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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Grim Batol-EU Honorable Kills
1Magusan Balnazzar RefugeesGrim Batol-EU838718Not updated
2Ufoz FanaticGrim Batol-EU453375Not updated
3Scorpice Cap the Flag FFSGrim Batol-EU440173Not updated
4Wandspec Balnazzar RefugeesGrim Batol-EU418546Not updated
5Knarko Mighty MidgetsGrim Batol-EU395543Not updated
6Aatto ElithicGrim Batol-EU367656Not updated
7Miistress  Grim Batol-EU318104Not updated
8Vrenna The Downward SpiralGrim Batol-EU317739Not updated
9Qiraji DivinusGrim Batol-EU311079Not updated
10Nystaleoss RevitaliseGrim Batol-EU303637Not updated
11Chocolates DimensionalGrim Batol-EU302727Not updated
12Haydoran Annoyed And ConfusedGrim Batol-EU297597Not updated
13Helfest Alliance BrigadeGrim Batol-EU277068Not updated
14Slackalackax  Grim Batol-EU273517Not updated
15Crovaxx GimpGrim Batol-EU259973Not updated
16Nakrosh ØlhjørnetGrim Batol-EU251138Not updated
17Kratjebier FanaticGrim Batol-EU251113Not updated
18Wolfwind Veneficus ExGrim Batol-EU246182Not updated
19Forsete Monster inside meGrim Batol-EU226996Not updated
20Ainea Straight To HellGrim Batol-EU216424Not updated
21Hërø MemorialGrim Batol-EU211620Not updated
22Marysue Easy CompanyGrim Batol-EU210221Not updated
23Lekkerboer The BawBag SquadGrim Batol-EU209345Not updated
24Ilozarx ToxicGrim Batol-EU209254Not updated
25Ksiunc EWRHGrim Batol-EU202860Not updated
26Tricks UltïmateGrim Batol-EU200881Not updated
27Shockme Primus OptimusGrim Batol-EU200650Not updated
28Regalia KokkelivekkulitGrim Batol-EU197970Not updated
29Dace ORDER Of BROTHERHOODGrim Batol-EU197253Not updated
30Mccormick  Grim Batol-EU195101Not updated
31Vasconcellos  Grim Batol-EU193103Not updated
32Mágiko  Grim Batol-EU187291Not updated
33Pessie IllusionGrim Batol-EU186190Not updated
34Ergebus ConceitGrim Batol-EU185088Not updated
35Zena Shake and BakeGrim Batol-EU181730Not updated
36Pinkpanthér Spirit Of EldersGrim Batol-EU180946Not updated
37Abbadaddon Brody QuestGrim Batol-EU180426Not updated
38Flozza Balnazzar RefugeesGrim Batol-EU178762Not updated
39Ulverh FanaticGrim Batol-EU178537Not updated
40Yawg Plugged InGrim Batol-EU177440Not updated
41Paffalot  Grim Batol-EU176125Not updated
42Prexy  Grim Batol-EU174720Not updated
43Waldozero Cort CorpsGrim Batol-EU173852Not updated
44Funeral Order of the White TigerGrim Batol-EU173850Not updated
45Coffmeister The DivineGrim Batol-EU173647Not updated
46Niña PvPeed in MoonwellsGrim Batol-EU172338Not updated
47Exraze ProgressionGrim Batol-EU171673Not updated
48Goror Old Men GamingGrim Batol-EU171091Not updated
49Wizardious Region ArcticaGrim Batol-EU171040Not updated
50Redek DimensionalGrim Batol-EU169969Not updated
51Brainz os reis magosGrim Batol-EU169578Not updated
52Dwyn Lesser GodsGrim Batol-EU168350Not updated
53Neroni Old Men GamingGrim Batol-EU168319Not updated
54Vitaliity DimensionalGrim Batol-EU167802Not updated
55Ratzingerr Dark PathGrim Batol-EU166135Not updated
56Mogambó Immigrants of TwilightGrim Batol-EU165621Not updated
57Korincan Spirit Of EldersGrim Batol-EU165006Not updated
58Drifter Balnazzar RefugeesGrim Batol-EU164358Not updated
59Alerhian DimensionalGrim Batol-EU164068Not updated
60Lokistyle  Grim Batol-EU163956Not updated
61Turíel  Grim Batol-EU163904Not updated
62Anrasp SolidarityGrim Batol-EU163502Not updated
63Cortx Cort CorpsGrim Batol-EU161797Not updated
64Zense KokkelivekkulitGrim Batol-EU160415Not updated
65Wikaz The Brave Three HundredGrim Batol-EU157880Not updated
66Zno Two Inches BuffedGrim Batol-EU157750Not updated
67Rhagnaros MurderdollsGrim Batol-EU156404Not updated
68Màngas  Grim Batol-EU155128Not updated
69Kalm ValiumGrim Batol-EU154758Not updated
70Nub Celestial InseminationGrim Batol-EU153827Not updated
71Prexyz  Grim Batol-EU153375Not updated
72Aatu ElithicGrim Batol-EU152982Not updated
73Antihorse  Grim Batol-EU152220Not updated
74Myrland Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU150913Not updated
75Deathbrand  Grim Batol-EU150004Not updated
76Stockholmz  Grim Batol-EU148971Not updated
77Denzerel  Grim Batol-EU148475Not updated
78Baambocha AngrenostGrim Batol-EU148219Not updated
79Shamanslord PhantomGrim Batol-EU148132Not updated
80Asphyxiant Justified HubrisGrim Batol-EU147188Not updated
81Ringo Players VS PlayersGrim Batol-EU147183Not updated
82Surkram Veneficus ExGrim Batol-EU146552Not updated
83Commandoran The Phoenix ProjectGrim Batol-EU145823Not updated
84Hellfiree  Grim Batol-EU145609Not updated
85Hunteroh CorruptionGrim Batol-EU143781Not updated
86Edacious Vex ThalGrim Batol-EU143291Not updated
87Sbq Alliance BrigadeGrim Batol-EU143149Not updated
88Zumío Very PvPGrim Batol-EU142392Not updated
89Narcind Family LegionGrim Batol-EU142208Not updated
90Akheal The Phoenix ProjectGrim Batol-EU141989Not updated
91Frightenly DimensionalGrim Batol-EU141897Not updated
92Barigun  Grim Batol-EU141551Not updated
93Jaii Jupiter Mining CorpGrim Batol-EU141514Not updated
94Regz Tour de forceGrim Batol-EU141218Not updated
95Nephias EnemyGrim Batol-EU140222Not updated
96Mindwave Balnazzar RefugeesGrim Batol-EU138959Not updated
97Peruzzi ImperiusGrim Batol-EU138894Not updated
98Demonpimp Cort CorpsGrim Batol-EU137946Not updated
99Tyrannicide KicksGrim Batol-EU137917Not updated
100Finzi  Grim Batol-EU137718Not updated

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