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Gilneas-US Honorable Kills
1Vanas AggressionGilneas-US286260
2Typecast AggressionGilneas-US277477
3Windigo EndlessGilneas-US259082Not updated
4Timons Epic AdventuresGilneas-US251683
5Xyerst StormGilneas-US234403
6Bowaza  Gilneas-US211538
7Zarkoid Vermicious KnidsGilneas-US197051Not updated
8Loden Legends of TristramGilneas-US196751Not updated
9Txol PUGGilneas-US180395Not updated
10Kham  Gilneas-US178836Not updated
11Perrony Knights of the AllianceGilneas-US170994
12Imminence Carebear IncGilneas-US163849
13Cliduz  Gilneas-US159716Not updated
14Tephemius The Unusual SuspectsGilneas-US156206Not updated
15Jofrey Circus NinjasGilneas-US156076
16Pher End of LegendsGilneas-US156045Not updated
17Foodstamp Carebear IncGilneas-US154251
18Ratcat FORCEGilneas-US154079
19Pcwp SpectrumGilneas-US149788Not updated
20Drizturden Legends of TristramGilneas-US144213
21Living Triumph or AgonyGilneas-US143396
22Faited  Gilneas-US143312Not updated
23Ikdu Keepers of the FunkGilneas-US139031Not updated
24Auroras Sicvis Pax ParobellumGilneas-US138985
25Jst ApathyGilneas-US136508Not updated
26Loelicious  Gilneas-US136014Not updated
27Bluwind AggressionGilneas-US134978Not updated
28Diac Keepers of the FunkGilneas-US133009Not updated
29Shuzzamm PUGGilneas-US132938
30Lorelei Unnatural SelectionGilneas-US132371
31Outzone  Gilneas-US132129
32Athlen ApathyGilneas-US128283Not updated
33Vaganymph Inglorious BackstabsGilneas-US126724Not updated
34Sirdreadeye From The AshesGilneas-US126567Not updated
35Losh ÉvólûtïoñGilneas-US125982
36Floyd InfinitGilneas-US122566Not updated
37Chancre Reckless AbandonGilneas-US121758Not updated
38Wogwog End of LegendsGilneas-US117393
39Helicon ÉvólûtïoñGilneas-US116066Not updated
40Avitar Dont Stand in FireGilneas-US114181Not updated
41Harroy Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US114041
42Dargent  Gilneas-US112137Not updated
43Darc Better Than YouGilneas-US111667
44Elsbeth ExcelGilneas-US111134Not updated
45ßroxigar Inglorious BackstabsGilneas-US110115
46Cires FailsauceGilneas-US109048
47Betsi Dawn of the ExiledGilneas-US107223Not updated
48Clairabelle Common SenseGilneas-US106729Not updated
49Dend AggressionGilneas-US106082
50Holyshoe AnonymousGilneas-US103035Not updated
51Felmon Clan BloodhoofGilneas-US102950Not updated
52Tush Sicvis Pax ParobellumGilneas-US102940Not updated
53Gunzz Keepers of the FunkGilneas-US102624
54Kyak Gilded RoseGilneas-US102440Not updated
55Cherryice Unwanted CouncilGilneas-US102298Not updated
56Shadowchase Obsidian WindGilneas-US100714
57Anotherdruid EndlessGilneas-US99664Not updated
58Melf ApathyGilneas-US99573
59Littlefootx AggressionGilneas-US98318Not updated
60Alk Legends of TristramGilneas-US95501
61Pàriveshei MisguidedGilneas-US93710
62Griand Crits and GigglesGilneas-US93038Not updated
63Wiretap Carebear IncGilneas-US92905
64Speros EchoesGilneas-US92559Not updated
65Ancients Extra Bank SpaceGilneas-US92511Not updated
66Buckybadger AggressionGilneas-US92198Not updated
67Crownguard StormGilneas-US92107
68Mandragoran End of LegendsGilneas-US91913
69Danijala DefiantGilneas-US91846Not updated
70Bluedragon No Fear PantherGilneas-US91793Not updated
71Checkyoself Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US91710Not updated
72Frankdatank Clan BloodhoofGilneas-US91565Not updated
73Andris PUGGilneas-US91415Not updated
74Wolftrack Men of KnowledgeGilneas-US90157Not updated
75Hullkk FailsauceGilneas-US89949
76Machavelli PUGGilneas-US89506
77Zuntriix Next ChapterGilneas-US89086Not updated
78Supersaiyan OMG IM LIEK SO FABULOUSGilneas-US88934Not updated
79Prophesier TaintedGilneas-US88300Not updated
80Twodogs  Gilneas-US88242Not updated
81Incola ODGGilneas-US87967
82Heka Cruel IntentionsGilneas-US87385Not updated
83Icedp FullmetalGilneas-US87230Not updated
84Potbelly The Dark FellowshipGilneas-US86829Not updated
85Izith Death JestersGilneas-US86799Not updated
86Misstry Legends Of BloodGilneas-US86658
87Djhealer FullmetalGilneas-US86645Not updated
88Ausra Axis of Evil DeadGilneas-US86632Not updated
89Zelmer No QuarterGilneas-US86433Not updated
90Ministra StormGilneas-US86279
91Mililanious StormGilneas-US86238Not updated
92Misslexi  Gilneas-US85491
93Eezu Templar KnightsGilneas-US84718
94Warcannibal Clan BloodhoofGilneas-US84074Not updated
95Lasiurina HordeKillasGilneas-US83540Not updated
96Mikeyma The CovenantGilneas-US83521Not updated
97Luuz AggressionGilneas-US83201Not updated
98Vaelin EchoesGilneas-US82819Not updated
99Erahkiel Legends of TristramGilneas-US82806
100Snoblynn  Gilneas-US82750Not updated

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