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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gorefiend-US Honorable Kills
1Beyna VexGorefiend-US401622Not updated
2Freckles VexGorefiend-US267513Not updated
3Treppner AssailantsGorefiend-US248564Not updated
4Archwizzard Smokers UnionGorefiend-US244385Not updated
5Indygochild VexGorefiend-US238469Not updated
6Spyeye Deadmoon TribeGorefiend-US237792Not updated
7Razzwind Dawn BreakerGorefiend-US232458Not updated
8Dochaelian  Gorefiend-US220488Not updated
9Boomcist VexGorefiend-US201088Not updated
10Bossdawg  Gorefiend-US200172Not updated
11Herpesauce  Gorefiend-US193278Not updated
12Ministerevil ParamountGorefiend-US191694Not updated
13Callex Dawn BreakerGorefiend-US191063Not updated
14Magulo l Pulse lGorefiend-US181024Not updated
15Equinoxes RiotGorefiend-US180153Not updated
16Trust The AnarchsGorefiend-US180134Not updated
17Greyghostess Silvermoon KnightsGorefiend-US175451Not updated
18Psyc Cats GameGorefiend-US172068Not updated
19Lockonss Heart Of The WildGorefiend-US170769Not updated
20Bigwask AsylumGorefiend-US168322Not updated
21Torjuk RondoGorefiend-US166029Not updated
22Thedarklady Living SyndicationGorefiend-US161787Not updated
23Larxene DistilledGorefiend-US161686Not updated
24Lannistur Purple LotusGorefiend-US161360Not updated
25Biggywizzy Noob NationGorefiend-US153580Not updated
26Satìe BéstFriendsForeverClubGorefiend-US152583Not updated
27Zereu  Gorefiend-US151895Not updated
28Angalla  Gorefiend-US149880Not updated
29Riha Cats GameGorefiend-US148688Not updated
30Namebrand  Gorefiend-US148488Not updated
31Pews  Gorefiend-US148053Not updated
32Dranna legend of the shadowGorefiend-US145927Not updated
33Riverixi  Gorefiend-US144619Not updated
34Crod  Gorefiend-US143932Not updated
35Valse Dawn BreakerGorefiend-US142768Not updated
36Stix AssailantsGorefiend-US142566Not updated
37Kuntaf KíllSwitchGorefiend-US142221Not updated
38Elementsai Heart Of The WildGorefiend-US141508Not updated
39Nimrôdd Dawn BreakerGorefiend-US141137Not updated
40Rèdx  Gorefiend-US139099Not updated
41Mear Hard CasualGorefiend-US137748Not updated
42Vorgothe  Gorefiend-US136860Not updated
43Kreepuh  Gorefiend-US135583Not updated
44Borabora Cats GameGorefiend-US135244Not updated
45Evlynfrost  Gorefiend-US132519Not updated
46Xantheene Interior GuardGorefiend-US132335Not updated
47Ænema InsurgencyGorefiend-US130564Not updated
48Unprofession Valhalla RisingGorefiend-US130487Not updated
49Pancetta UdenGorefiend-US130115Not updated
50Gnomerccy Dawn BreakerGorefiend-US130102Not updated
51Snyped Red DevilsGorefiend-US129704Not updated
52Alitharia BeastGorefiend-US129581Not updated
53Cassini SabbaticalGorefiend-US127633Not updated
54Never HÖÖTÉRSGorefiend-US125777Not updated
55Razursedgee  Gorefiend-US123268Not updated
56Chubsub OmenGorefiend-US122891Not updated
57Aydrian  Gorefiend-US122539Not updated
58Dpunch  Gorefiend-US122392Not updated
59Silvon DivinityGorefiend-US121486Not updated
60Shadina Frostwolf BanditosGorefiend-US121385Not updated
61Epsilon  Gorefiend-US117848Not updated
62Loreena VexGorefiend-US117494Not updated
63Ghettohoof HÖÖTÉRSGorefiend-US117319Not updated
64Pythar Yokaí AcademyGorefiend-US116999Not updated
65Telvido  Gorefiend-US116063Not updated
66Lockoff Heart Of The WildGorefiend-US115618Not updated
67Vert Hordecore PwnGorefiend-US115397Not updated
68Giovanie The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US114684Not updated
69Phatguy The Red ShirtsGorefiend-US114334Not updated
70Zorma  Gorefiend-US113873Not updated
71Snapster ChaoticGorefiend-US112353Not updated
72Jivecrakka  Gorefiend-US111310Not updated
73Motamon The EternalsGorefiend-US111187Not updated
74Turdhammer Hard CasualGorefiend-US111081Not updated
75Ballgame SpecialistGorefiend-US110643Not updated
76Jiffy Deadmoon TribeGorefiend-US110409Not updated
77Deliverer Hard CasualGorefiend-US110345Not updated
78Skillfury DiablogangersGorefiend-US110312Not updated
79Slaanesh  Gorefiend-US109565Not updated
80Bugzy The ViolentGorefiend-US109550Not updated
81Blackops DivinityGorefiend-US109540Not updated
82Mileena Purple LotusGorefiend-US108845Not updated
83Konst Friday Night GamingGorefiend-US108627Not updated
84Ascaeleon JTCBGorefiend-US108015Not updated
85Drgonzo  Gorefiend-US107882Not updated
86Grÿmm DistilledGorefiend-US107370Not updated
87Káze  Gorefiend-US107291Not updated
88Srsbusiness TornGorefiend-US107282Not updated
89Jelenah  Gorefiend-US107084Not updated
90Parthenia  Gorefiend-US107044Not updated
91Flapcannon RiotGorefiend-US106945Not updated
92Pdbm Killer InstinctsGorefiend-US106890Not updated
93Prowl UdenGorefiend-US106828Not updated
94Trogi VexGorefiend-US105121Not updated
95Nhanha Art of WarGorefiend-US104850Not updated
96Phenix KíllSwitchGorefiend-US104169Not updated
97Jtbanker  Gorefiend-US103700Not updated
98Nagalover WarbringerGorefiend-US102807Not updated
99Grimey KíllSwitchGorefiend-US102166Not updated
100Djon Deadmoon TribeGorefiend-US102090Not updated

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