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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Galakrond-US Honorable Kills
1Hezekiam Knights of PhoenixGalakrond-US296734Not updated
2Silvercloud  Galakrond-US228982Not updated
3Tonytwist  Galakrond-US219757Not updated
4Byrysh Hazardous DistractionGalakrond-US203445Not updated
5Kopernic ElationGalakrond-US182505Not updated
6Londonparis Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US177541
7Megaflare Brotherhood of ChaosGalakrond-US168872Not updated
8Sekkel Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US163692
9Bregalad Damage IncGalakrond-US153678Not updated
10Armytheus Alliance VanguardGalakrond-US153264Not updated
11Terolaina  Galakrond-US140482Not updated
12Rottenus Rotten HordeGalakrond-US137623Not updated
13Itchyman  Galakrond-US133272Not updated
14Disruptress Guardianz of LightGalakrond-US131680Not updated
15Brethil  Galakrond-US114778Not updated
16Malo VILLANSGalakrond-US109655Not updated
17Mangojuice Get In Our VanGalakrond-US105877Not updated
18Soulwrecker  Galakrond-US105200Not updated
19Drtankxoxo  Galakrond-US104962Not updated
20Cyndro Team EliteGalakrond-US102438Not updated
21Balfour Intruder AlertGalakrond-US96345Not updated
22Spasmodeus Shut up and PullGalakrond-US96301Not updated
22Dotivus TOOLZGalakrond-US96301Not updated
24Beecher DestructionGalakrond-US94120Not updated
25Webjibaro Stolen TribeGalakrond-US93165Not updated
26Mendugud WaywardGalakrond-US92233Not updated
27Eleclya CapcomGalakrond-US91470Not updated
28Legrino DaybreakGalakrond-US90324Not updated
29Matus  Galakrond-US90173Not updated
30Kragmore ElationGalakrond-US88722Not updated
31Tuladran AegisGalakrond-US88667Not updated
32Swallows AegisGalakrond-US88526Not updated
33Lecrino argg ur titles be oursGalakrond-US88457Not updated
34Cassteal Damage IncGalakrond-US88154Not updated
35Illuminant  Galakrond-US86711Not updated
36Emsy  Galakrond-US86344Not updated
37Bromezz kings of WoWGalakrond-US86137Not updated
38Crixo Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US85641
39Darkkphoenix Golden SabersGalakrond-US85092Not updated
40Killerlogo Damage IncGalakrond-US84202Not updated
41Hojihannaman Brute ForceGalakrond-US84031Not updated
42Novbre  Galakrond-US83921Not updated
43Spiketus Brute ForceGalakrond-US83486Not updated
44Esela Knights Of CamelotGalakrond-US83266Not updated
45Greydalf Damage IncGalakrond-US83087Not updated
46Desstas Punch DrunkGalakrond-US82194Not updated
47Tigas PrimarchGalakrond-US81763Not updated
48Kandyman TOOLZGalakrond-US81546Not updated
49Mojeca  Galakrond-US80779Not updated
50Anodiminuto  Galakrond-US80730Not updated
51Doriangrey kings of WoWGalakrond-US78772Not updated
52Sonus  Galakrond-US78739Not updated
53Domasi RetributionGalakrond-US78280Not updated
54Noxproliator  Galakrond-US78238Not updated
55Blindeyewill JustifiedGalakrond-US76596Not updated
56Mograine SovereignGalakrond-US76106Not updated
57Togohere Punch DrunkGalakrond-US74160Not updated
58Stoshalutz  Galakrond-US74016Not updated
59Angrydragon  Galakrond-US73879Not updated
60Kchanguito Blinkin CheeseGalakrond-US73659Not updated
61Loopwee Elestrial SpiritsGalakrond-US73602Not updated
62Methasla is awesomeGalakrond-US73177Not updated
63Dirkshadow  Galakrond-US73120Not updated
64Raymuss World of HordecraftGalakrond-US72757Not updated
65Shruumz  Galakrond-US72725Not updated
66Anacleto Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US71745Not updated
67Edrin  Galakrond-US71639Not updated
68Qrazy Stolen TribeGalakrond-US71510Not updated
69Velicious HellrazersGalakrond-US69779Not updated
70Wildcowgirl kings of WoWGalakrond-US68617Not updated
71Bullv Brute ForceGalakrond-US68156Not updated
72Meatplow Tragik MasqueradeGalakrond-US68083Not updated
73Schlange kings of WoWGalakrond-US67936Not updated
74Püre Alliance VanguardGalakrond-US67036Not updated
75Garbonzozio Shadow HordeGalakrond-US64642Not updated
76Evilmîdget  Galakrond-US64640Not updated
77Pliat WaywardGalakrond-US64359Not updated
78Trophan  Galakrond-US63866Not updated
79Erndrion  Galakrond-US63175Not updated
80Alinta Knights Of CamelotGalakrond-US63013Not updated
81Purplenight Slayers UnitedGalakrond-US62793Not updated
82Shankeh Punch DrunkGalakrond-US62620Not updated
83Nytemare MistwalkersGalakrond-US62600Not updated
84Jrpancho The Drunk MonksGalakrond-US62323
85Skinta Bail MoneyGalakrond-US62289Not updated
86Polarity  Galakrond-US62238Not updated
87Furaa  Galakrond-US62098Not updated
88Mammel  Galakrond-US62046Not updated
89Graydeth  Galakrond-US60975Not updated
90Oshawott  Galakrond-US59908Not updated
91Peperecha Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US59694Not updated
92Enok WaywardGalakrond-US59507Not updated
93Kuulion Order of WarGalakrond-US59209Not updated
94Grust Team EliteGalakrond-US59160Not updated
95Twannaa Shadow WarriorsGalakrond-US59003Not updated
96Bruudanarch The Azeroth CrusadersGalakrond-US58890Not updated
97Zïnn Interrupt Like KanyeGalakrond-US58745Not updated
98Apolles Shut up and PullGalakrond-US58537Not updated
99Syer  Galakrond-US58508Not updated
100Skinrot  Galakrond-US57686Not updated

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