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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garrosh-US Honorable Kills
1Redbuzzard ReaversGarrosh-US280375Not updated
2Grevantos Ex NihiloGarrosh-US219728Not updated
3Melchizedec Last Full MeasureGarrosh-US205549Not updated
4Shizzie Last Full MeasureGarrosh-US193101Not updated
5Zadar Last Full MeasureGarrosh-US185110Not updated
6Reportmeafk Champions LegionGarrosh-US171689Not updated
7Knitelord  Garrosh-US168729Not updated
8Kharmabites CliqueGarrosh-US160456Not updated
9Battlebeats Que UpGarrosh-US153612Not updated
10Rz Edge of MadnessGarrosh-US152317Not updated
11Vääko Emerald DawnGarrosh-US150209Not updated
12Smanni  Garrosh-US149936Not updated
13Gnomesister  Garrosh-US147766Not updated
14Nocuout  Garrosh-US144708Not updated
15Pyrex Last Full MeasureGarrosh-US141315Not updated
16Pikko Calamitous IntentGarrosh-US140510Not updated
17Hôlywarriors BestFriendsForeverClubGarrosh-US138900Not updated
18Nasia Dark Side of the MoonGarrosh-US136142Not updated
19Thëstrâñgèr Big Boy SquadGarrosh-US132990Not updated
20Gaffer  Garrosh-US129187Not updated
21Lostcontrol ApathyGarrosh-US128873Not updated
22Ladorisa RebellionGarrosh-US128095Not updated
23Lanemeyer Legion of DarknessGarrosh-US127521Not updated
24Yondaimé Band of MisfitsGarrosh-US127422Not updated
25Cottonlol  Garrosh-US127036Not updated
26Brbbio Champions LegionGarrosh-US124962Not updated
27Noodlemen Guild PerksGarrosh-US124800Not updated
28Nztorg  Garrosh-US124137Not updated
29Kryferelp  Garrosh-US123807Not updated
30Ihategnomes  Garrosh-US121874Not updated
31Sarena Champions LegionGarrosh-US118936Not updated
32Bloodrein AegìsGarrosh-US117193Not updated
33Kasgaroth FoundationGarrosh-US114632Not updated
34Kitina west coast wanderersGarrosh-US114239Not updated
35Blazelord RebellionGarrosh-US111367Not updated
36Specklespife reapersGarrosh-US109919Not updated
37Neonate AegìsGarrosh-US107662Not updated
38Mightypip  Garrosh-US105364Not updated
39Daws Common AfflictionGarrosh-US104868Not updated
40Suggy  Garrosh-US104402Not updated
41Velnora RebellionGarrosh-US103971Not updated
42Líq BestFriendsForeverClubGarrosh-US102511Not updated
43Regz TryhardsGarrosh-US101296Not updated
44Piscisron immortal kingsGarrosh-US100951Not updated
45Reltimos The AchievedGarrosh-US97611Not updated
46Xesi Night PhoenixGarrosh-US94996Not updated
47Heihachii Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US94979Not updated
48Catscan Emerald DawnGarrosh-US94319Not updated
49Aloxia FlawlessGarrosh-US93303Not updated
50Notorious BestFriendsForeverClubGarrosh-US91564Not updated
51Vicdorama The Deadly SinsGarrosh-US91405Not updated
52Calethin League of HeroesGarrosh-US89650Not updated
53Pokwang Misfits of the HordeGarrosh-US88358Not updated
54Panton ApathyGarrosh-US87192Not updated
55Arghul OriginsGarrosh-US86760Not updated
56Dagreez  Garrosh-US85794Not updated
57Moonshado Old PeopleGarrosh-US85630Not updated
58Avalon CrescendoGarrosh-US85150Not updated
59Innovindal  Garrosh-US84677Not updated
60Israèl BestFriendsForeverClubGarrosh-US84598Not updated
61Vynarel Que UpGarrosh-US84259Not updated
62Åzrelåsoliel Champions LegionGarrosh-US84175Not updated
63Clog Que UpGarrosh-US83587Not updated
64Nativesun Dark GuardiansGarrosh-US82815Not updated
65Petwhisperer And FriendsGarrosh-US82689Not updated
66Shadowmaster  Garrosh-US82313Not updated
67Groine  Garrosh-US81965Not updated
68Huxx  Garrosh-US81746Not updated
69Elanthra Dirty Little SecretsGarrosh-US79971Not updated
70Huzapaw  Garrosh-US79571Not updated
71Vortronia The Wicked BrotherhoodGarrosh-US78807Not updated
72Voxxi  Garrosh-US78785Not updated
73Sugarnuts Alliance HellionsGarrosh-US78571Not updated
74Tearrok  Garrosh-US78050Not updated
75Darkcarnage Celtic BrotherhoodGarrosh-US77682Not updated
76Coduh RebellionGarrosh-US77262Not updated
77Whatsisnamex Insane AsylumGarrosh-US76961Not updated
78Embráce  Garrosh-US76792Not updated
79Bigbot Que UpGarrosh-US76453Not updated
80Veleon  Garrosh-US76226Not updated
81Sinnz Pagans RefugeGarrosh-US75974Not updated
82Jadedjada Drop ShockGarrosh-US75782Not updated
83Chiklet  Garrosh-US75476Not updated
84Ellinna The HereticsGarrosh-US75416Not updated
85Klila  Garrosh-US75365Not updated
86Skairix  Garrosh-US74969Not updated
87Kraks Drop ShockGarrosh-US74837Not updated
88Dentarg Dent or Clers MinionGarrosh-US74164Not updated
89Lexxan  Garrosh-US74093Not updated
90Oregano Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US73922Not updated
91Kyrandia En Taro AdunGarrosh-US73688Not updated
92Phsyopak Enslaved NomoreGarrosh-US73208Not updated
93Daveb Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US73172Not updated
94Saekki Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US73015Not updated
95Cocorico Veni Vidi ViciGarrosh-US72888Not updated
96Luciditee The Garrosh ChampionsGarrosh-US72740Not updated
97Mstiggy  Garrosh-US71890Not updated
98Rekaôrc FoundationGarrosh-US71828Not updated
99Phrozenn  Garrosh-US71643Not updated
100Durinorcbane The Deadly SinsGarrosh-US71421Not updated

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