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Illidan-US Honorable Kills
1Fiöna  Illidan-US522716Not updated
2Besterk StrifeIllidan-US518331
3Xooloo Charlie SheenIllidan-US463344Not updated
4Gundanium  Illidan-US444019
5Misplacedd Call to ArmsIllidan-US409983
6Rittenaur RefugeesIllidan-US404359
7Jalluh Safety FirstIllidan-US376330
8Lucifur FantasiaIllidan-US367733
9Puppèt RivenIllidan-US355591
10Porktooth Skill CappedIllidan-US342432
11Sappydelish Skill CappedIllidan-US338912
12Eriyah  Illidan-US335031Not updated
13Harryv  Illidan-US334593Not updated
14Hoedel  Illidan-US331703Not updated
15Littleoca Twelfth ManIllidan-US330361Not updated
16Gôrerôck PARTNERS IN CRIMEIllidan-US320447
17Göreröck  Illidan-US319655Not updated
18Erykk Call to ArmsIllidan-US311768
19Yukio AngryIllidan-US307234
20Brickhouse AngryIllidan-US306782
21Beelzzebub You Cant Kill The MetalIllidan-US306635
22Devilry  Illidan-US302812Not updated
23Drakmoon  Illidan-US302797Not updated
24Dekurgan EulogyIllidan-US300787
25Legal Spawn GamingIllidan-US299639Not updated
26Taxe I am the GuildmasterIllidan-US299390Not updated
27Rhinock DeceivedIllidan-US290999
28Chinho The Warsong CrewIllidan-US290306Not updated
29Cascà FantasticIllidan-US288656
30Obscurr Just Relax n Take NotesIllidan-US288354Not updated
31Dirtynuker The Broviet UnionIllidan-US287893Not updated
32Osatox DisillusionedIllidan-US284404
33Sereke Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US275914
34Unstobubble The Scumbags of AzerothIllidan-US274626Not updated
35Nephora RevivalIllidan-US273061
36Lishe  Illidan-US271414Not updated
37Stipe No Fun AllowedIllidan-US269331
38Popeward  Illidan-US266603Not updated
39Ataxus Blood LegionIllidan-US265653
40Pheq  Illidan-US263900Not updated
41Checkursix  Illidan-US259404Not updated
42Lukenukem RiptideIllidan-US257460
43Gizak  Illidan-US254768Not updated
44Agôn  Illidan-US254299
45Máverik It Burns When We PVPIllidan-US251327
46Randomdps  Illidan-US250894
47Guinniess Violent By DesignIllidan-US250120Not updated
48Gnømêrcy  Illidan-US249271Not updated
49Angrynupe  Illidan-US248084
50Zulrasluko IRL Has Bad GraphicsIllidan-US247545
51Kytty dont careIllidan-US246771Not updated
52Seduction AngryIllidan-US240765
53Muertè Ctrl Alt DelIllidan-US237875Not updated
54Inexor  Illidan-US237003Not updated
55Drscarphd dont careIllidan-US235283Not updated
56Tekemay  Illidan-US230613Not updated
57Stìll PhilosoraptorIllidan-US229692Not updated
58Phen  Illidan-US226480Not updated
59Wreckstorm Skill CappedIllidan-US223176
60Skuzdogg ThrasherIllidan-US222423
61Iapeto Blood LegionIllidan-US221204
62Nizzo Strange BrewIllidan-US219865Not updated
63Juniorcigano  Illidan-US219547Not updated
64Sezdo DESTROYIllidan-US218207
65Swaîn  Illidan-US216978Not updated
66Vìals  Illidan-US215805Not updated
67Baffsalts Skill CappedIllidan-US215081
68Baison  Illidan-US214987Not updated
69Downundr DisruptorsIllidan-US214684Not updated
70Starist  Illidan-US214123Not updated
71Urion We Strictly PVP IIIllidan-US213495
72Beåchbum Twisted IntentIllidan-US213091Not updated
73Aryhetail  Illidan-US212923Not updated
74Shnidy Extreme ViolencéIllidan-US212878Not updated
75Cyllogan Extreme ViolencéIllidan-US211388Not updated
76Desqc cruisinIllidan-US210967Not updated
77Laxmi Crimson DominionIllidan-US209847
78Stab SummitIllidan-US208666
79Grøknar  Illidan-US206729Not updated
80Miriban Art Thou VexedIllidan-US206694
81Taco The Dark PhoenixIllidan-US206140Not updated
82Venesection Just CrusadeIllidan-US204962
83Zatosan  Illidan-US204260Not updated
84Absalom Blood LegionIllidan-US203464
85Highslowd  Illidan-US202657Not updated
86Hazê Twisted FaithIllidan-US200814Not updated
87Mjd  Illidan-US200780Not updated
88Maegara AlteredIllidan-US200423
89Wanagetdrunc Thunder BûddiesIllidan-US200318
90Craz AshbringerIllidan-US200295Not updated
91Jerzeylol SðlaceIllidan-US200250Not updated
92Daninkai Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US199570
93Ram  Illidan-US196238Not updated
94Behaved woke up solidIllidan-US195784
95Mysticdark Washed UpIllidan-US195624
96Sneakydude OffenseIllidan-US194828Not updated
97Funkminot Up In The RanksIllidan-US194346Not updated
98Flaringdd StyleIllidan-US191525
99Amyjanuary GoldenShadowIllidan-US191439
100Sheddar We Strictly PVPIllidan-US190422

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