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Haomarush-EU Honorable Kills
1Feniks Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU220448Not updated
2Caizer ROIDSHaomarush-EU189433Not updated
3Imrryr  Haomarush-EU184951Not updated
4Cloudd Honored RevengeHaomarush-EU179012
5Abbadaddon  Haomarush-EU177492Not updated
6Ayla Slaves of the FistHaomarush-EU169898Not updated
7Jande WORST GUILD EUHaomarush-EU168158Not updated
8Blackula Slaves of the FistHaomarush-EU157664Not updated
9Bejbis fairyfishHaomarush-EU156884Not updated
10Shamancry  Haomarush-EU154199Not updated
11Lovarsky  Haomarush-EU153446Not updated
12Premeditator WORST GUILD EUHaomarush-EU152537Not updated
13Zcurt Dark NebulaHaomarush-EU146804
14Lesvoass Order of the Fried GnomeHaomarush-EU144082Not updated
15Grugor KOMIATHaomarush-EU143777Not updated
16Mainx xiaohao guildHaomarush-EU136203Not updated
17Wildtails  Haomarush-EU135377Not updated
18Tinuviel Mutation TeamHaomarush-EU134583Not updated
19Redon  Haomarush-EU134468Not updated
20Kemos HumanityHaomarush-EU130155Not updated
21Xprt fairyfishHaomarush-EU126825Not updated
22Fericia Static VoidHaomarush-EU124556Not updated
23Morrowind Ministers of MayhemHaomarush-EU123021Not updated
24Karean POLYTHEAHaomarush-EU122571Not updated
25Joen Semper FrateriHaomarush-EU121674Not updated
26Shalyir The Royal JestersHaomarush-EU120198
27Kroikken ColonyHaomarush-EU119994Not updated
28Metmasken InspireHaomarush-EU118773Not updated
29Méssi Reservoir GnomesHaomarush-EU118080Not updated
30Mikrostalja Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU117182Not updated
31Itsmere  Haomarush-EU116837Not updated
32Freezá AfterlifeHaomarush-EU114696Not updated
33Spellisa KOMIATHaomarush-EU113260Not updated
34Xaero Mutation TeamHaomarush-EU112528Not updated
35Salac Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU112190
36Coupdegrace  Haomarush-EU111185Not updated
37Sofija  Haomarush-EU111039Not updated
38Octogon AfterlifeHaomarush-EU110298Not updated
39Lagupagup BattleMastersHaomarush-EU110202Not updated
40Trowlolol ROIDSHaomarush-EU108022Not updated
41Neolah AfterlifeHaomarush-EU107875Not updated
42Valaina ApathyHaomarush-EU106120Not updated
43Kämpher Static VoidHaomarush-EU105578Not updated
44Padelina Slaves of the FistHaomarush-EU104686Not updated
45Nebuchad AfterlifeHaomarush-EU103377Not updated
46Linas AfterlifeHaomarush-EU102694Not updated
47Zokta Elite Waffle SquadHaomarush-EU102602Not updated
48Rashad Wielders of LightningHaomarush-EU101636Not updated
49Juzzle ROIDSHaomarush-EU101196Not updated
50Dinica Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU100656Not updated
51Tigerterror Nemesis RebornHaomarush-EU99791Not updated
52Shiningsin AfterlifeHaomarush-EU97983Not updated
53Cynric Verta Ja LihaaHaomarush-EU97743Not updated
54Mtaniox WORST GUILD EUHaomarush-EU96992Not updated
55Mackem Squadron FiveHaomarush-EU96931Not updated
56Uhealme Parental ControlHaomarush-EU96793
57Waki BattleMastersHaomarush-EU96087
58Khare RagebearsHaomarush-EU95900Not updated
59Trofonios Nemesis RebornHaomarush-EU95766Not updated
60Morphdarih WORST GUILD EUHaomarush-EU94239Not updated
61Deriks InfernalHaomarush-EU92853Not updated
62Garfields Forged by furyHaomarush-EU91968
63Theía The ElitesHaomarush-EU91551Not updated
64Kewara Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU90455Not updated
65Jehnna SpaceballsHaomarush-EU90427Not updated
66Shïon War Is The AnswerHaomarush-EU90275Not updated
67Silanah  Haomarush-EU89712Not updated
68Lalalaa  Haomarush-EU87793Not updated
69Mtanios SublimeHaomarush-EU87179Not updated
70Yttar Prophetia NocturnaHaomarush-EU87093Not updated
71Astalanor Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU86194
72Jekaca Rage of AngelHaomarush-EU85958Not updated
73Foxsis Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU85319
74Bamz  Haomarush-EU84838Not updated
75Hîver The ElitesHaomarush-EU83641Not updated
76Bibson  Haomarush-EU83194Not updated
77Zyrakh Verta Ja LihaaHaomarush-EU83186Not updated
78Hallich Unbuffed TenacityHaomarush-EU83118Not updated
79Koira RagebearsHaomarush-EU82238
80Xedoo  Haomarush-EU82117Not updated
81Tytte fairyfishHaomarush-EU81977Not updated
82Windtotem xiaohao guildHaomarush-EU81931Not updated
83Genoo xiaohao guildHaomarush-EU81703Not updated
84Qini Slaves of the FistHaomarush-EU81561Not updated
85Conscripted Ad ElysiumHaomarush-EU80939Not updated
86Jealous VeteranHaomarush-EU80692Not updated
87Mpouraki  Haomarush-EU80600Not updated
88Jxxe  Haomarush-EU80121Not updated
89Dótalot  Haomarush-EU79496Not updated
90Basseface WOLF PACKHaomarush-EU79482Not updated
91Jackmancer  Haomarush-EU79461Not updated
92Jamaz InfernalHaomarush-EU79374Not updated
93Ramenn  Haomarush-EU79371Not updated
94Footad Fidelis Ad MortemHaomarush-EU79043Not updated
95Cyco Order of the Fried GnomeHaomarush-EU77927
96Crystall Mutation TeamHaomarush-EU77422Not updated
97Doch Wielders of LightningHaomarush-EU77371Not updated
98Naskul War Is The AnswerHaomarush-EU77133Not updated
99Morgorth ROIDSHaomarush-EU77057Not updated
100Stien  Haomarush-EU77011Not updated

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