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Hyjal-US Honorable Kills
1Aronisith Touch of ChaosHyjal-US643901
2Grøtzul Will Raid for FoodHyjal-US499188
3Bruxa Vindictive BrotherhoodHyjal-US319224
4Meishozyo TFHyjal-US302139
5Niceness UnderhillHyjal-US277314Not updated
6Ex Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US240494
7Metalfingers Advent FuryHyjal-US235721
8Isosceles Naughty PastriesHyjal-US234091
9Wigey Antisocial ClubHyjal-US229895
10Discobullet  Hyjal-US222622
11Carmageddon Driven By DistractionHyjal-US222423
12Indoangel Seriously ClassyHyjal-US205102
13Skraper  Hyjal-US204404Not updated
14Fishwrinkle  Hyjal-US203872
15Moribs DarkfallHyjal-US200390
16Röznie VersaceHyjal-US197980Not updated
17Mcblane DistinctionHyjal-US196512Not updated
18Crudè Advent FuryHyjal-US193830Not updated
19Madara Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US192827
20ßrama ParagonHyjal-US192228Not updated
21Dyrimar Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US192185
22Buckaroni Advent FuryHyjal-US176032Not updated
23Fatman  Hyjal-US173406Not updated
24Skillymooch Death By DesignHyjal-US172603
25Visgrimlich  Hyjal-US172376Not updated
26Spaceboy MidpullHyjal-US172051
27Greywolf The Wolves of WarHyjal-US171002
28Wisenhiemer Random PlaylistHyjal-US165104
29Charméd TFHyjal-US164265Not updated
30Izzled NephilimHyjal-US160831
31Malric Advent FuryHyjal-US159818Not updated
32Skaargin xLRHyjal-US158810
33Vicarra PendragonHyjal-US157403Not updated
34Jamdawg Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US154770
35Firuen Advent FuryHyjal-US154057Not updated
36Luthandria  Hyjal-US153931Not updated
37Lazerchkn  Hyjal-US153769Not updated
38Bdela NightcrewHyjal-US152993Not updated
39Medieval Sadistic SanityHyjal-US151913Not updated
40Frankyice Death By DesignHyjal-US151580
41Dagz Fuzzy LogicHyjal-US151047Not updated
42Maxturo Minions IncHyjal-US150443Not updated
43Strongtotem TFHyjal-US150221Not updated
44Centerfold Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US149721
45Dispatch Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US149203
46Hedgehog Special CupcakesHyjal-US145731
47Icemann TrivialHyjal-US145481
48Cyaxeres TFHyjal-US145348
49Ratched ElysiumHyjal-US143622
50Okinami TFHyjal-US140824
51Treepaw Supremacy RevitalizedHyjal-US140366
52Naeblis Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US139776Not updated
53Liljohnnie Children of the ÐamnedHyjal-US139254
54Dfnder Antisocial ClubHyjal-US139236Not updated
55Arha The RegulatorsHyjal-US138626Not updated
56Thunderbleem The Ides of MarchHyjal-US137731
57Theedge CI RebornHyjal-US137384Not updated
58Verement ElysiumHyjal-US136696Not updated
59Drathos Fat ChanceHyjal-US136601Not updated
60Ëlektro ThunderfuryHyjal-US136573
61Lilana Dragons Of The NightHyjal-US135431
62Spetsnaz  Hyjal-US135373Not updated
63Poobaboy  Hyjal-US134820Not updated
64Baldricuning BenevolentHyjal-US133998
65Grapedrank TFHyjal-US133214Not updated
66Pinupgirl The CompanyHyjal-US133193Not updated
67Ochamarr Temple of HyjalHyjal-US132735
68Hakir Pavlovs CatHyjal-US131833
69Gnomenfogger AmiciHyjal-US131768
70Patwa Post ApocalypseHyjal-US131538
71Gnomenfigger  Hyjal-US130849Not updated
72Cewlshatter  Hyjal-US130636Not updated
73Akasha  Hyjal-US130537Not updated
74Mesiaus Freaks Off the LeashHyjal-US130478Not updated
75Mazinkaiser Gob SquadHyjal-US129795Not updated
76Wimpz ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US128878
77Multrum TFHyjal-US128129
78Fleshmaggot Squirrel LegionHyjal-US127914
79Stiffarrows PendragonHyjal-US127908Not updated
80Adô The EventideHyjal-US127470
81Surly Minions IncHyjal-US126608
82Froshshock SunderHyjal-US126574
83Rhona MisanthropesHyjal-US126419Not updated
84Zaebos CastaliaHyjal-US124086
85Seelock Dark HeartsHyjal-US124066
86Haterising Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US123807
87Pookachu Vindictive BrotherhoodHyjal-US123722
88Vacillice HarlequinHyjal-US123337Not updated
89Drinkbooze  Hyjal-US122918Not updated
90Celiaine  Hyjal-US122800Not updated
91Kaltian DisavowedHyjal-US122263
92Prowlakee ThunderfuryHyjal-US122257
93Joszef Stand DownHyjal-US121774Not updated
94Drakoss CatalystHyjal-US121742
95Antinoüs HarlequinHyjal-US120631Not updated
96Kauterize Advent FuryHyjal-US120449
97Krætos EverneathHyjal-US119761Not updated
98Andas The CompanyHyjal-US119650
99Fovos Advent FuryHyjal-US119409Not updated
100Kromosh PrætorianHyjal-US119159

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