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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gorgonnash-EU Honorable Kills
1Vaí Death WarriorGorgonnash-EU330956Not updated
2Spyro DestilibriumGorgonnash-EU289243Not updated
3Tegid Infernal CreaturesGorgonnash-EU279801Not updated
4Olec UnicGorgonnash-EU274350Not updated
5Ilug Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU259250Not updated
6Gorgonnasher AdrenalínGorgonnash-EU255197Not updated
7Ironrob DominanceGorgonnash-EU220754Not updated
8Babaracus  Gorgonnash-EU219819Not updated
9Bratak Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU216180Not updated
10Mìra CoreGorgonnash-EU208573Not updated
11Zenjaa CoreGorgonnash-EU208256Not updated
12Llîane Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU206161Not updated
13Boblox CoreGorgonnash-EU205321Not updated
14Trubik Hüter des KinderzimmersGorgonnash-EU196005Not updated
15Oruspuu  Gorgonnash-EU194417Not updated
16Jorg EtherealsGorgonnash-EU193217Not updated
17Tyraja HTFGorgonnash-EU192758Not updated
18Âyrés HTFGorgonnash-EU189454Not updated
19Ewacuate KNGorgonnash-EU189191Not updated
20Nexilyn PlageGorgonnash-EU189136Not updated
21Elcô Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU187305Not updated
22Haruk CoreGorgonnash-EU184967Not updated
23Talshîar CoreGorgonnash-EU183095Not updated
24Stylz Tourists of TerrorGorgonnash-EU182417Not updated
25Brumok TøxicGorgonnash-EU180980Not updated
26Yanya CoreGorgonnash-EU172956Not updated
27Kaat Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU172602Not updated
28Hellspawni FEUER UND EISGorgonnash-EU167662Not updated
29Banehallow  Gorgonnash-EU165744Not updated
30Krusk SturmbringerGorgonnash-EU164614Not updated
31Augustus Die SuperfreundeGorgonnash-EU163680Not updated
32Nexina PlageGorgonnash-EU160867Not updated
33Feromar PlageGorgonnash-EU160804Not updated
34Jeyo IndependentGorgonnash-EU160541Not updated
35Sapography  Gorgonnash-EU160163Not updated
36Spekkakles Die SuperfreundeGorgonnash-EU158321Not updated
37Fyluu Fairy TailGorgonnash-EU155374Not updated
38Aeliria CoreGorgonnash-EU153942Not updated
39Täz HTFGorgonnash-EU151860Not updated
40Âyres HTFGorgonnash-EU149971Not updated
41Deathspawn FEUER UND EISGorgonnash-EU147629Not updated
42Ji Amon AmarthGorgonnash-EU147610Not updated
43Klempnerine  Gorgonnash-EU146938Not updated
44Aldramil ParamountGorgonnash-EU146924Not updated
45Malegna UnicGorgonnash-EU145534Not updated
46Maxxwell  Gorgonnash-EU145119Not updated
47Bolk heul nicht RENNGorgonnash-EU144129Not updated
48Bulleseye Such a thingGorgonnash-EU143771Not updated
49Blaîck UnicGorgonnash-EU137810Not updated
50Skybeat Hüter des KinderzimmersGorgonnash-EU136978Not updated
51Jinzou BonzenVereinGorgonnash-EU136313Not updated
52Saád UnicGorgonnash-EU135857Not updated
53Kveldulf BonzenVereinGorgonnash-EU135615Not updated
54Redrun HTFGorgonnash-EU134186Not updated
55Vanyar Infernal CreaturesGorgonnash-EU133777Not updated
56Nøs  Gorgonnash-EU133687Not updated
57Carnak CoreGorgonnash-EU131459Not updated
58Gramla Night Conquered DayGorgonnash-EU128343Not updated
59Cayar lunacyGorgonnash-EU128040Not updated
60Zaboo SeveredGorgonnash-EU127732Not updated
61Gargamêl Azur RainGorgonnash-EU127667Not updated
62Orogar UnicGorgonnash-EU127044Not updated
63Tantolus  Gorgonnash-EU126829Not updated
64Dáichi  Gorgonnash-EU126302Not updated
65Rebon  Gorgonnash-EU125850Not updated
66Angro BellumGorgonnash-EU123969Not updated
67Âchílles  Gorgonnash-EU123948Not updated
68Makker Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU121975Not updated
69Ale  Gorgonnash-EU121332Not updated
70Weyun LynXGorgonnash-EU121092Not updated
71Xantoro  Gorgonnash-EU120374Not updated
72Elnupplo  Gorgonnash-EU120202Not updated
73Celebrían UnicGorgonnash-EU119649Not updated
74Talandrin UnicGorgonnash-EU118706Not updated
75Otox  Gorgonnash-EU117994Not updated
76Silence Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU116980Not updated
77Snurp CoreGorgonnash-EU116873Not updated
78Fritzpa TrollfahndungGorgonnash-EU116751Not updated
79Gorokar Die SuperfreundeGorgonnash-EU116442Not updated
80Ramo BellumGorgonnash-EU116018Not updated
81Spikê I Signifies Deadly IGorgonnash-EU114158Not updated
82Orcolloss Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU113966Not updated
83Kamikaso DominanceGorgonnash-EU113187Not updated
84Sharéêèn  Gorgonnash-EU112887Not updated
85Saidar empíreGorgonnash-EU112343Not updated
86Gazrok SteinkreishordeGorgonnash-EU111110Not updated
87Peavy Infernal CreaturesGorgonnash-EU110951Not updated
88Pasco  Gorgonnash-EU110874Not updated
89Janeadvance  Gorgonnash-EU110606Not updated
90Bømmes BonzenVereinGorgonnash-EU110204Not updated
91Anomander WeltenbrandGorgonnash-EU109717Not updated
92Shîppo  Gorgonnash-EU109276Not updated
93Deyt  Gorgonnash-EU109140Not updated
94Icewulf Darkness risingGorgonnash-EU109111Not updated
95Mileycyrûs Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU109086Not updated
96Callifax  Gorgonnash-EU108615Not updated
97Fibiane  Gorgonnash-EU108391Not updated
98Robbie Death WarriorGorgonnash-EU108309Not updated
99Wîsperwind Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU108138Not updated
100Oyasuminasaj  Gorgonnash-EU107827Not updated

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