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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-EU Honorable Kills
1Ylandriá est sur FacebookIllidan-EU319645Not updated
2Vanadis BlowIllidan-EU318584Not updated
3Dematteo BlowIllidan-EU285571Not updated
4Retamios Rage KitIllidan-EU283930Not updated
5Fëeling Monté comme un TaurenIllidan-EU282800Not updated
6Cénna  Illidan-EU277538Not updated
7Ajaks Durotar Raptor ClubIllidan-EU266142Not updated
8Sânke EluXIllidan-EU264874Not updated
9Epsiloñ TargetIllidan-EU263295Not updated
10Nuagesanglan  Illidan-EU258442Not updated
11Targaryen MurlocIllidan-EU257040Not updated
12Sharwynn Achievements FactoryIllidan-EU253780Not updated
13Berennice Kernells Of WabonIllidan-EU245883Not updated
14Mikaelmyers Noble ArtIllidan-EU243675Not updated
15Psÿkô  Illidan-EU239155Not updated
16Leonardus La Charrette BolivienneIllidan-EU234329Not updated
17Metalman  Illidan-EU230655Not updated
18Andrématos Les No LifeIllidan-EU227930Not updated
19Göstail SilentIllidan-EU222131Not updated
20Jokito TaunTIllidan-EU214655Not updated
21Nïkky ÆFKIllidan-EU206841Not updated
22Amylia Deadly Panda SquadIllidan-EU202128Not updated
23Kum ÆFKIllidan-EU199941Not updated
24Tukz MERCENAlREIllidan-EU195627Not updated
25Ìntuition PredictionIllidan-EU192199Not updated
26Morkhai Pyjama des TénèbresIllidan-EU191216Not updated
27Ironmyke Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU190481Not updated
28Caneton EST UNSTUFF LOLIllidan-EU190261Not updated
29Lusboy Les CroisésIllidan-EU187681Not updated
30Taboune InsaneIllidan-EU184914Not updated
31Osmanligücü antichambreIllidan-EU175273Not updated
32Gargantôs BlowIllidan-EU173229Not updated
33Melzxw FinestIllidan-EU171361Not updated
34Ocyrile Les CroisésIllidan-EU169416Not updated
35Skidzo HadraIllidan-EU167884Not updated
36Kantar WantedIllidan-EU167241Not updated
37Shatterz  Illidan-EU165323Not updated
38Karupin Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU164930Not updated
39Spärda InnominatumIllidan-EU164839Not updated
40Dëx  Illidan-EU162083Not updated
41Kapz BlowIllidan-EU159348Not updated
42Tÿkä  Illidan-EU159107Not updated
43Labbé  Illidan-EU158506Not updated
44Laudanumz Ignis DivineIllidan-EU158495Not updated
45Polymorphe  Illidan-EU158310Not updated
46Dreinisse AmenoIllidan-EU153907Not updated
47Akrå  Illidan-EU153067Not updated
48Koueï  Illidan-EU151178Not updated
49Weemàn MERCENAlREIllidan-EU149044Not updated
50Crudela XtrmIllidan-EU147877Not updated
51Backt Des Cendres au PhoenixIllidan-EU147392Not updated
52Vymer BlowIllidan-EU146902Not updated
53Neverar  Illidan-EU146712Not updated
54Røguestâr antichambreIllidan-EU145738Not updated
55Tomane MurlocIllidan-EU145052Not updated
56Nightcrow  Illidan-EU143200Not updated
57Kàos MåjesticIllidan-EU142370Not updated
58Schneider Achievements FactoryIllidan-EU142191Not updated
59Ekzotermik  Illidan-EU141834Not updated
60Addes Bad ClownIllidan-EU141686Not updated
61Richter Sanctum SeisIllidan-EU140842Not updated
62Ptipoi Le Nain BourréIllidan-EU140003Not updated
63Københaven  Illidan-EU139737Not updated
64Töxine  Illidan-EU139355Not updated
65Skydog Opùs DeiIllidan-EU138504Not updated
66Goldorion ExtaZeIllidan-EU135361Not updated
67Tawa FinestIllidan-EU135184Not updated
68Míndless  Illidan-EU134676Not updated
69Elthalulz Pyjama des TénèbresIllidan-EU134153Not updated
70Elladann SilentIllidan-EU134147Not updated
71Galeonä FunkytownIllidan-EU133946Not updated
72Radious SilentIllidan-EU133445Not updated
73Imbazoshi TributeIllidan-EU133313Not updated
74Tyros  Illidan-EU132820Not updated
75Orcamwallace L EntourageIllidan-EU131954Not updated
76Mîssbam  Illidan-EU130874Not updated
77Yóshi  Illidan-EU130488Not updated
78Yokuroh KaminaIllidan-EU130308Not updated
79Unnâmed  Illidan-EU129847Not updated
80Tauthorax EluXIllidan-EU129748Not updated
81Telperíon  Illidan-EU129540Not updated
82Ni BlowIllidan-EU129514Not updated
83Zenithy  Illidan-EU129510Not updated
84Kzin EST UNE E STARIllidan-EU129082Not updated
85Iselia BlowIllidan-EU128589Not updated
86Bakura Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU128293Not updated
87 La ConfIllidan-EU127714Not updated
88Cynical Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU127114Not updated
89Reportforlif  Illidan-EU126898Not updated
90Izzual AmenoIllidan-EU126350Not updated
91Rakko ConstellatiønIllidan-EU125804Not updated
92Tooelve  Illidan-EU124847Not updated
93Elyz MurlocIllidan-EU124695Not updated
94Nozil VantageIllidan-EU124253Not updated
95Yélenà  Illidan-EU123497Not updated
96Oté InsaneIllidan-EU123139Not updated
97Erwurg KaminaIllidan-EU122941Not updated
98Immuane Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU122792Not updated
99Mazoshi TributeIllidan-EU122491Not updated
100Feelback  Illidan-EU121763Not updated

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