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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-EU Honorable Kills
1Manicd AshyRonnHyjal-EU464532Not updated
2Martãk Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU400066Not updated
3Exfrônfrôn  Hyjal-EU396454Not updated
4Mezekniezh EternitÿHyjal-EU386613Not updated
5Khäleesí Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU372709Not updated
6Drûn La Guilde KITUHyjal-EU354728Not updated
7Aqualine FahrenheitHyjal-EU329642Not updated
8Krpman La Rose PourpreHyjal-EU324632Not updated
9Halloran PandemøniumHyjal-EU318553Not updated
10Jìng MeltdownHyjal-EU292014Not updated
11Hellvìs Millenium TVHyjal-EU288876Not updated
12Deathexdraw  Hyjal-EU282999Not updated
13Sornn PandemøniumHyjal-EU274073Not updated
14Biztoofox Section Horde AssaultHyjal-EU269880Not updated
15Cröox Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU268875Not updated
16Nashj ButcherShopHyjal-EU266696Not updated
17Spykë  Hyjal-EU265370Not updated
18Moustikr PandemøniumHyjal-EU263675Not updated
19Helwina UltimaHyjal-EU262218Not updated
20Bridelight StrategyHyjal-EU259892Not updated
21Vandree Ultima Ratio RegumHyjal-EU255603Not updated
22Blurpane Joyeux PourfendeursHyjal-EU253832Not updated
23Kintokan Les Chevaliers CentaureHyjal-EU250032Not updated
24Skýe The Strength Is UnionHyjal-EU249270Not updated
25Araktar SadisticHyjal-EU246915Not updated
26Purpelise  Hyjal-EU244281Not updated
27Ptitcitron TrinityHyjal-EU242971Not updated
28Libstik  Hyjal-EU237685Not updated
29Shegue Bloodÿ TearzHyjal-EU235193Not updated
30ßûll lëgënds wowHyjal-EU234179Not updated
31Dazler  Hyjal-EU232734Not updated
32Khoshmar Lost HorizonHyjal-EU230999Not updated
33Oràcle WarhoonsHyjal-EU216455Not updated
34Brokestorm NightstormHyjal-EU215293Not updated
35Cachalotte Légion NoireHyjal-EU214237Not updated
36Hadjimé Les AssoiffésHyjal-EU210255Not updated
37Dreidor les chevaliers d argentHyjal-EU208443Not updated
38Verinepriest World of WipeHyjal-EU206629Not updated
39Vortôr RejectHyjal-EU205099Not updated
40Rickouze LIBERTAHyjal-EU203308Not updated
41Leîkn Misère et HordeHyjal-EU201252Not updated
42Thanatan Joyeux PourfendeursHyjal-EU201036Not updated
43Mysticanoir WhisperersHyjal-EU200797Not updated
44Tatïe  Hyjal-EU199776Not updated
45Masquemort Blood and SandHyjal-EU197556Not updated
46Søusuke NidhoggHyjal-EU197470Not updated
47Isolat Wype SpiritHyjal-EU195082Not updated
48Myi  Hyjal-EU193150Not updated
49Nounayà The Strength Is UnionHyjal-EU192820Not updated
50Ørlando ShadowsHyjal-EU192768Not updated
51Oøze  Hyjal-EU191613Not updated
52Raìdbull OríonHyjal-EU191557Not updated
53Connio  Hyjal-EU189923Not updated
54Envies Les Chevaliers DamnésHyjal-EU189268Not updated
55Damnézia  Hyjal-EU188869Not updated
56Fousquatou No Brain No PainHyjal-EU188095Not updated
57Køtys  Hyjal-EU187987Not updated
58Toralz ButcherShopHyjal-EU185043Not updated
59Tauhlsa Eldar SacrificiumHyjal-EU183111Not updated
60Koltar  Hyjal-EU183040Not updated
61Orëska MercuryHyjal-EU182978Not updated
62Aolias  Hyjal-EU181030Not updated
63Fulji  Hyjal-EU178785Not updated
64Toxxie ThanatösHyjal-EU178715Not updated
65Clavet ContinuumHyjal-EU178164Not updated
66Brahkhon ButcherShopHyjal-EU176845Not updated
67Wujin La Milice du Tigre BlancHyjal-EU176815Not updated
68Maklor Feu VertHyjal-EU172503Not updated
69Saddù  Hyjal-EU170563Not updated
70Barøx Hordeux ma vueHyjal-EU168885Not updated
71Gylus PandemøniumHyjal-EU168414Not updated
72Drekor Relique SacréeHyjal-EU168084Not updated
73Leugta Funky AngelsHyjal-EU168064Not updated
74Beastmind ShadowsHyjal-EU167836Not updated
75Hephisto TrinityHyjal-EU167519Not updated
76Øma Les SenjuHyjal-EU166473Not updated
77Sayuko  Hyjal-EU164056Not updated
78Garï UndergroundHyjal-EU163856Not updated
79Adraëhyde  Hyjal-EU163601Not updated
80Skoubidoo Casus BelliHyjal-EU163396Not updated
81Nyogtha Blood and SandHyjal-EU163007Not updated
82Zhoubida  Hyjal-EU162838Not updated
83Distroyër rhum ananasHyjal-EU162567Not updated
84Sagas Ordre du DragonHyjal-EU160759Not updated
85Elindrage Les Hérauts DéchusHyjal-EU160665Not updated
86Martygan AngyoHyjal-EU160323Not updated
87Mìmi Burn my dreadHyjal-EU158833Not updated
88Pepï  Hyjal-EU158423Not updated
89Elysïon Misère et HordeHyjal-EU158347Not updated
90Rokferh Royaumes déchusHyjal-EU157660Not updated
91Mïdøña FaithHyjal-EU157371Not updated
92Gravedigga ReptilisHyjal-EU157142Not updated
93Spleën Ludus GladiatoriusHyjal-EU156797Not updated
94ßerceker  Hyjal-EU156316Not updated
95Joethetrout PVP ALL STARSHyjal-EU155967Not updated
96Azgren LyntecHyjal-EU154734Not updated
97Câtoïne Ex NihìloHyjal-EU154221Not updated
98Tarlik UltimaHyjal-EU154017Not updated
99Divinum FreeStyleHyjal-EU152966Not updated
100Joshuà  Hyjal-EU152851Not updated

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