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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-KR Honorable Kills
1나오미캠빨 쑤네빠야 꿀라 빠야느조스 빠야꾸니 노까야Hyjal-KR767613Not updated
2암흑구원자  Hyjal-KR756261Not updated
3간장맛사탕 스톰윈드로 가는 마지막 그리핀Hyjal-KR598475Not updated
4믹키막돼 우리가 남이가Hyjal-KR561815Not updated
5구혜선언니 War CodeHyjal-KR511233Not updated
6Gomchi 우리가 남이가Hyjal-KR474753Not updated
7곤팡 우리가 남이가Hyjal-KR433244Not updated
8냉혈한  Hyjal-KR430546Not updated
9앗앗 Game Of ThronesHyjal-KR428297Not updated
10Sweetalk 우리가 남이가Hyjal-KR409512Not updated
11겨울해바라기  Hyjal-KR398650Not updated
12Reducto MaD FoRHyjal-KR398526Not updated
13와끼자카 MercedesHyjal-KR390820Not updated
14라라프란체스카 함께하는 곳Hyjal-KR376904Not updated
15Zenizth  Hyjal-KR376695Not updated
16전사의늪 Hunters HHyjal-KR376333Not updated
17호연지기 R a o NHyjal-KR373397Not updated
18럼푸 패기Hyjal-KR358676Not updated
19앤틱쿠키  Hyjal-KR357025Not updated
20안개와국화 T I M I N GHyjal-KR354717Not updated
21질풍야메떼 월하독무Hyjal-KR352345Not updated
22Mueller 경로당Hyjal-KR351251Not updated
23사박사 R a p i d StarHyjal-KR348509Not updated
24돌마음  Hyjal-KR344362Not updated
25갈아버리리  Hyjal-KR341360Not updated
26그런것이지요 Hunters HHyjal-KR332536Not updated
27Woy 꽃 거 지Hyjal-KR332413Not updated
28말퓨미미걸 T I M I N GHyjal-KR331869Not updated
29헬베론 깃 클 러Hyjal-KR322851Not updated
30작두타는똥빼미 SINABROHyjal-KR318054Not updated
31불꽃늑대 RECONHyjal-KR316081Not updated
32따따비 CriminalzHyjal-KR314418Not updated
33프리레이디  Hyjal-KR312146Not updated
34Fuzznuts ItsHyjal-KR311141Not updated
35자가자  Hyjal-KR310368Not updated
36계셰뀌 멍멍Hyjal-KR308020Not updated
37Iceblaze  Hyjal-KR306017Not updated
38Neodragon 살맛납니다Hyjal-KR303582Not updated
39Erox BlossomHyjal-KR302346Not updated
40Sidori O v OHyjal-KR301558Not updated
41맛쓰타사과맛  Hyjal-KR294011Not updated
42꽃대남 테오제네스Hyjal-KR293564Not updated
43Snacks Game Of ThronesHyjal-KR291704Not updated
44낡은환상 깃 클 러Hyjal-KR289864Not updated
45Vaguenoir  Hyjal-KR289486Not updated
46재너럴 DalaranStarHyjal-KR288057Not updated
47침묵의하늘 DalaranStarHyjal-KR287316Not updated
48Voco GYHyjal-KR286581Not updated
49뚜봐꾸니 Soul of UNdeathHyjal-KR283240Not updated
50코난바바리언 깃 클 러Hyjal-KR280054Not updated
51그사제라는맞아요 와우초등학교Hyjal-KR279237Not updated
52영혼의결정자  Hyjal-KR279102Not updated
53시봉쇄 고향집Hyjal-KR278364Not updated
54깔쌈한상추 S t y l eHyjal-KR277971Not updated
55새드  Hyjal-KR273694Not updated
56Catform FeralHyjal-KR269203Not updated
57그래서그랬어요 한때 잘나가던 사람들Hyjal-KR269158Not updated
58Wwii  Hyjal-KR267964Not updated
59양제열 SINABROHyjal-KR267953Not updated
60Wwpk MurlocHyjal-KR267661Not updated
61핸리  Hyjal-KR267626Not updated
62대갈마치 철컹철컹Hyjal-KR266822Not updated
63에이샤린 우리들의 라이브 너와의 라이프Hyjal-KR265667Not updated
64Shepherd ANARCHYHyjal-KR264757Not updated
65Ruviness 차가운 도시 남자Hyjal-KR264232Not updated
66비체분노 엄마 호드 흙먹어Hyjal-KR263025Not updated
67하루만의위안  Hyjal-KR262919Not updated
68Quanx O v OHyjal-KR262707Not updated
69Oness 리더Hyjal-KR261811Not updated
70안녕사랑스런그대  Hyjal-KR261496Not updated
71라꾸야 II Moulin Rouge IIHyjal-KR259626Not updated
72호드신발색깔 The Greatest OneHyjal-KR255684Not updated
73푸도 함께하는 곳Hyjal-KR255502Not updated
74Aad  Hyjal-KR254609Not updated
75Kimuratakuya The AsylumHyjal-KR253714Not updated
76꽈당 Maven CrewHyjal-KR253580Not updated
77무기로딜해욧 New HeartHyjal-KR253320Not updated
78오빠믿고눕자  Hyjal-KR252729Not updated
79두부의저주 함께하는 곳Hyjal-KR252654Not updated
80Facio  Hyjal-KR251909Not updated
81밤별사제 The ZeNeSisHyjal-KR250700Not updated
82헌터케이 Maven CrewHyjal-KR249988Not updated
83Elitesoul Killem AllHyjal-KR249163Not updated
84Nitros  Hyjal-KR247992Not updated
85Falk Polaris RhapsodyHyjal-KR246181Not updated
86Skitsou PEOPLE ARE AWESOMEHyjal-KR245789Not updated
87Tenz  Hyjal-KR244440Not updated
88붕어빵먹는시영군  Hyjal-KR243782Not updated
89똥침뿅뿅 N o s t a l g i aHyjal-KR243125Not updated
90처용갸 깃 클 러Hyjal-KR242679Not updated
91차단  Hyjal-KR241472Not updated
92낭아도  Hyjal-KR240036Not updated
93문프리스티스 MurdeRHyjal-KR239594Not updated
94정이죽기 깃 클 러Hyjal-KR238383Not updated
95바닷게  Hyjal-KR237615Not updated
96Pcatsby 차가운 도시 남자Hyjal-KR232730Not updated
97보디히트  Hyjal-KR231791Not updated
98무사시 DavidofFHyjal-KR231350Not updated
99산에들에 LycaonHyjal-KR231151Not updated
100Despotic 패기Hyjal-KR229144Not updated

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