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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kael'thas-EU Honorable Kills
1ßlitz MystKael'thas-EU396633Not updated
2Endlessly BurgerLégionKael'thas-EU372535Not updated
3Pourpre MandragoreKael'thas-EU340476Not updated
4Etap Legend of the dragoonKael'thas-EU338518Not updated
5Kharisma sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU331005Not updated
6Luckfire  Kael'thas-EU321334Not updated
7Yless MystKael'thas-EU311825Not updated
8Suskive Zun ZherisKael'thas-EU300957Not updated
9Manarin Alliance Du NordKael'thas-EU298492Not updated
10Chyne MandragoreKael'thas-EU290244Not updated
11Santoya FreaksKael'thas-EU281582Not updated
12Amerion MandragoreKael'thas-EU280609Not updated
13Flameofreca Silver DàwnKael'thas-EU278957Not updated
14Scraw  Kael'thas-EU272304Not updated
15Aecx The HowlKael'thas-EU272046Not updated
16Yxiéme EternalisKael'thas-EU270385Not updated
17Dargona MystKael'thas-EU265747Not updated
18Flammingstar ErymantheKael'thas-EU257777Not updated
19Marss MyrthKael'thas-EU245214Not updated
20Inofensive  Kael'thas-EU237476Not updated
21Aérïs CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU221326Not updated
22Choukroute WrathKael'thas-EU214572Not updated
23Synizz  Kael'thas-EU213059Not updated
24Cerbère soSKael'thas-EU203939Not updated
25Sparckz DrawKael'thas-EU196348Not updated
26Darkololo Ordre des SamaritainsKael'thas-EU195930Not updated
27Warllord EternalisKael'thas-EU195473Not updated
28Galactx  Kael'thas-EU192624Not updated
29Zonked A le permis de tuerKael'thas-EU192589Not updated
30Koum The BloodseekerKael'thas-EU190796Not updated
31Injes  Kael'thas-EU188193Not updated
32Anthanagor DrawKael'thas-EU186716Not updated
33Amok WrathKael'thas-EU186122Not updated
34Selmac  Kael'thas-EU184643Not updated
35Yïîria The HowlKael'thas-EU184472Not updated
36Beebopcool SinKael'thas-EU183494Not updated
37Elfyboy WWYLKael'thas-EU179785Not updated
38Aelià eXiKael'thas-EU177264Not updated
39Tapkinkou  Kael'thas-EU177258Not updated
40Kasdgnom WrathKael'thas-EU177030Not updated
41Lubo Les LycansKael'thas-EU174995Not updated
42Sreccenef  Kael'thas-EU173138Not updated
43Chaussettes ErymantheKael'thas-EU166939Not updated
44Ayna Jamaicans GirlzKael'thas-EU166672Not updated
45Fâtâlis  Kael'thas-EU166530Not updated
46Littlefever  Kael'thas-EU165145Not updated
47Wÿbo  Kael'thas-EU164891Not updated
48Dulvlav RenatûsKael'thas-EU164824Not updated
49Roule FreedomKael'thas-EU164595Not updated
50Folkien Bourrino Ergo SumKael'thas-EU163792Not updated
51Taïla Est un PøneyKael'thas-EU163110Not updated
52Excan PandemoniumKael'thas-EU162016Not updated
53Meggy RenatûsKael'thas-EU161309Not updated
54Yangxueyi The HowlKael'thas-EU161232Not updated
55Davith BeyondKael'thas-EU160613Not updated
56Melho EternalisKael'thas-EU160610Not updated
57Tanigyka Les LycansKael'thas-EU160228Not updated
58Mimox PrestigeKael'thas-EU159788Not updated
59Ceres est un NoobKael'thas-EU158783Not updated
60Perci Word bearersKael'thas-EU158008Not updated
61Breizhad  Kael'thas-EU156611Not updated
62Naalah PsychoclanKael'thas-EU156447Not updated
63Delfie ØbscureKael'thas-EU155658Not updated
64Anséa DrawKael'thas-EU155312Not updated
65Rïper YOU ARE BLACKLISTEDKael'thas-EU154424Not updated
66Donzapata Hors CharteKael'thas-EU154212Not updated
67Ïllîcïte  Kael'thas-EU153960Not updated
68Papavroys Forces du MaltKael'thas-EU152625Not updated
69Cruauté FreedomKael'thas-EU152091Not updated
70Spøøny ÑightmareKael'thas-EU151096Not updated
71Slayin EndersKael'thas-EU150552Not updated
72Whydollz Trois CentsKael'thas-EU149539Not updated
73Tsao MandragoreKael'thas-EU149520Not updated
74Junction  Kael'thas-EU149506Not updated
75Pileouface Gwenn ha DùKael'thas-EU149291Not updated
76Zeldarus  Kael'thas-EU147588Not updated
77Illyda Team SanjaruKael'thas-EU145523Not updated
78Rayon KloneKael'thas-EU144511Not updated
79Goratryx  Kael'thas-EU144472Not updated
80Theßutcher Alliance Du NordKael'thas-EU143768Not updated
81Destiny CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU143736Not updated
82Mùrdock AffranchisKael'thas-EU143504Not updated
83Sardhaukar  Kael'thas-EU141675Not updated
84Kewashiikaõ FaravisaKael'thas-EU141487Not updated
85Argozdoc sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU141441Not updated
86Nilzèn GYEAH UNITKael'thas-EU141133Not updated
87Trackker ExistenzKael'thas-EU140915Not updated
88Zoî AmethystKael'thas-EU140553Not updated
89Hylia Les LycansKael'thas-EU140411Not updated
90Fleos Exile to freedomKael'thas-EU139990Not updated
91Lavos CendresKael'thas-EU139651Not updated
92Zhâlhiâ AurøraKael'thas-EU138581Not updated
93Yod TenebraeKael'thas-EU138568Not updated
94Adras MystKael'thas-EU138107Not updated
95Superpapy  Kael'thas-EU137313Not updated
96Ðël  Kael'thas-EU137114Not updated
97Hanawah JTEHMMMKael'thas-EU136242Not updated
98Yesudian Rise of legendsKael'thas-EU134835Not updated
99Sidartha RévolutionKael'thas-EU134739Not updated
100Karmin Check le lapin roseKael'thas-EU134684Not updated

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