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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ghostlands-EU Honorable Kills
1Vifiene friends onlyGhostlands-EU505819Not updated
2Testot  Ghostlands-EU448700Not updated
3Vengenzz House of ErebosGhostlands-EU326840Not updated
4Nerfme XIIGhostlands-EU270825Not updated
5Zophie Monty PythonGhostlands-EU263074Not updated
6Valéfor CazualGhostlands-EU261067Not updated
7Jessejones We PVP because we careGhostlands-EU247582Not updated
8Hybridtheory HORDE FTWGhostlands-EU237282Not updated
9Snapattack  Ghostlands-EU204006Not updated
10Atlants I GuardianiGhostlands-EU202289Not updated
11Turbot Knights of Green HerBGhostlands-EU193950Not updated
12Celica The Crew We KnowGhostlands-EU191125Not updated
13Damag Splintered SoulsGhostlands-EU167113Not updated
14Yoshimoto Dark LegionGhostlands-EU164914Not updated
15Bjarnemage Danish RaidersGhostlands-EU160069Not updated
16Camerun ACMEGhostlands-EU158726Not updated
17Kanos RagnarökGhostlands-EU156701Not updated
18Irudium Who Dares WinsGhostlands-EU155458Not updated
19Mortoula  Ghostlands-EU153187Not updated
20Geles  Ghostlands-EU151658Not updated
21Vasko friends onlyGhostlands-EU151042Not updated
22Illva OmnishamblesGhostlands-EU142442Not updated
23Ghilfrid I GuardianiGhostlands-EU141857Not updated
24Zarkal Perfect StrangersGhostlands-EU141458Not updated
25Guyana Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU141214Not updated
26Kihu ReunionGhostlands-EU140114Not updated
27Typikill GoonstarsGhostlands-EU138291Not updated
28Gural  Ghostlands-EU137296Not updated
29Doriangrey Fusion StormGhostlands-EU136377Not updated
30Vinniev The Argent SlayersGhostlands-EU135833Not updated
31Cinderstorm The Eternal HeroesGhostlands-EU135808Not updated
32Parkers geuzen pub punt nlGhostlands-EU135168Not updated
33Undyfire Sapped Cows Cant MooGhostlands-EU134698Not updated
34Eyesyckle Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU134593Not updated
35Dodgybishop RevolutionGhostlands-EU134473Not updated
36Brém PandamoniumGhostlands-EU134413Not updated
37Sorona Eternal DestinyGhostlands-EU133713Not updated
38Zoltang friends onlyGhostlands-EU133554Not updated
39Pilfingér GhostRídersGhostlands-EU130090Not updated
40Araz Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU129498Not updated
41Franar Fusion StormGhostlands-EU126456Not updated
42Izaak EpicsGhostlands-EU125181Not updated
43Whiterosé The Eternal HeroesGhostlands-EU124061Not updated
44Qzzy Fusion StormGhostlands-EU123777Not updated
45Okplz Dark LegionGhostlands-EU123641Not updated
46Naust We PVP because we careGhostlands-EU123562Not updated
47Egno  Ghostlands-EU122427Not updated
48Kzemmpaw High VoltageGhostlands-EU121804Not updated
49Dexion Fusion StormGhostlands-EU121648Not updated
50Geekie PandorumGhostlands-EU120403Not updated
51Havoctzar Old School RebelsGhostlands-EU119068Not updated
52Gangstaff Pillow TalkGhostlands-EU118605Not updated
53Pôttelekker  Ghostlands-EU118471Not updated
54Kardas Perfect StrangersGhostlands-EU117961Not updated
55Vintoleth Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU117842Not updated
56Sodexho PandamoniumGhostlands-EU116800Not updated
57Ticklez XIIGhostlands-EU115331Not updated
58Ejectseat SoLGhostlands-EU114231Not updated
59Donttouch  Ghostlands-EU113297Not updated
60Thepenguin  Ghostlands-EU112915Not updated
61Archgabriel Guardians of the LightGhostlands-EU112593Not updated
62Retlol  Ghostlands-EU111829Not updated
63Baba BeerformGhostlands-EU110166Not updated
64Oake  Ghostlands-EU109426Not updated
65Fulmar Fusion StormGhostlands-EU109019Not updated
66Dextêr Raiders of LightGhostlands-EU108763Not updated
67Edfromhell  Ghostlands-EU108417Not updated
68Sundari The Eternal HeroesGhostlands-EU108051Not updated
69Lupali PandamoniumGhostlands-EU107836Not updated
70Deweg  Ghostlands-EU107346Not updated
71Rivermagicfu OmnishamblesGhostlands-EU106905Not updated
72Vrax BeerformGhostlands-EU106754Not updated
73Mitsman  Ghostlands-EU106414Not updated
74Padraig  Ghostlands-EU106289Not updated
75Desertsoul Turmion KätilötGhostlands-EU105708Not updated
76Matadorian  Ghostlands-EU105586Not updated
77Enala Channel Four News TeamGhostlands-EU105423Not updated
78Boigan  Ghostlands-EU105373Not updated
79Twotem VintageGhostlands-EU104487Not updated
80Ouch VintageGhostlands-EU104162Not updated
81Erelas Sons of AgonyGhostlands-EU104039Not updated
82Auditore The War MachineGhostlands-EU103337Not updated
83Gaddarin  Ghostlands-EU102683Not updated
84Kendarf We PVP because we careGhostlands-EU102025Not updated
85Muzmuz Beat BoxGhostlands-EU101929Not updated
86Lakey Team FluffybumsGhostlands-EU101240Not updated
87Mithrial Who Dares WinsGhostlands-EU101050Not updated
88Khefru VintageGhostlands-EU100729Not updated
89Tsarra The War MachineGhostlands-EU100049Not updated
90Drewronnie  Ghostlands-EU98924Not updated
91Mopix PandamoniumGhostlands-EU97570Not updated
92Jubalu The Crew We KnowGhostlands-EU97070Not updated
93Kissmearrow  Ghostlands-EU96474Not updated
94Bugfix  Ghostlands-EU95882Not updated
95Steppeslite I Just Crit My PantsGhostlands-EU95504Not updated
96Adie billynomatesGhostlands-EU95135Not updated
97Luré  Ghostlands-EU95130Not updated
98Touratech Monty PythonGhostlands-EU94643Not updated
99Lerxst Fallen HeroesGhostlands-EU94200Not updated
100Tulinof EternalsGhostlands-EU93765Not updated

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