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Illidan-US Honorable Kills
1Scareacens Topped OffIllidan-US136732
2Cleftylol Topped OffIllidan-US129938
3Saracens Topped OffIllidan-US98145
4Acidskeets Topped OffIllidan-US93288
5Unsungzero Topped OffIllidan-US76833Not updated
6Elavated Topped OffIllidan-US72384Not updated
7Gromvos Topped OffIllidan-US66036
8Keekoshokee Topped OffIllidan-US60412
9Mywiddlepony Topped OffIllidan-US51663Not updated
10Fweddy Topped OffIllidan-US50953Not updated
11Tatortotem Topped OffIllidan-US43204Not updated
12Starfallol Topped OffIllidan-US42932
13Coachmcguirk Topped OffIllidan-US34197
14Miayaah Topped OffIllidan-US33442Not updated
15Trilon Topped OffIllidan-US32907
16Fatowlberrt Topped OffIllidan-US32335
17Fossil Topped OffIllidan-US32070
18Hugelol Topped OffIllidan-US31389
19Drotara Topped OffIllidan-US30606Not updated
20Thoroko Topped OffIllidan-US29851
21Mis Topped OffIllidan-US28666
22Grievius Topped OffIllidan-US28390
23Crodak Topped OffIllidan-US27359
24Sequencez Topped OffIllidan-US27357
25Druke Topped OffIllidan-US27048Not updated
26Stryga Topped OffIllidan-US26399
27Soylntgreen Topped OffIllidan-US25500
28Angers Topped OffIllidan-US25482
29Loomiz Topped OffIllidan-US24827
30Admit Topped OffIllidan-US24629Not updated
31Anima Topped OffIllidan-US23723Not updated
32Torqan Topped OffIllidan-US23424Not updated
33Yunghummaqt Topped OffIllidan-US23286
34Saracenas Topped OffIllidan-US23208
35Kraks Topped OffIllidan-US23154Not updated
36Hunger Topped OffIllidan-US22969
37Hasellhoof Topped OffIllidan-US22584
38Teutons Topped OffIllidan-US21853
39Borgis Topped OffIllidan-US21279
40Dmob Topped OffIllidan-US20886Not updated
41Thorlok Topped OffIllidan-US20714
42Riszin Topped OffIllidan-US19924
43Xenq Topped OffIllidan-US19800Not updated
44Liliithi Topped OffIllidan-US19558Not updated
45Zäeon Topped OffIllidan-US19182
46Zipz Topped OffIllidan-US19122Not updated
47Grimäldus Topped OffIllidan-US18458
48Tracerzqt Topped OffIllidan-US17486
49Darkstool Topped OffIllidan-US16380Not updated
50Ajazz Topped OffIllidan-US15982Not updated
51Leavixx Topped OffIllidan-US15897
52Perpledaze Topped OffIllidan-US15491
53Frontstab Topped OffIllidan-US15445
54Rockyhorror Topped OffIllidan-US14498
55Trorgo Topped OffIllidan-US14429
55Tracerz Topped OffIllidan-US14429
57Dacrusher Topped OffIllidan-US14134Not updated
58Hewkah Topped OffIllidan-US14132
59Gnomehunterr Topped OffIllidan-US13430Not updated
60Atrocities Topped OffIllidan-US13334Not updated
61Kobrakaie Topped OffIllidan-US13290
62Djsergyyserg Topped OffIllidan-US13237
63Abominatìon Topped OffIllidan-US13057
64Notkobrakai Topped OffIllidan-US12909
65Lazureus Topped OffIllidan-US12816Not updated
66Nyler Topped OffIllidan-US12471Not updated
67Titsseeker Topped OffIllidan-US11810
68Karnyge Topped OffIllidan-US11653
69Protege Topped OffIllidan-US11596
70Baggo Topped OffIllidan-US11422
71Devah Topped OffIllidan-US11351
72Cheebe Topped OffIllidan-US11243
73Arrasar Topped OffIllidan-US11129Not updated
74Notspicie Topped OffIllidan-US10891
75Pavilionlol Topped OffIllidan-US10574Not updated
76Shouki Topped OffIllidan-US10548
77Snollygoster Topped OffIllidan-US10221Not updated
78Faaleep Topped OffIllidan-US10170
79Exertus Topped OffIllidan-US10020
80Isiell Topped OffIllidan-US10013Not updated
81Trickzy Topped OffIllidan-US9943
82Drjaxx Topped OffIllidan-US9797Not updated
83Bengals Topped OffIllidan-US9692Not updated
84Datsergy Topped OffIllidan-US9613
85Alliesinn Topped OffIllidan-US9409
86Dragonasty Topped OffIllidan-US9166Not updated
87Clips Topped OffIllidan-US8441Not updated
88Skye Topped OffIllidan-US8429
89Ginz Topped OffIllidan-US8424
90Detrimental Topped OffIllidan-US8212Not updated
91Zytona Topped OffIllidan-US8187
92Rorlor Topped OffIllidan-US8149
93Twofive Topped OffIllidan-US7940Not updated
94Landliine Topped OffIllidan-US7678Not updated
95Iceblazeit Topped OffIllidan-US7653
96Blizzinator Topped OffIllidan-US7374
97Lilloom Topped OffIllidan-US7083
98Hurricane Topped OffIllidan-US6983
99Ajaax Topped OffIllidan-US6939Not updated
100Kittyflecks Topped OffIllidan-US6938Not updated

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