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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-US Honorable Kills
1Angeiemily Shake MiracleIllidan-US188836Not updated
2Insanness Shake MiracleIllidan-US170415Not updated
3 Shake MiracleIllidan-US113915Not updated
4Ssha Shake MiracleIllidan-US87800Not updated
5Zzwithdie Shake MiracleIllidan-US80407Not updated
6Fengdou Shake MiracleIllidan-US76013Not updated
7Mochiko Shake MiracleIllidan-US73285Not updated
8Holykun Shake MiracleIllidan-US69901Not updated
9Cuturnn Shake MiracleIllidan-US67885Not updated
10Orcdivinity Shake MiracleIllidan-US67869Not updated
11Shê Shake MiracleIllidan-US60556Not updated
12Orangemama Shake MiracleIllidan-US60385Not updated
13Bingchai Shake MiracleIllidan-US59642Not updated
14Aelinade Shake MiracleIllidan-US56641Not updated
15Niubidave Shake MiracleIllidan-US55789Not updated
16Deepmumu Shake MiracleIllidan-US52527Not updated
17Aijima Shake MiracleIllidan-US51103Not updated
18Sockham Shake MiracleIllidan-US50229Not updated
19Nassan Shake MiracleIllidan-US49970Not updated
20Vower Shake MiracleIllidan-US47719Not updated
21Moscorpion Shake MiracleIllidan-US46881Not updated
22Lasthymns Shake MiracleIllidan-US42131Not updated
23Youngz Shake MiracleIllidan-US41581Not updated
24Cfailever Shake MiracleIllidan-US41179Not updated
25Lely Shake MiracleIllidan-US40921Not updated
26Lilbreak Shake MiracleIllidan-US40434Not updated
27Swinpink Shake MiracleIllidan-US39292Not updated
28Bubblesgun Shake MiracleIllidan-US39175Not updated
29Bangbanglock Shake MiracleIllidan-US39067Not updated
30Messiya Shake MiracleIllidan-US39032Not updated
31Layoomiety Shake MiracleIllidan-US36199Not updated
32Axepert Shake MiracleIllidan-US35845Not updated
33Xiaopandaren Shake MiracleIllidan-US35224Not updated
34Xiaojiaohua Shake MiracleIllidan-US34059Not updated
35Lovechouchou Shake MiracleIllidan-US33638Not updated
36Bringlife Shake MiracleIllidan-US33245Not updated
37Cecillian Shake MiracleIllidan-US33198Not updated
38Destrheart Shake MiracleIllidan-US30442Not updated
39Hanbaoo Shake MiracleIllidan-US30259Not updated
40Ledahr Shake MiracleIllidan-US29849Not updated
41Fatrose Shake MiracleIllidan-US29147Not updated
42Awean Shake MiracleIllidan-US29063Not updated
43Wheresdoudou Shake MiracleIllidan-US28612Not updated
44Sunöfbeach Shake MiracleIllidan-US28371Not updated
45Deadlyxbruce Shake MiracleIllidan-US28064Not updated
46Nubtnelol Shake MiracleIllidan-US27535Not updated
47Jbanana Shake MiracleIllidan-US27404Not updated
48Oorangeoo Shake MiracleIllidan-US26060Not updated
49Igotogo Shake MiracleIllidan-US26020Not updated
50Camolin Shake MiracleIllidan-US25798Not updated
51Weskeralbert Shake MiracleIllidan-US25114Not updated
52Imbà Shake MiracleIllidan-US24938Not updated
53Majestyz Shake MiracleIllidan-US24914Not updated
54Eroleicy Shake MiracleIllidan-US24119Not updated
55Pandadèpapa Shake MiracleIllidan-US23987Not updated
56Jsama Shake MiracleIllidan-US23886Not updated
57Unholydrood Shake MiracleIllidan-US23756Not updated
58Tbbfever Shake MiracleIllidan-US23029Not updated
59Jillvalentin Shake MiracleIllidan-US22832Not updated
60Moredott Shake MiracleIllidan-US22568Not updated
61Kebi Shake MiracleIllidan-US22375Not updated
62Notoneperson Shake MiracleIllidan-US22367Not updated
63Omiaomiaoo Shake MiracleIllidan-US22076Not updated
64Chíroro Shake MiracleIllidan-US21557Not updated
65Tiiya Shake MiracleIllidan-US21281Not updated
66Irinny Shake MiracleIllidan-US21122Not updated
67Roo Shake MiracleIllidan-US20436Not updated
68Yanny Shake MiracleIllidan-US20414Not updated
69Doflamingoxx Shake MiracleIllidan-US20261Not updated
70Eleventimes Shake MiracleIllidan-US20208Not updated
71Blackbrier Shake MiracleIllidan-US19655Not updated
72Exdoc Shake MiracleIllidan-US19636Not updated
73Bluecomet Shake MiracleIllidan-US19492Not updated
74Knnighe Shake MiracleIllidan-US19394Not updated
75Trikkx Shake MiracleIllidan-US19383Not updated
76Bamsis Shake MiracleIllidan-US18683Not updated
77Atomicnaga Shake MiracleIllidan-US18672Not updated
78Dododreamer Shake MiracleIllidan-US18633Not updated
79Cuteseventh Shake MiracleIllidan-US18557Not updated
80Fatroze Shake MiracleIllidan-US18378Not updated
81Bbfever Shake MiracleIllidan-US18187Not updated
82Yueyueshun Shake MiracleIllidan-US17904Not updated
83Crazydafox Shake MiracleIllidan-US17819Not updated
84Ángêl Shake MiracleIllidan-US17496Not updated
85Reixxar Shake MiracleIllidan-US16786Not updated
86Àlstâr Shake MiracleIllidan-US16740Not updated
87Marbbroz Shake MiracleIllidan-US16543Not updated
88Yaphy Shake MiracleIllidan-US16180Not updated
89Vspanda Shake MiracleIllidan-US16140Not updated
90Yserawhisper Shake MiracleIllidan-US15963Not updated
91Holyorange Shake MiracleIllidan-US15960Not updated
92Sevenfeetbb Shake MiracleIllidan-US15929Not updated
93Crazyahri Shake MiracleIllidan-US15867Not updated
94Vsolo Shake MiracleIllidan-US15720Not updated
95Matas Shake MiracleIllidan-US15607Not updated
96Shooterbéé Shake MiracleIllidan-US15480Not updated
97Sìs Shake MiracleIllidan-US15253Not updated
98Ceero Shake MiracleIllidan-US15083Not updated
99Xiaotub Shake MiracleIllidan-US14876Not updated
100Alayaleo Shake MiracleIllidan-US14643Not updated

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