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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hellfire-EU Honorable Kills
1Warrant Rebels and RevolutionsHellfire-EU338328Not updated
2Ingwin Tre LowenHellfire-EU299597Not updated
3Fooza  Hellfire-EU274003Not updated
4Mofire Tre LowenHellfire-EU272287Not updated
5Furryfánni BAM POW ZAP WHACK KAPOWHellfire-EU270166Not updated
6Sheerattack A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU251764Not updated
7Énzyme  Hellfire-EU236853Not updated
8Exbloder A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU236257Not updated
9Vejay BAM POW ZAP WHACK KAPOWHellfire-EU197069Not updated
10Oldhomeroll EuphoriaHellfire-EU194468Not updated
11Kogorûinz gucciHellfire-EU192985Not updated
12Relani Tre LowenHellfire-EU189614Not updated
13Zajkowski Limes InferiorHellfire-EU187536Not updated
14Bimbii ImmortalsHellfire-EU186199Not updated
15Mady A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU185729Not updated
16Tauratti  Hellfire-EU182594Not updated
17Arcx A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU181959Not updated
18Tweelch  Hellfire-EU180764Not updated
19Mckay Boogie KnightsHellfire-EU170151Not updated
20Freelove Limes InferiorHellfire-EU170059Not updated
21Torbok  Hellfire-EU167822Not updated
22Mistymus  Hellfire-EU162396Not updated
23Aspidès  Hellfire-EU162198Not updated
24Hirundo Kuddly KittensHellfire-EU159341Not updated
25Metope Total AnnihilationHellfire-EU154545Not updated
26Namzul  Hellfire-EU152885Not updated
27Ulldor A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU151437Not updated
28Calanthe Champions of the nightHellfire-EU149130Not updated
29Camourona  Hellfire-EU147783Not updated
30Petertje gucciHellfire-EU147196Not updated
31Evangeline ValorousHellfire-EU144950Not updated
32Castaneda  Hellfire-EU143708Not updated
33Dévyn BAM POW ZAP WHACK KAPOWHellfire-EU141956Not updated
34Griswold Alea iacta estHellfire-EU139540Not updated
35Meryem Alea iacta estHellfire-EU137565Not updated
36Enkelbiljett Boogie KnightsHellfire-EU136996Not updated
37Aeneas Boogie KnightsHellfire-EU135384Not updated
38Kogoruhnz  Hellfire-EU134602Not updated
39Ronsus Alea iacta estHellfire-EU134237Not updated
40Vilandra Blades Of MightHellfire-EU132223Not updated
41Kradarr  Hellfire-EU131848Not updated
42Saldor A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU130964Not updated
43Drahcir A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU130537Not updated
44Assassínator And the Smeg HeadsHellfire-EU128563Not updated
45Kajala Death n DestructionHellfire-EU124103Not updated
46Rolosw  Hellfire-EU121575Not updated
47Idq RedDragonsHellfire-EU121338Not updated
48Yngvin Tre LowenHellfire-EU120810Not updated
49Stompandkil DeliriumHellfire-EU120600Not updated
50Nimm Winds of ChangeHellfire-EU120074Not updated
51Oceanspray EuphoriaHellfire-EU119123Not updated
52Gussie A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU118119Not updated
53Staycool It Burns When I PVPHellfire-EU117729Not updated
54Nightluck  Hellfire-EU113103Not updated
55Bradleybear Darkened SoulsHellfire-EU112831Not updated
56Damagede  Hellfire-EU112610Not updated
57Steinhard Smite ClubHellfire-EU112021Not updated
58Aldrood BAM POW ZAP WHACK KAPOWHellfire-EU111308Not updated
59Nastynasty PTprojectHellfire-EU109921Not updated
60Avadiel InsolenceHellfire-EU106259Not updated
61Kalal A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU106175Not updated
62Sanderson DissensionHellfire-EU105933Not updated
63Kresnik ValorousHellfire-EU105915Not updated
64Szpadyzora  Hellfire-EU103532Not updated
65Dunar FearedHellfire-EU102286Not updated
66Sithdora  Hellfire-EU101713Not updated
67Imago WorldClassHellfire-EU101315Not updated
68Emaya InsolenceHellfire-EU101235Not updated
69Aéth Winds of ChangeHellfire-EU101034Not updated
70Toxic  Hellfire-EU101008Not updated
71Hotfuz WWAASSDD WTF CANT MOVEHellfire-EU100626Not updated
72Pixzyyr LeviathanHellfire-EU100067Not updated
73Sadahzinia Wolves PackHellfire-EU99993Not updated
74Preparetodié A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU99051Not updated
75Snoopdodge  Hellfire-EU98879Not updated
76Dwarfdare Tre LowenHellfire-EU98601Not updated
77Kodynas Lions ForeverHellfire-EU98086Not updated
78Aratron  Hellfire-EU98039Not updated
79Bladerun  Hellfire-EU97865Not updated
80Dùrion Defender of the AllianceHellfire-EU96608Not updated
81Jaqdanîels Knights of StormwindHellfire-EU96189Not updated
82Perfidia DissensionHellfire-EU95391Not updated
83Peachykeen mAdNeZHellfire-EU95130Not updated
84Kusky BAM POW ZAP WHACK KAPOWHellfire-EU94766Not updated
85Demandin Kuddly KittensHellfire-EU94500Not updated
86Messog  Hellfire-EU94371Not updated
87Tsartess  Hellfire-EU93877Not updated
88Coras AffluenceHellfire-EU92838Not updated
89Webber  Hellfire-EU92538Not updated
90Memphistoo Tre LowenHellfire-EU91841Not updated
91Hfcjg Has too much goldHellfire-EU91463Not updated
92Malanic  Hellfire-EU90192Not updated
93Madrock EliminationHellfire-EU90137Not updated
94Sphinxen DissensionHellfire-EU89918Not updated
95Dkfinn CombinedHellfire-EU89682Not updated
96Tretos CtrlAltEliteHellfire-EU88902Not updated
97Thorgruff Creatures of HavocHellfire-EU88161Not updated
98Xak  Hellfire-EU87742Not updated
99Nagaraja  Hellfire-EU87507Not updated
100Vu Winds of CreationHellfire-EU87174Not updated

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