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Illidan-US Honorable Kills
1Snozberry Gwen StefaniIllidan-US184500Not updated
2Variß Gwen StefaniIllidan-US140557Not updated
3Daedrin Gwen StefaniIllidan-US137240Not updated
4Whitekong Gwen StefaniIllidan-US93924Not updated
5Buurd Gwen StefaniIllidan-US65770Not updated
6Wymoros Gwen StefaniIllidan-US50612Not updated
7Broms Gwen StefaniIllidan-US49465Not updated
8Bumblebtuna Gwen StefaniIllidan-US37250Not updated
9Tripnaak Gwen StefaniIllidan-US33721Not updated
10Venti Gwen StefaniIllidan-US29411
11Hottomale Gwen StefaniIllidan-US22300Not updated
12Tungu Gwen StefaniIllidan-US22193
13Drmark Gwen StefaniIllidan-US20499Not updated
14Decaf Gwen StefaniIllidan-US20480Not updated
15Calamundo Gwen StefaniIllidan-US18296Not updated
16Dufotze Gwen StefaniIllidan-US17323Not updated
17Wraglavz Gwen StefaniIllidan-US13042Not updated
18Knowm Gwen StefaniIllidan-US11974Not updated
19Demoscenes Gwen StefaniIllidan-US8449Not updated
20Vnti Gwen StefaniIllidan-US8370Not updated
21Beearrb Gwen StefaniIllidan-US7686Not updated
22Aeffk Gwen StefaniIllidan-US6967Not updated
23Latte Gwen StefaniIllidan-US6910Not updated
24Cikr Gwen StefaniIllidan-US6702Not updated
25Abaia Gwen StefaniIllidan-US6675Not updated
26Hivgiver Gwen StefaniIllidan-US6287Not updated
27Vt Gwen StefaniIllidan-US5594Not updated
28Aeffkaay Gwen StefaniIllidan-US5524Not updated
29Erei Gwen StefaniIllidan-US4984Not updated
30Paratroll Gwen StefaniIllidan-US4782Not updated
31Rethelm Gwen StefaniIllidan-US4266Not updated
32Shurkina Gwen StefaniIllidan-US3752Not updated
33Beeteedubya Gwen StefaniIllidan-US3609Not updated
34Snuggi Gwen StefaniIllidan-US3295Not updated
35Midnastrasza Gwen StefaniIllidan-US3280Not updated
36Ragñaros Gwen StefaniIllidan-US3161Not updated
37Whitekongx Gwen StefaniIllidan-US2655Not updated
38Mylz Gwen StefaniIllidan-US2389Not updated
39Heironymus Gwen StefaniIllidan-US2144Not updated
40Emyn Gwen StefaniIllidan-US2139Not updated
41Ragñarok Gwen StefaniIllidan-US1944Not updated
42Beatrixe Gwen StefaniIllidan-US1462Not updated
43Sweettaart Gwen StefaniIllidan-US1238Not updated
44Xurug Gwen StefaniIllidan-US1110Not updated
45Excentríc Gwen StefaniIllidan-US1053Not updated
46Serefin Gwen StefaniIllidan-US931Not updated
47Voyevoda Gwen StefaniIllidan-US618Not updated
48Dubbyateaf Gwen StefaniIllidan-US606Not updated
49Tauring Gwen StefaniIllidan-US581Not updated
50Thedarkener Gwen StefaniIllidan-US518
51Athleticc Gwen StefaniIllidan-US482Not updated
52Brofist Gwen StefaniIllidan-US381Not updated
53Pvpraidboss Gwen StefaniIllidan-US362Not updated
54Blondedoctor Gwen StefaniIllidan-US302Not updated
55Atj Gwen StefaniIllidan-US230
56Zinovia Gwen StefaniIllidan-US128Not updated
57Excentrìc Gwen StefaniIllidan-US125Not updated
58Yamielf Gwen StefaniIllidan-US118Not updated
58Membersonly Gwen StefaniIllidan-US118Not updated
60Zombieinc Gwen StefaniIllidan-US91Not updated
61Sakaey Gwen StefaniIllidan-US44Not updated
62Thaddéus Gwen StefaniIllidan-US35Not updated
63Dashiyideng Gwen StefaniIllidan-US30Not updated
64Excentric Gwen StefaniIllidan-US7Not updated
65Urohydrosis Gwen StefaniIllidan-US4Not updated
66Paelemon Gwen StefaniIllidan-US1Not updated

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