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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hellscream-KR Honorable Kills
1다크사자 원 츄Hellscream-KR805929Not updated
2해아린 Age of thirtyHellscream-KR646118Not updated
3Dethknell The Freezing MoonHellscream-KR610532Not updated
4Hakanaku In FlamesHellscream-KR551432Not updated
5Mulnimism  Hellscream-KR533139Not updated
6유정수정 마 격Hellscream-KR520980Not updated
7랩퍼벌레 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR510148Not updated
8킹존 헬 스 클 럽Hellscream-KR494832Not updated
9죽척크리님 아제로스 군단Hellscream-KR464774Not updated
10랩퍼길마 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR462190Not updated
11뇌멸 자연인Hellscream-KR454197Not updated
12엔트로피지배자 THE AHellscream-KR443354Not updated
13마법의검신 지나가는 얼라입니다Hellscream-KR443218Not updated
14Deric Stay Hungry Stay FoolishHellscream-KR429751Not updated
15Nightsakura  Hellscream-KR389137Not updated
16안티풋볼  Hellscream-KR386954Not updated
17Turn  Hellscream-KR376477Not updated
18에사르하돈 일월삼일Hellscream-KR373349Not updated
19옥졸 헬 스 클 럽Hellscream-KR362659Not updated
20휴발유 너의 컨은 블자가 결정한다Hellscream-KR357141Not updated
21빨매 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR346557Not updated
22Darkdragons  Hellscream-KR346480Not updated
23블랙서큐버스 마 격Hellscream-KR336498Not updated
24싸울탱임 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR334497Not updated
25광속뼈다귀 J O N N A G EHellscream-KR334089Not updated
26이탄 AwesomeHellscream-KR327244Not updated
27지우숲 일월삼일Hellscream-KR326987Not updated
28Theforsaken 자연인Hellscream-KR323721Not updated
29Nestorious 바르셀로나Hellscream-KR317404Not updated
30삼고  Hellscream-KR313006Not updated
31알터렉사절  Hellscream-KR311967Not updated
32카리수마훈  Hellscream-KR309692Not updated
33덤으로 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR306241Not updated
34Tce THE AHellscream-KR305458Not updated
35마사헨즈 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR300037Not updated
36린베르노 Art Of DarknessHellscream-KR299624Not updated
37반마리오  Hellscream-KR298476Not updated
38잿빛심장 원 츄Hellscream-KR296782Not updated
39Lovinu 마 격Hellscream-KR296697Not updated
40Eunyaa Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR289749Not updated
41쪼꼬방  Hellscream-KR287284Not updated
42돌아온루니 마 격Hellscream-KR282972Not updated
43Boyka 킁킁 뒷마당 시궁창 쓰레기냄새Hellscream-KR274112Not updated
44Sinann leave me aloneHellscream-KR272704Not updated
45Sinni  Hellscream-KR270685Not updated
46하사딘 원 츄Hellscream-KR268604Not updated
47피케이킬러 Cross CronosHellscream-KR265764Not updated
48광속팬도리 J O N N A G EHellscream-KR263436Not updated
49내면 Hells CrewHellscream-KR261545Not updated
50널닮은별 D e J a V uHellscream-KR261190Not updated
51Thisisthis The Freezing MoonHellscream-KR261183Not updated
52루키아화신 Hells CrewHellscream-KR261101Not updated
53Rc  Hellscream-KR258384Not updated
54천제님 자연인Hellscream-KR256897Not updated
55Alizee  Hellscream-KR256658Not updated
56전갈신 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR256251Not updated
57Xcannibalism S o l oHellscream-KR255745Not updated
58실드나르 ReXHellscream-KR255685Not updated
59설초 DCinsideHellscream-KR254360Not updated
60팜이 The Freezing MoonHellscream-KR254343Not updated
61Fieldmaster FORCEHellscream-KR254295Not updated
62Eyeless individualistHellscream-KR252119Not updated
63Cozzy Agitation PointHellscream-KR250009Not updated
64아키라나너 ExpertHellscream-KR247335Not updated
65쭈글래 For GeneSisHellscream-KR246617Not updated
66꺼니 퍼니러스Hellscream-KR246248Not updated
67퍼플  Hellscream-KR245971Not updated
68훌터 마 격Hellscream-KR244798Not updated
69강냉이와팝콘 발 칙 한 그 녀 들Hellscream-KR244674Not updated
70탄꾼 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR244634Not updated
71Yjo 나비섬Hellscream-KR241749Not updated
72Minjung 달리다쿵해쪄Hellscream-KR239157Not updated
73천중연 마 격Hellscream-KR238923Not updated
74날리지  Hellscream-KR235747Not updated
75스쳐도사뫙 Once Upon a TimeHellscream-KR232098Not updated
76Nuzz Hells CrewHellscream-KR230696Not updated
77닮갊옮짊맒 제가 우리길드 간판입니다Hellscream-KR227094Not updated
78Bluewalker  Hellscream-KR226304Not updated
79미인황진이 Elune of ResistanceHellscream-KR226086Not updated
80Iliiliill Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR225101Not updated
81백발백중명포수 Stray CatsHellscream-KR224525Not updated
82없는기없네 마 격Hellscream-KR224494Not updated
83송곰이 자연인Hellscream-KR224036Not updated
84텐추 다크나이트Hellscream-KR223751Not updated
85준혼 A r e n aHellscream-KR221572Not updated
86밀랍 H E R AHellscream-KR220401Not updated
87에어리스게인즈볼 AURA OF WARHellscream-KR220006Not updated
88설향매화 길드연합Hellscream-KR219931Not updated
89어둠의추억 마 격Hellscream-KR219852Not updated
90바빠바빠 정력왕 하본좌Hellscream-KR218858Not updated
91크롤카알 S E X YHellscream-KR217897Not updated
92아독 ReXHellscream-KR217262Not updated
93깨두 In FlamesHellscream-KR217003Not updated
94Letwin 전 쟁 노 래Hellscream-KR215853Not updated
95Ssri 마 격Hellscream-KR213663Not updated
96Foxgirl  Hellscream-KR212622Not updated
97혈그림자 최강 명예Hellscream-KR212605Not updated
98Blutkrieger THE AHellscream-KR212100Not updated
99순순히명점내놔 Lord of NightmareHellscream-KR211465Not updated
100흡혈철마룡 The ResistanceHellscream-KR209406Not updated

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