168688Not updated
25Dop The Big Gank TheoryKel'Thuzad-EU165763Not updated
26Wespe The Big Gank TheoryKel'Thuzad-EU165530Not updated
27Jablan Die LevelgildeKel'Thuzad-EU164424Not updated
28Aortha Legends of KalimdorKel'Thuzad-EU164160Not updated
29Hernando  Kel'Thuzad-EU159574Not updated
30Jahen bleib stehen LumpKel'Thuzad-EU157922Not updated
31Ghorgorbey ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU157632Not updated
32Duro  Kel'Thuzad-EU157446Not updated
33Bulrag Damned SoulsKel'Thuzad-EU155167Not updated
34Mephaisto NoirKel'Thuzad-EU154920Not updated
35Maddes Hordes of ChaosKel'Thuzad-EU154290Not updated
36Medran SilentiumKel'Thuzad-EU154222Not updated
37Nebel ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU154174Not updated
38Micmitch The good old boysKel'Thuzad-EU153971Not updated
39Xanalia  Kel'Thuzad-EU153829Not updated
40Roderiko We love CashewsKel'Thuzad-EU150935Not updated
41Orat HavyHordenGangKel'Thuzad-EU147063Not updated
42Rondrik MîdgardKel'Thuzad-EU145865Not updated
43Necrosias Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU143468Not updated
44Yøker DëlírìumKel'Thuzad-EU142420Not updated
45Nêo Drunk and DangerousKel'Thuzad-EU137502Not updated
46Forestinc  Kel'Thuzad-EU136356Not updated
47Chaine Death in a SecKel'Thuzad-EU133908Not updated
48Wolven  Kel'Thuzad-EU133904Not updated
49Öföf HavyHordenGangKel'Thuzad-EU131844Not updated
50Karisu NoirKel'Thuzad-EU129663Not updated
51Reredrum Ôld SchoolKel'Thuzad-EU129356Not updated
52Klickiz Damned SoulsKel'Thuzad-EU128004Not updated
53Kalysia GoldrauschKel'Thuzad-EU127454Not updated
54Morphi Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU127360Not updated
55Akashiya  Kel'Thuzad-EU127300Not updated
56Bruclin resign from lifeKel'Thuzad-EU126861Not updated
57Whoarrior GoldrauschKel'Thuzad-EU126353Not updated
58Bloodbáth  Kel'Thuzad-EU126040Not updated
59Esien NoirKel'Thuzad-EU125644Not updated
60Elâine PhoeníxKel'Thuzad-EU125320Not updated
61Àkira One PercentKel'Thuzad-EU124685Not updated
62Kywalda Fürsten der HölleKel'Thuzad-EU124631Not updated
63Therächer DragonheartKel'Thuzad-EU124137Not updated
64Eazykill Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU123834Not updated
65Bic Mutti ist die BesteKel'Thuzad-EU121887Not updated
66Zyph NoirKel'Thuzad-EU120052Not updated
67Prianos Suum CuiqueKel'Thuzad-EU118853Not updated
68Plazet Damned SoulsKel'Thuzad-EU116723Not updated
69Xsherda auch Du bist innen RosaKel'Thuzad-EU115396Not updated
70Knálli ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU115340Not updated
71Griane Armee der FinsternisKel'Thuzad-EU115145Not updated
72Curvaceous NoirKel'Thuzad-EU114260Not updated
73Hellbourn Die LevelgildeKel'Thuzad-EU113728Not updated
74Akiri Nightmares Of ThunderKel'Thuzad-EU113664Not updated
75Dashu NoirKel'Thuzad-EU113595Not updated
76Cerres Essence of EvolutionKel'Thuzad-EU113154Not updated
77Kyosho Howdy HordeKel'Thuzad-EU113055Not updated
78Cudó Memento moriKel'Thuzad-EU112251Not updated
79Jackstarr Spirits of BloodKel'Thuzad-EU111154Not updated
80Xýron Armee der FinsternisKel'Thuzad-EU110708Not updated
81Izno bleib stehen LumpKel'Thuzad-EU109827Not updated
82Zaahh SilentiumKel'Thuzad-EU109698Not updated
83Myre Wächter der InnbrückeKel'Thuzad-EU109516Not updated
84Hoenni  Kel'Thuzad-EU109199Not updated
85Bonaparte bleib stehen LumpKel'Thuzad-EU109122Not updated
86Gont  Kel'Thuzad-EU108910Not updated
87Mêlody So HighKel'Thuzad-EU108763Not updated
88Helî NoirKel'Thuzad-EU108405Not updated
89Warrgrim Spirits of BloodKel'Thuzad-EU107968Not updated
90Pampuk AssassinKel'Thuzad-EU107657Not updated
91Keldoroth PhoeníxKel'Thuzad-EU106915Not updated
92Shamil The Big Gank TheoryKel'Thuzad-EU106794Not updated
93Deathkiss KnochenbrecherbrigadeKel'Thuzad-EU106333Not updated
94Nagrah AssassinKel'Thuzad-EU106322Not updated
95Yersìnía DëlírìumKel'Thuzad-EU106062Not updated
96Dattding Pirates of Ballz DeepKel'Thuzad-EU105269Not updated
97Clytus schlank und blankKel'Thuzad-EU104079Not updated
98Ulvar PhoeníxKel'Thuzad-EU103870Not updated
99Hêcta VICIOUSKel'Thuzad-EU103772Not updated
100Pròóphet  Kel'Thuzad-EU103567Not updated

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