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Hydraxis-US Honorable Kills
1Vaporlock Hells LegionHydraxis-US636991
2Taluss Unemployed FelonsHydraxis-US316616
3Lucifèr Guardians Of ValhallaHydraxis-US263627
4Damun HierarchyHydraxis-US225085Not updated
5Taqilya  Hydraxis-US219695Not updated
6Grapewhistle RecountHydraxis-US206190Not updated
7Cuongt Invalid TargetHydraxis-US206089Not updated
8Solefather CheersHydraxis-US195533Not updated
9Ranum  Hydraxis-US173200
10Bloodfoot Guardians Of ValhallaHydraxis-US171028Not updated
11Hexray HellraisersHydraxis-US162873Not updated
12Pâtricia Infinite ProgressionHydraxis-US158765Not updated
13Smoulder Hellions of HalaaHydraxis-US155885
14Grufster Is a Apple Crisp HeroHydraxis-US154367Not updated
15Leftyleap Crusaders of the LightHydraxis-US151547Not updated
16Elvato Days EndHydraxis-US150740Not updated
17Greenhornet The StonecuttersHydraxis-US150233
18Reath KaizenHydraxis-US149337
19Deil The Red ArmyHydraxis-US140332
20Silevo  Hydraxis-US136368Not updated
21Tamachi SnugglesHydraxis-US130743Not updated
22Bashmash  Hydraxis-US126263Not updated
23Waldò  Hydraxis-US124599Not updated
24Dotsonroidz  Hydraxis-US123969Not updated
25Blackkrypton UNSHACKLEDHydraxis-US122469
26Lmastr Devils BrigadeHydraxis-US121492Not updated
27Hellthorn Mercenary EliteHydraxis-US120129Not updated
28Lólindir Unplugged MethodsHydraxis-US117188
29Killuth Faith Of The FallenHydraxis-US117103Not updated
30Snapz Faith Of The FallenHydraxis-US116963Not updated
31Needful MaineiacsHydraxis-US114660Not updated
32Miniskade Nordic FamilyHydraxis-US114335Not updated
33Skitzz OrderbyChaosHydraxis-US112749Not updated
34Nightthunder  Hydraxis-US112549Not updated
35Allisan Nordic FamilyHydraxis-US111815
36Weegee Guardians Of ValhallaHydraxis-US111634Not updated
37Chainzaw UNSHACKLEDHydraxis-US111514Not updated
38Azzriel Knights of the ObliviousHydraxis-US111327Not updated
39Vindara Knights of the ObliviousHydraxis-US111055Not updated
40Diabolíc RecountHydraxis-US111034Not updated
41Mjp Riders of the RebellionHydraxis-US110270Not updated
42Zarkul Last SalvationHydraxis-US110193
43Bloodngutz  Hydraxis-US110132Not updated
44Hologram TAP OUTHydraxis-US109322Not updated
45Highwrath Soulfire TribeHydraxis-US108619
46Mednord The Orphans of StormwindHydraxis-US107959Not updated
47Sisterectomy Kings Of HonorHydraxis-US107070
48Tokman Socially IneptHydraxis-US106603Not updated
49Rheina The Demon SwayHydraxis-US105547Not updated
50Jaleko RecountHydraxis-US104193Not updated
51Äyds RecountHydraxis-US102401Not updated
52Diggitydan  Hydraxis-US102245Not updated
53Damndragor  Hydraxis-US101712Not updated
54Devilspartne OpusXHydraxis-US100123Not updated
55Bezerkerx Crusaders of the LightHydraxis-US100006Not updated
56Róth Freedom FightersHydraxis-US99985Not updated
57Pippì Triat BankHydraxis-US99887
58Misuteri The StonecuttersHydraxis-US99196
59Inocient Vanishing PointHydraxis-US99147Not updated
60Paulthorn Mercenary EliteHydraxis-US98270Not updated
61Ralyistia  Hydraxis-US98155
62Commissioner RecountHydraxis-US96591Not updated
63Shankzìlla  Hydraxis-US96454Not updated
64Ryanqt RecountHydraxis-US95742Not updated
65Bisholy RecountHydraxis-US95419Not updated
66Deìl The Red ArmyHydraxis-US93704
67Markqt RecountHydraxis-US92880Not updated
68Smokeyhaze Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US92174
69Vashar Una InfinitasHydraxis-US91572Not updated
70Cryclone RecountHydraxis-US91384Not updated
71Poosiecat Doja BrosHydraxis-US90815Not updated
72Cousintuck Off Brand GuildHydraxis-US90799Not updated
73Stunpals  Hydraxis-US90253Not updated
74Chillspill Nordic FamilyHydraxis-US89876
75Hexadecibel  Hydraxis-US88876Not updated
76Allanreigns Is a Apple Crisp HeroHydraxis-US88843Not updated
77Ahrmon Obsidian wingsHydraxis-US87163
78Feredir A Good GuildHydraxis-US84684Not updated
79Böb  Hydraxis-US84321Not updated
80Spectral Out of ExileHydraxis-US82981Not updated
81Torewin twistedmindzHydraxis-US82848Not updated
82Fatherwraith Get In The VanHydraxis-US82739Not updated
83Zoltt  Hydraxis-US82658
84Pelli Socially IneptHydraxis-US82637Not updated
85Argam UnityHydraxis-US82303Not updated
86Disty GildedHydraxis-US81758Not updated
87Mistyice SeksiHydraxis-US81616Not updated
88Xomerta Unplugged MethodsHydraxis-US79901Not updated
89Jbm  Hydraxis-US79277Not updated
90Commissioned RecountHydraxis-US79273Not updated
91Snyper THE CAVALIERSHydraxis-US78806Not updated
92Lokideroiste corpus delictiHydraxis-US78302
93Mageprincess Infinite ProgressionHydraxis-US76895Not updated
94Cooler Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US76853Not updated
95Zas Lord of the KnightsHydraxis-US76213Not updated
96Honeycooler Marauders AllegianceHydraxis-US75680Not updated
97Swedishchef RecountHydraxis-US74797Not updated
98Thomee One Last StandHydraxis-US74572Not updated
99Oledeadeye Riders of the RebellionHydraxis-US73874Not updated
100Hendrixx Socially IneptHydraxis-US73755Not updated

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