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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Jaedenar-EU Honorable Kills
1Kramers ClarityJaedenar-EU298933Not updated
2Oldizergil With HonorJaedenar-EU259175Not updated
3Petialol  Jaedenar-EU240708Not updated
4Onemind The BloodpactJaedenar-EU227039Not updated
5Zodz ImbalancedJaedenar-EU194895Not updated
6Andariss  Jaedenar-EU170918Not updated
7Folkren  Jaedenar-EU167138Not updated
8Chodal DubiousJaedenar-EU145522Not updated
9Union With HonorJaedenar-EU142443Not updated
10Sifl HAVE A STROLLJaedenar-EU141505Not updated
11Duwais  Jaedenar-EU140576Not updated
12Turokk Liquid CourageJaedenar-EU139752Not updated
13Zolas  Jaedenar-EU137658Not updated
14Ganxx  Jaedenar-EU136242Not updated
15Snorbuse Team Rocket ScienceJaedenar-EU134922Not updated
16Pullero  Jaedenar-EU134486Not updated
17Mflexx  Jaedenar-EU131506Not updated
18Elesa One Eyed RatJaedenar-EU131152Not updated
19Yertraped Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU126404Not updated
20Smokingkill  Jaedenar-EU126228Not updated
21Talwar DubiousJaedenar-EU126174Not updated
22Antàres oVJaedenar-EU125723Not updated
23Almostswe ImbalancedJaedenar-EU125367Not updated
24Laptaru  Jaedenar-EU124902Not updated
25Angry  Jaedenar-EU124630Not updated
26Bijuter The OverlordsJaedenar-EU123864Not updated
27Martial  Jaedenar-EU123144Not updated
28Tarikata  Jaedenar-EU122839Not updated
29Ixoho HAVE A STROLLJaedenar-EU122173Not updated
30Yoya  Jaedenar-EU119751Not updated
31Ambushive  Jaedenar-EU119671Not updated
32Exora Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU118757Not updated
33Beatriks ImbalancedJaedenar-EU116906Not updated
34Zabusa Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU114865Not updated
35Skórpan  Jaedenar-EU114384Not updated
36Lynchpin stands in fireJaedenar-EU113876Not updated
37Mustaphá ImbalancedJaedenar-EU113314Not updated
38Tødörkå ImbalancedJaedenar-EU113006Not updated
39Volv With HonorJaedenar-EU111625Not updated
40Moradyn oVJaedenar-EU110935Not updated
41Drèn Victory Or DeathJaedenar-EU110239Not updated
42Sinestraza  Jaedenar-EU109895Not updated
43Tzah ApexJaedenar-EU109073Not updated
44Biche  Jaedenar-EU108774Not updated
45Paya  Jaedenar-EU105700Not updated
46Nasqad FullmoonJaedenar-EU105605Not updated
47Panalol One Eyed RatJaedenar-EU105371Not updated
48Archmagedk LockdownJaedenar-EU105260Not updated
49Schvennis  Jaedenar-EU105155Not updated
50Xerth Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU104066Not updated
51Temida  Jaedenar-EU103871Not updated
52Shárkie ClaymoreJaedenar-EU103685Not updated
53Eeck Eat More CakeJaedenar-EU103268Not updated
54Basilikum RiddleboxJaedenar-EU103065Not updated
55Stosto EnsubaJaedenar-EU102646Not updated
56Nif ImbalancedJaedenar-EU102459Not updated
57Cadillac  Jaedenar-EU101732Not updated
58Sneakyme YaxaMatsJaedenar-EU101247Not updated
59Urebrata EnsubaJaedenar-EU100772Not updated
60Thottez SuccessJaedenar-EU100374Not updated
61Ebb The Sea OrgJaedenar-EU100045Not updated
62Oyasuminasai ProphecyJaedenar-EU99022Not updated
63Leotar The BloodpactJaedenar-EU98830Not updated
64Needanerf C T P A XJaedenar-EU97872Not updated
65Skelete  Jaedenar-EU97762Not updated
66Gago NOT NICEJaedenar-EU97428Not updated
67Mephalia The OverlordsJaedenar-EU97279Not updated
68Brahmen The OverlordsJaedenar-EU97127Not updated
69Hreatless War Of The WorldJaedenar-EU96500Not updated
70Naralis  Jaedenar-EU95133Not updated
71Beralios Led By A GirlJaedenar-EU95074Not updated
72Thejacker  Jaedenar-EU95070Not updated
73Buguk With HonorJaedenar-EU95064Not updated
74Kokayn  Jaedenar-EU93884Not updated
75Deruwish  Jaedenar-EU93641Not updated
76Terapred One Eyed RatJaedenar-EU93427Not updated
77Miriell SolaceJaedenar-EU93371Not updated
78Vinetu  Jaedenar-EU93036Not updated
79Sødmælk  Jaedenar-EU91653Not updated
80Emmý ImbalancedJaedenar-EU90410Not updated
81Vvraak ImbalancedJaedenar-EU89796Not updated
82Knucklez ClarityJaedenar-EU89718Not updated
83Mytholagy  Jaedenar-EU89239Not updated
84Kinkylie InvinciblesJaedenar-EU89134Not updated
85Bemtimater EurekaJaedenar-EU88746Not updated
86Batterí One Eyed RatJaedenar-EU88529Not updated
87Donsultans  Jaedenar-EU88177Not updated
88Takkarh Mortifer NexJaedenar-EU87994Not updated
89Trikey The OverlordsJaedenar-EU87985Not updated
90Toxicghost Team Rocket ScienceJaedenar-EU87493Not updated
91Makzt Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU87456Not updated
92Reãper  Jaedenar-EU86722Not updated
93Caryl Batteries not includedJaedenar-EU86646Not updated
94Narutô RescueJaedenar-EU86485Not updated
95Neiln Team Rocket ScienceJaedenar-EU86455Not updated
96Herrod TyphoonJaedenar-EU86305Not updated
97Ennjie Team Rocket ScienceJaedenar-EU86253Not updated
98Peterblack FullmoonJaedenar-EU85941Not updated
99Shmutzi SIDE EFFECTSJaedenar-EU85346Not updated
100Cavanni Guardians ClanJaedenar-EU85152Not updated

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