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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Icecrown-US Honorable Kills
1Bitbyte An SheIcecrown-US398031Not updated
2Yunuen IndecisiveIcecrown-US260342Not updated
3Stoneclaws SpartansIcecrown-US237651Not updated
4Brazik Channel Four News TeamIcecrown-US217897Not updated
5Lennaa Soze Your FaceIcecrown-US207540Not updated
6Canalboy  Icecrown-US183526Not updated
7Nades DistortedIcecrown-US175612Not updated
8Cutthroàt VikingsIcecrown-US169353Not updated
9Rikur Channel Four News TeamIcecrown-US167856Not updated
10Kyliee Channel Four News TeamIcecrown-US166252Not updated
11Ezekrotrixcs  Icecrown-US166114Not updated
12Crideon Deus InvictusIcecrown-US165255Not updated
13Biggunsaint InsurrectionIcecrown-US162412Not updated
14Ænas Natural SelectionIcecrown-US157677Not updated
15Thundercles Ultima RatioIcecrown-US156094Not updated
16Firstaidbox We Cook And Eat GnomesIcecrown-US153575Not updated
17Hyno OnslaughtIcecrown-US152313Not updated
18Adularia Chi No TensiIcecrown-US151878Not updated
19Grel Blades of WrathIcecrown-US149934Not updated
20Humarogue Stray CatsIcecrown-US146145Not updated
21Malur The AvowedIcecrown-US145739Not updated
22Johnbook  Icecrown-US141416Not updated
23Warge Searing BladeIcecrown-US141075Not updated
24Panorama EvocatiIcecrown-US140708Not updated
25Greyfix Furious PantaloonsIcecrown-US138611Not updated
26Falkuron Acquired TasteIcecrown-US134990Not updated
27Antacid  Icecrown-US131330Not updated
28Zhurenweng TalismanIcecrown-US131266Not updated
29Wubba ShockIcecrown-US130972Not updated
30Clamps Operation MindcrimeIcecrown-US128994Not updated
31Skyfeather EvocatiIcecrown-US128576Not updated
32Xaviero Natural SelectionIcecrown-US128023Not updated
33Caran Of Might and MagicIcecrown-US126995Not updated
34Chansee InsurrectionIcecrown-US125692Not updated
35Darknessmist Seventh CavalryIcecrown-US125566Not updated
36Intricacy Blades of WrathIcecrown-US125535Not updated
37Failcreation Operation MindcrimeIcecrown-US124491Not updated
38Blurr  Icecrown-US124378Not updated
39Greandal VikingsIcecrown-US124001Not updated
40Ladylyn ShuzokuIcecrown-US123970Not updated
41Heyyou Channel Four News TeamIcecrown-US122485Not updated
42Isís  Icecrown-US121202Not updated
43Mizzy  Icecrown-US120937Not updated
44Peechy Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US120497Not updated
45Kolben Legion of ThrallIcecrown-US119777Not updated
46Alugard DistortedIcecrown-US119563Not updated
47Jaymie OverloadedIcecrown-US119064Not updated
48Athenas Blades of WrathIcecrown-US118864Not updated
49Gothmogs DragonSlayersIcecrown-US117627Not updated
50Negate SpartansIcecrown-US117293Not updated
51Selmirna  Icecrown-US117225Not updated
52Gorcher  Icecrown-US116742Not updated
53Silverflash TalismanIcecrown-US116530Not updated
54Vonnegut  Icecrown-US115599Not updated
55Saintpat Digital AddictionIcecrown-US114959Not updated
56Wynonna InsurrectionIcecrown-US114801Not updated
57Hew SpartansIcecrown-US114387Not updated
58Zayd Seventh CavalryIcecrown-US113946Not updated
59Harrah Soze Your FaceIcecrown-US113438Not updated
60Elife Deus InvictusIcecrown-US113316Not updated
61Draekmoor Rags to RichesIcecrown-US113092Not updated
62Starkweather  Icecrown-US111797Not updated
63Shortlock Ultima RatioIcecrown-US111634Not updated
64Seventh The Rage CrusadeIcecrown-US111481Not updated
65Piffix FørTheLølz GamingIcecrown-US111425Not updated
66Yikes  Icecrown-US111269Not updated
67Cutes  Icecrown-US111113Not updated
68Neckrotic Dead RisingIcecrown-US110735Not updated
69Empower InsurrectionIcecrown-US109665Not updated
70Byndski Dead Mans PartyIcecrown-US108816Not updated
71Randohr  Icecrown-US108482Not updated
72Lyph  Icecrown-US107437Not updated
73ßayou MephistophelesIcecrown-US106563Not updated
74Stranger Exiled by NormalityIcecrown-US106147Not updated
75Cowfusion is Packin HeatIcecrown-US105613Not updated
76Quadrohs  Icecrown-US105037Not updated
77Naebliis VikingsIcecrown-US103363Not updated
78Jeaxx InsurrectionIcecrown-US102761Not updated
79Noobzor  Icecrown-US102339Not updated
80Beltizar Dark AngelzIcecrown-US102330Not updated
81Xivinas  Icecrown-US101997Not updated
82Karlvonhavoc Searing BladeIcecrown-US101945Not updated
83Strunker VindicatumIcecrown-US101122Not updated
84Perducci  Icecrown-US100710Not updated
85Whipped  Icecrown-US100428Not updated
86Fuzzyness DistortedIcecrown-US99555Not updated
87Spritcontrol  Icecrown-US99550Not updated
88Toetaker  Icecrown-US97253Not updated
89Pwdrtoastman DeterminedIcecrown-US96485Not updated
90Trinitty InsurrectionIcecrown-US96397Not updated
91Narks  Icecrown-US96292Not updated
92Shochu Channel Four News TeamIcecrown-US95498Not updated
93Kmarticus Deus InvictusIcecrown-US94696Not updated
94Lonson WickedIcecrown-US94243Not updated
95Immunity MonopolizingIcecrown-US94128Not updated
96Cubit  Icecrown-US94070Not updated
97Bawdy Blades of WrathIcecrown-US93940Not updated
98Braford TerminatrixIcecrown-US93814Not updated
99Miscreant HORDE DEFENDERSIcecrown-US93679Not updated
100Gehron  Icecrown-US93612Not updated

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