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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gurubashi-US Honorable Kills
1Tailk  Gurubashi-US340208Not updated
2Wicchen Gravity Gets Us DownGurubashi-US278388Not updated
3Auntpeg StunLockGurubashi-US190042Not updated
4Crul NotoriousGurubashi-US172040Not updated
5Faeryl New World OrderGurubashi-US171650Not updated
6Melapelan New World OrderGurubashi-US169586Not updated
7Rayitos Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US165189Not updated
8Feorick  Gurubashi-US164770Not updated
9Rockylee NotoriousGurubashi-US164087Not updated
10Marshanke  Gurubashi-US159930Not updated
11Suker  Gurubashi-US159541Not updated
12Boomkizzle  Gurubashi-US154478Not updated
13Bloodcloud  Gurubashi-US138752Not updated
14Razzburry  Gurubashi-US137629Not updated
15Kharan NotoriousGurubashi-US130673Not updated
16Aveeon NotoriousGurubashi-US129643Not updated
17Trillium Man Bites DogGurubashi-US127847Not updated
18Spellsong  Gurubashi-US126282Not updated
19Zillero Dam NationGurubashi-US124322Not updated
20Ninjahunter MERCGurubashi-US123588Not updated
21Judithea StunLockGurubashi-US123310Not updated
22Fatalina MadhouseGurubashi-US122868Not updated
23Magrobuddha  Gurubashi-US121598Not updated
24Mienfuhrer Man Bites DogGurubashi-US120838Not updated
25Kelbal Dam NationGurubashi-US120593Not updated
26Froztee  Gurubashi-US120328Not updated
27Maxxpayne Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US119583Not updated
28Gannim I EGBT IGurubashi-US118336Not updated
29Zerkzeez  Gurubashi-US117832Not updated
30Shammoo  Gurubashi-US117635Not updated
31Goodcát Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US116781Not updated
32Staellor  Gurubashi-US116511Not updated
33Dunkentong Live Fast Die LastGurubashi-US115407Not updated
34Orcs  Gurubashi-US115322Not updated
35Walkerboh  Gurubashi-US115171Not updated
36Rekra NotoriousGurubashi-US111425Not updated
37Feron Public EnemyGurubashi-US110833Not updated
38Falex  Gurubashi-US110720Not updated
39Toungsten Gravity Gets Us DownGurubashi-US108392Not updated
40Operator NotoriousGurubashi-US108049Not updated
41Shadowbass Man Bites DogGurubashi-US107251Not updated
42Zacalkan NotoriousGurubashi-US105815Not updated
43Hechizo  Gurubashi-US105325Not updated
44Whispersdust BLooDTSWeaTTeaRSGurubashi-US104730Not updated
45Tryndâmere  Gurubashi-US103895Not updated
46Peacekey Angry DragonGurubashi-US102484Not updated
47Dorrie Cobra KaiGurubashi-US100005Not updated
48Tundraih Gravity Gets Us DownGurubashi-US99869Not updated
49Lostfath  Gurubashi-US99776Not updated
50Feenix Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US96877Not updated
51Xxzerowndeth  Gurubashi-US95531Not updated
52Celticrage  Gurubashi-US94855Not updated
53Akhrin  Gurubashi-US93563Not updated
54Sawya  Gurubashi-US92405Not updated
55Kyhra Good MourningGurubashi-US92011Not updated
56Stonedhenge NotoriousGurubashi-US91535Not updated
57Kapsaicin Dam NationGurubashi-US91444Not updated
58Chaud  Gurubashi-US90988Not updated
59Shirubamoya Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US90710Not updated
60Bigrex  Gurubashi-US87902Not updated
61Kabuki  Gurubashi-US87316Not updated
62Peiwei Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US86532Not updated
63Dimeishere  Gurubashi-US85773Not updated
64Nämy  Gurubashi-US85651Not updated
65Beezul Man Bites DogGurubashi-US84903Not updated
66Hordee Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US84204Not updated
67Habitz NotoriousGurubashi-US82792Not updated
68Schado LegionGurubashi-US82724Not updated
69Flirtatious  Gurubashi-US81412Not updated
70Filthyluca BLooDTSWeaTTeaRSGurubashi-US80463Not updated
71Voodoomike  Gurubashi-US80255Not updated
72Qzar Man Bites DogGurubashi-US79676Not updated
73Rawrket MadhouseGurubashi-US79457Not updated
74Painside BLooDTSWeaTTeaRSGurubashi-US78744Not updated
75Hurr  Gurubashi-US78043Not updated
76Orlof  Gurubashi-US77244Not updated
77Karex  Gurubashi-US77087Not updated
78Nurakul NotoriousGurubashi-US75937Not updated
79Warawbr Chaos ArmyGurubashi-US75497Not updated
80Eldrinn  Gurubashi-US75273Not updated
81Shadowflam ShortHandedGurubashi-US74832Not updated
82Erag  Gurubashi-US74213Not updated
83Roggir Public EnemyGurubashi-US73955Not updated
84Megoash The FallénGurubashi-US73497Not updated
85Triscles Fifty Shades of CrayGurubashi-US73033Not updated
86Jehnk We Gem SkillGurubashi-US72880Not updated
87Higante  Gurubashi-US72702Not updated
88Fts  Gurubashi-US72428Not updated
89Cin Man Bites DogGurubashi-US72167Not updated
90Killfrenzy  Gurubashi-US71472Not updated
91Noip ShortHandedGurubashi-US71055Not updated
92Benboozled Dam NationGurubashi-US70804Not updated
93Gnomewarlok  Gurubashi-US70761Not updated
94Zorlastrian More bagsGurubashi-US70138Not updated
95Cambreth  Gurubashi-US69810Not updated
96Nonay InsomniacsGurubashi-US69482Not updated
97Casterbatìon  Gurubashi-US69237Not updated
98Lorkan Long NightsGurubashi-US69001Not updated
99Salazin The Crimson LotusGurubashi-US68841Not updated
100Sienna  Gurubashi-US68786Not updated

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