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Illidan-US Honorable Kills
1Nizzo Strange BrewIllidan-US219865Not updated
2Gravewörm Strange BrewIllidan-US59641Not updated
3Mordrîth Strange BrewIllidan-US47623Not updated
4Olegirl Strange BrewIllidan-US47127Not updated
5Higuma Strange BrewIllidan-US38424Not updated
6Dredlok Strange BrewIllidan-US35856Not updated
7Fronkenstein Strange BrewIllidan-US35498Not updated
8Fléaupope Strange BrewIllidan-US34914Not updated
9Robotîc Strange BrewIllidan-US32820Not updated
10Çhäos Strange BrewIllidan-US32210Not updated
11Slickshunter Strange BrewIllidan-US31600Not updated
12Bacön Strange BrewIllidan-US30960Not updated
13Hexpucmb Strange BrewIllidan-US25476Not updated
14Druknark Strange BrewIllidan-US25047Not updated
15Ctsv Strange BrewIllidan-US21053Not updated
16Stabandrun Strange BrewIllidan-US18802Not updated
17Whitestàr Strange BrewIllidan-US18002Not updated
18Packtastic Strange BrewIllidan-US17315Not updated
19Zanjii Strange BrewIllidan-US16565Not updated
20Imodïum Strange BrewIllidan-US15653Not updated
21Jentrazkal Strange BrewIllidan-US14149Not updated
22Sildenafïl Strange BrewIllidan-US13808Not updated
23Bajeerã Strange BrewIllidan-US13775Not updated
24Klarian Strange BrewIllidan-US13722Not updated
25Fatherhealz Strange BrewIllidan-US13472Not updated
26Hopesend Strange BrewIllidan-US13041Not updated
27Imonsomthing Strange BrewIllidan-US12386Not updated
28Nÿu Strange BrewIllidan-US12348Not updated
29Dóç Strange BrewIllidan-US12024Not updated
30Buddski Strange BrewIllidan-US11877Not updated
31Matobomb Strange BrewIllidan-US11229Not updated
32Glitz Strange BrewIllidan-US11163Not updated
33Aefor Strange BrewIllidan-US10623Not updated
34Erosy Strange BrewIllidan-US10399Not updated
35Moonscreamm Strange BrewIllidan-US10363Not updated
36Dangitszerk Strange BrewIllidan-US10222Not updated
37Athrick Strange BrewIllidan-US9928Not updated
38Lozer Strange BrewIllidan-US9406Not updated
39Faeulnis Strange BrewIllidan-US9249Not updated
40Stokage Strange BrewIllidan-US9229Not updated
41Sarcophie Strange BrewIllidan-US9219Not updated
42Konen Strange BrewIllidan-US9184Not updated
43Shíver Strange BrewIllidan-US8961Not updated
44Askalxandria Strange BrewIllidan-US8912Not updated
45Shiftÿcent Strange BrewIllidan-US8747Not updated
46Hollowtipps Strange BrewIllidan-US8718Not updated
47Pallelujah Strange BrewIllidan-US8564Not updated
48Valkahn Strange BrewIllidan-US7960Not updated
49Myrrddin Strange BrewIllidan-US7853Not updated
50Twixxler Strange BrewIllidan-US7626Not updated
51Darthsamiall Strange BrewIllidan-US7051Not updated
52Térazol Strange BrewIllidan-US6705Not updated
53Arunox Strange BrewIllidan-US6508Not updated
54Neziah Strange BrewIllidan-US6214Not updated
55Restoshamy Strange BrewIllidan-US5909Not updated
56Heallix Strange BrewIllidan-US5880Not updated
57Georgejung Strange BrewIllidan-US5504Not updated
58Säzabi Strange BrewIllidan-US5489Not updated
59Tylénol Strange BrewIllidan-US5407Not updated
60Elerine Strange BrewIllidan-US5085Not updated
61Korreg Strange BrewIllidan-US5055Not updated
62Rïtalin Strange BrewIllidan-US5019Not updated
63Stärships Strange BrewIllidan-US5000Not updated
64Arradelli Strange BrewIllidan-US4737Not updated
65Disastermark Strange BrewIllidan-US4509Not updated
66Haereticus Strange BrewIllidan-US4504Not updated
67Winterschill Strange BrewIllidan-US4363Not updated
68Drdirty Strange BrewIllidan-US4362Not updated
69Necralynn Strange BrewIllidan-US4286Not updated
70Austopig Strange BrewIllidan-US4261Not updated
71Szaron Strange BrewIllidan-US4157Not updated
72Syto Strange BrewIllidan-US4079Not updated
73Deathandecay Strange BrewIllidan-US3982Not updated
74Wurr Strange BrewIllidan-US3879Not updated
75Goombaa Strange BrewIllidan-US3343Not updated
76Razapeti Strange BrewIllidan-US3326Not updated
77Skeemlol Strange BrewIllidan-US3264Not updated
78Minithreat Strange BrewIllidan-US2828Not updated
79Nasaedo Strange BrewIllidan-US2721Not updated
80Vezupria Strange BrewIllidan-US2716Not updated
81Lectricfury Strange BrewIllidan-US2692Not updated
82Pullmyfînger Strange BrewIllidan-US2647Not updated
83Tankndirty Strange BrewIllidan-US2588Not updated
84Helldoy Strange BrewIllidan-US2574Not updated
85Samiàll Strange BrewIllidan-US2424Not updated
86Justjade Strange BrewIllidan-US2273Not updated
87Koresho Strange BrewIllidan-US2211Not updated
88Locknchain Strange BrewIllidan-US2157Not updated
89Totemakii Strange BrewIllidan-US2082Not updated
90Regls Strange BrewIllidan-US2064Not updated
91Stuffydoll Strange BrewIllidan-US2014Not updated
92Heitan Strange BrewIllidan-US1986Not updated
93Eraibugeisha Strange BrewIllidan-US1858Not updated
94Profic Strange BrewIllidan-US1852Not updated
95Héartless Strange BrewIllidan-US1811Not updated
96Toetagz Strange BrewIllidan-US1662Not updated
97Millstookill Strange BrewIllidan-US1588Not updated
98Lectricheals Strange BrewIllidan-US1579Not updated
99Schandwizard Strange BrewIllidan-US1536Not updated
100Wiggs Strange BrewIllidan-US1504Not updated

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