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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kargath-US Honorable Kills
1Blueocean Liberty EmperorKargath-US324305Not updated
2Octavian MaledictionKargath-US303266Not updated
3Gatorstomp UnconqueredKargath-US277864Not updated
4Coolsky Electric SheepKargath-US266399Not updated
5Dovoso Hello I love youKargath-US264213Not updated
6Opnobo  Kargath-US255810Not updated
7Lucrethe  Kargath-US231792Not updated
8Minoras SanctuaryKargath-US217441Not updated
9Mtume Primal StormKargath-US216254Not updated
10Stobakahn The CliqueKargath-US214080Not updated
11Masseffect Saviors of The HordeKargath-US213518Not updated
12Qa  Kargath-US211847Not updated
13Shadowe Shadow and LightKargath-US206397Not updated
14Somnus  Kargath-US195846Not updated
15Jozidius RendezvousPointKargath-US188467Not updated
16Bru The CliqueKargath-US188267Not updated
17Dimmuu MaledictionKargath-US187172Not updated
18Chouse Fatal UnionKargath-US186206Not updated
19Pjp Legends Never DieKargath-US185055Not updated
20Hantalas The Iron FistKargath-US184937Not updated
21Raides After DawnKargath-US183401Not updated
22Fritzapp RenewKargath-US178862Not updated
23Annon Holy SanchezKargath-US178112Not updated
24Leishmania EthosKargath-US176502Not updated
25Beteljuice Corruptors of InnocenceKargath-US174539Not updated
26Meanone LevelKargath-US171056Not updated
27Khadan The Warriors Of AzerothKargath-US167943Not updated
28Kyôsuke Edge of RealityKargath-US167692Not updated
29Gaelle High N MightyKargath-US164979Not updated
30Barberossa The Warriors Of AzerothKargath-US163726Not updated
31Manastörm Collateral DamageKargath-US163239Not updated
32Nortet  Kargath-US161375Not updated
33Interdictor TBTKargath-US158179Not updated
34Carttman W O R DKargath-US154946Not updated
35Komorek BloodswornKargath-US153295Not updated
36Canidas Old School KargathKargath-US149014Not updated
37Evannas InsurrectionKargath-US146734Not updated
38Stågon Edge of RealityKargath-US145713Not updated
39Zarkullen  Kargath-US141258Not updated
40Moireena MaledictionKargath-US140740Not updated
41Reignhart Old School KargathKargath-US138587Not updated
42Evendra  Kargath-US138566Not updated
43Tedbear Wrath Of The ForsakenKargath-US136892Not updated
44Amarant Edge of RealityKargath-US136794Not updated
45Lanadelreyy Fatal UnionKargath-US135619Not updated
46Applemage Dragon Tiger GateKargath-US133543Not updated
47Soulrëaver  Kargath-US133331Not updated
48Medicshizune Fatal UnionKargath-US132508Not updated
49Defìance After DawnKargath-US131673Not updated
50Siccarius Electric SheepKargath-US131586Not updated
51Ohjeez Shadow and LightKargath-US130516Not updated
52Dardiashil ExecutionKargath-US129851Not updated
53Overthrow Is AngryKargath-US129703Not updated
54Xort  Kargath-US128590Not updated
55Davasa Hello I love youKargath-US128155Not updated
56Jasteel SanctuaryKargath-US127176Not updated
57Soloxbie Old School KargathKargath-US126230Not updated
58Killdart KargathiansKargath-US125731Not updated
59Burnunit Bad PhrenologyKargath-US124971Not updated
60Nomatics  Kargath-US124645Not updated
61Bonusparts Hello I love youKargath-US124082Not updated
62Koyshio SanctuaryKargath-US123883Not updated
63Baba War and PeaceKargath-US122515Not updated
64Malvenue TBTKargath-US122498Not updated
65Myne No QuarterKargath-US122423Not updated
66Rowtorn Legion of the HordeKargath-US121839Not updated
67Jorlac That GuildKargath-US121553Not updated
68Ilannah Edge of RealityKargath-US121504Not updated
69Aggravating  Kargath-US117664Not updated
70Athalus BloodswornKargath-US117379Not updated
71Lazydk Old School KargathKargath-US117068Not updated
72Waynea hoof n bonesKargath-US116884Not updated
73Ezneutra The Iron FistKargath-US116089Not updated
74Bearhold Risen From AshesKargath-US116063Not updated
75Dahookie MaledictionKargath-US116032Not updated
76Vingrhames  Kargath-US115623Not updated
77Sykzx  Kargath-US115578Not updated
78Coyotee Old School KargathKargath-US115110Not updated
79Gunnah Simply BeastKargath-US114778Not updated
80Garathor MeridianKargath-US114286Not updated
81Watch Fatal UnionKargath-US114183Not updated
82Ahxbie Old School KargathKargath-US113636Not updated
83Feared Hello I love youKargath-US112949Not updated
84Killemeh  Kargath-US111857Not updated
85Teos The CliqueKargath-US109766Not updated
86Pandacea  Kargath-US109083Not updated
87Vythia EternalKargath-US109031Not updated
88Chaoticaeon  Kargath-US108924Not updated
89Hemass Fatal UnionKargath-US108822Not updated
90Legionc  Kargath-US108676Not updated
91Omnomnivore The Iron FistKargath-US108461Not updated
92Twilo TwistedKargath-US108100Not updated
93Demonikx System FailureKargath-US107717Not updated
94Dàna  Kargath-US107422Not updated
95Eayenz EternalKargath-US107294Not updated
96Taurenator UnconqueredKargath-US106600Not updated
97Cbit  Kargath-US106590Not updated
98Jambie Drunken OnslaughtKargath-US105650Not updated
99Thunderkiss Mirrored ReasoningKargath-US104950Not updated
100Sinister After DawnKargath-US104819Not updated

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