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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gul'dan-US Honorable Kills
1Phen Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US276274Not updated
2Darkjoy  Gul'dan-US209545Not updated
3Dizko Damage NetworksGul'dan-US199906Not updated
4Dagan  Gul'dan-US173813Not updated
5Lasy REAPERS OF HORDE SOULSGul'dan-US169775Not updated
6Donkleapss Damage NetworksGul'dan-US164972Not updated
7Riddeck Damage NetworksGul'dan-US157059Not updated
8Drubacca Legendary MercenaryGul'dan-US148428Not updated
9Gargoyle  Gul'dan-US140773Not updated
10Parapuz Damage NetworksGul'dan-US134103Not updated
11Todale Damage NetworksGul'dan-US132926Not updated
12Hectar Damage NetworksGul'dan-US130587Not updated
13Hectard  Gul'dan-US130578Not updated
14Lazztoka  Gul'dan-US130376Not updated
15Pillbox Damage and HealingGul'dan-US124962Not updated
16Svtigii Damage NetworksGul'dan-US121658Not updated
17Sinsynical Legendary HordeGul'dan-US119449Not updated
18Kesu Workin As IntendedGul'dan-US115236Not updated
19Plzdonthitme EL DIABLOGul'dan-US114293Not updated
20Infamiss  Gul'dan-US112786Not updated
21Gungravë ContemptGul'dan-US110885Not updated
22Sectioneight EverLongGul'dan-US110092Not updated
23Tart Abattoir de la MortGul'dan-US109223Not updated
24Highsmith Dead Mans PartyGul'dan-US108379Not updated
25Tflol  Gul'dan-US106531Not updated
26Temerity Ominous Latin NameGul'dan-US105334Not updated
27Asil Damage NetworksGul'dan-US104806Not updated
28Mouchi Damage NetworksGul'dan-US104636Not updated
29Veila GnomercyGul'dan-US103260Not updated
30Wickedbear  Gul'dan-US101503Not updated
31Iigo Damage NetworksGul'dan-US99757Not updated
32Bangboat The Seventh SinGul'dan-US92708Not updated
33Vomitas Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US90740Not updated
34Vegi Damage NetworksGul'dan-US90633Not updated
35Hammerhorn I L L U M I N A T IGul'dan-US85991Not updated
36Vindictive Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US85553Not updated
37Ronniedibe  Gul'dan-US84907Not updated
38Elrick Dead Mans PartyGul'dan-US83539Not updated
39Drexler  Gul'dan-US82209Not updated
40Ayle Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US81755Not updated
41Bravedawn  Gul'dan-US80727Not updated
42Stratt Damage NetworksGul'dan-US80701Not updated
43Wiremu Knights EquitableGul'dan-US79566Not updated
44Velmarn Workin As IntendedGul'dan-US79089Not updated
45Nomed Mouthful of JesusGul'dan-US78205Not updated
46Darksilentni  Gul'dan-US77478Not updated
47Flaambookey Damage NetworksGul'dan-US75490Not updated
48Srrobben Knights EquitableGul'dan-US75228Not updated
49Impotence Abattoir de la MortGul'dan-US74615Not updated
50Thebernielol  Gul'dan-US74009Not updated
51Scuzzlebutt WarbornGul'dan-US70982Not updated
52Enslavdbrain EverLongGul'dan-US70370Not updated
53Spitx  Gul'dan-US70358Not updated
54Kamis I L L U M I N A T IGul'dan-US69389Not updated
55Cínis  Gul'dan-US67776Not updated
56Malnic Awesome Mega Ultra SuperGul'dan-US67591Not updated
57Skinbomb  Gul'dan-US66833Not updated
58Ziee Damage NetworksGul'dan-US65947Not updated
59Mariuzt IncarnateGul'dan-US64908Not updated
60Poundie Epic PhailGul'dan-US64433Not updated
61Viceros ContemptGul'dan-US64387Not updated
62Maxtril Cloudy DayGul'dan-US64280Not updated
63Dreldin  Gul'dan-US63564Not updated
64Chikaboom RezurrectedGul'dan-US63106Not updated
65Memnock MehGul'dan-US61881Not updated
66Ozamsha Knights EquitableGul'dan-US61702Not updated
67Thelawgiver  Gul'dan-US61654Not updated
68Happee Smileys CrewGul'dan-US61328Not updated
69Seku  Gul'dan-US61045Not updated
70Teedale Damage NetworksGul'dan-US60537Not updated
71Jaedyn Damage NetworksGul'dan-US60412Not updated
72Mikemagez Touch My Happy PlaceGul'dan-US60011Not updated
73Cpthook EverLongGul'dan-US59750Not updated
74Drettok Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US59641Not updated
75Rhynofactory  Gul'dan-US58977Not updated
76Warkin BlòódGuardGul'dan-US58941Not updated
77Estreet  Gul'dan-US58916Not updated
78Helleth  Gul'dan-US58701Not updated
79Eyekeelu  Gul'dan-US58439Not updated
80Thalorian  Gul'dan-US58308Not updated
81Envious Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US57714Not updated
82Gensen EVOGul'dan-US56812Not updated
83Cønniption  Gul'dan-US56809Not updated
84Endbringer Cloudy DayGul'dan-US56631Not updated
85Carras Blue BloodsGul'dan-US56480Not updated
86Panday  Gul'dan-US56272Not updated
87Orisi  Gul'dan-US55569Not updated
88Gromp DigressionGul'dan-US55296Not updated
89Hoofhearted Ramen Noodle BrigadeGul'dan-US55268Not updated
90Canabliss  Gul'dan-US55192Not updated
91Stormyhell  Gul'dan-US54016Not updated
92Leomaris ContemptGul'dan-US53740Not updated
93Veginator Damage NetworksGul'dan-US53605Not updated
94Rhii Lobster BisqueGul'dan-US53352Not updated
95Coldfrost Realm of InsanityGul'dan-US53099Not updated
96Drmannhatan  Gul'dan-US53097Not updated
97Drmannhattan  Gul'dan-US52984Not updated
98Krelendor WarbornGul'dan-US52788Not updated
99Drmanhattan  Gul'dan-US52486Not updated
100Cyclonz EL DIABLOGul'dan-US52463Not updated

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