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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kael'thas-US Honorable Kills
1Panblanco HubrisKael'thas-US304558Not updated
2Dandamajor PVP MAGEKael'thas-US282643Not updated
3Sèphala Carpe NoctumKael'thas-US246059Not updated
4Rojamadnad PVP MAGEKael'thas-US226493Not updated
5Xyd HubrisKael'thas-US194655Not updated
6Ajordanadm PVP MAGEKael'thas-US184448Not updated
7Pernach OOBKael'thas-US182398Not updated
8Crowdog BlackPlanet FTGKael'thas-US176787Not updated
9Raankain HubrisKael'thas-US176143Not updated
10Roho  Kael'thas-US172946Not updated
11Cyrelia The CovenantKael'thas-US170693Not updated
12Arrakeen Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US167315Not updated
13Kissa Curiously StrongKael'thas-US166966Not updated
14Zhahadum Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US165596Not updated
15Puti OverratedKael'thas-US160583Not updated
16Ibex Dirty DeedsKael'thas-US158147Not updated
17Killadonkey Lex TalionisKael'thas-US154426Not updated
18Weeds  Kael'thas-US153798Not updated
19Lylth AssimilationKael'thas-US152380Not updated
20Desar  Kael'thas-US151976Not updated
21Bog HRUKael'thas-US150048Not updated
22Aspect  Kael'thas-US147280Not updated
23Barbarians  Kael'thas-US141262Not updated
24Ravic Raiders of da Lost HordeKael'thas-US139445Not updated
25Hatredcopter The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US139412Not updated
26Zakluliz Hells LegionKael'thas-US138248Not updated
27Vïsïons IceCreamFuryKael'thas-US136779Not updated
28Dartrek Carpe NoctumKael'thas-US136273Not updated
29Hoodieforo OOBKael'thas-US126448Not updated
30Koho GCKael'thas-US125533Not updated
31Nmsleeper HRUKael'thas-US125188Not updated
32Xuljin BlacklistedKael'thas-US124786Not updated
33Slurpee BlacklistedKael'thas-US124487Not updated
34Elmerjpudd  Kael'thas-US123686Not updated
35Emerse  Kael'thas-US121113Not updated
36Tormentr  Kael'thas-US120469Not updated
37Alvinbones The RemnantKael'thas-US118829Not updated
38Garaxle Untold DarknessKael'thas-US118394Not updated
39Shaeyd Ctrl Alt ElìteKael'thas-US118054Not updated
40Mercurio KinsmenKael'thas-US117000Not updated
41Warriorlobo BlacklistedKael'thas-US116957Not updated
42Rekoms Wolf GangKael'thas-US116585Not updated
43Troquemada Alliance High CouncilKael'thas-US116557Not updated
44Stevemo Deadly VirtuesKael'thas-US115444Not updated
45Moosedeuce Faith of the FallenKael'thas-US114619Not updated
46Fredlydeadly PeripheryKael'thas-US114053Not updated
47Weire Echoes of the FallenKael'thas-US113865Not updated
48Vishnushaman BlacklistedKael'thas-US113706Not updated
49Bedtimebear  Kael'thas-US112877Not updated
50Ailerus The RemnantKael'thas-US112437Not updated
51Shinizuko BlacklistedKael'thas-US112219Not updated
52Dezeal The RaptureKael'thas-US111073Not updated
53Aillis KinsmenKael'thas-US110788Not updated
54shambull Militia of DoomKael'thas-US109851Not updated
55Fantasyflya TyrannyKael'thas-US109642Not updated
56Sedusesa The Ebon SchoolKael'thas-US108727Not updated
57Captnice  Kael'thas-US107688Not updated
58Ssikontar HRUKael'thas-US106348Not updated
59Kindasil OOBKael'thas-US106160Not updated
60Moadiv  Kael'thas-US105846Not updated
61Scirus Neltharions FuryKael'thas-US105522Not updated
62Sinecure EmberKael'thas-US105034Not updated
63Bo Militia of DoomKael'thas-US104919Not updated
64Falsadoom BlacklistedKael'thas-US104301Not updated
65Tídesson Warrior NationKael'thas-US104076Not updated
66Shrug  Kael'thas-US102718Not updated
67Something OOBKael'thas-US102510Not updated
68Geneflow IntegrityKael'thas-US101680Not updated
69Ninton Curiously StrongKael'thas-US101368Not updated
70Gaurdzz  Kael'thas-US100983Not updated
71Trolledya  Kael'thas-US100607Not updated
72Rubyred KinsmenKael'thas-US100449Not updated
73Eleet  Kael'thas-US100025Not updated
74Heelbot HubrisKael'thas-US99874Not updated
75Rollipolliol BlacklistedKael'thas-US98488Not updated
76Romstore  Kael'thas-US96990Not updated
77Invasions  Kael'thas-US95444Not updated
78Enderson TheImpishOnesKael'thas-US94169Not updated
79Darkeeper Deadly VirtuesKael'thas-US93650Not updated
80Googaly  Kael'thas-US93207Not updated
81Vilevixon BlacklistedKael'thas-US92403Not updated
82Diamanda Neltharions FuryKael'thas-US92357Not updated
83Maltre Carpe NoctumKael'thas-US91748Not updated
84Destine Ctrl Alt ElìteKael'thas-US91675Not updated
85Blazer RevolutionKael'thas-US91493Not updated
86Crosby  Kael'thas-US90530Not updated
87Syladora Dazed and ConcussedKael'thas-US90510Not updated
88Yothar HRUKael'thas-US89981Not updated
89Lyssia BlacklistedKael'thas-US89814Not updated
90Vin Last Ones StandingKael'thas-US88251Not updated
91Saphiira BlacklistedKael'thas-US88191Not updated
92Saramoth  Kael'thas-US87655Not updated
93Scrubbustêr OverratedKael'thas-US87258Not updated
94Huntyboo Last Ones StandingKael'thas-US87190Not updated
95Aribethe OOBKael'thas-US86951Not updated
96Rhaman Just One More BossKael'thas-US86617Not updated
97Immoláte TheImpishOnesKael'thas-US86277Not updated
98Jugwine KinsmenKael'thas-US85798Not updated
99Quoril The Boston ProjectKael'thas-US85079Not updated
100Zian ParallelKael'thas-US84442Not updated

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