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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostwolf-US Honorable Kills
1Crexus DreadnoughtusFrostwolf-US527093Not updated
2Rhimes Casual CorpsFrostwolf-US386559Not updated
3Fearyoda WE are the LOVERSFrostwolf-US351342Not updated
4Hutch FrostFrostwolf-US317957Not updated
5Hùtch  Frostwolf-US316432Not updated
6Moostashride Thunderbluff SteakhouseFrostwolf-US285709Not updated
7Sliparee  Frostwolf-US281764Not updated
8Thunderchub Thunderbluff SteakhouseFrostwolf-US268059Not updated
9Barzule Dark RoninFrostwolf-US261079Not updated
10Angris Charlie FoxtrotFrostwolf-US238857Not updated
11Eshura Dark SupremacyFrostwolf-US228047Not updated
12Lighteye CastlevaniaFrostwolf-US223792Not updated
13Dvsmessiah FrostFrostwolf-US221025Not updated
14Holunhei MBsFrostwolf-US209233Not updated
15Maddiggie DrunkenMunkeysFrostwolf-US208569Not updated
16Hiphop FATALITYFrostwolf-US204333Not updated
17Origne  Frostwolf-US202706Not updated
18Skribbles  Frostwolf-US201695Not updated
19Kervv Breakìng BaddìesFrostwolf-US198661Not updated
20Zuroth The VagrantsFrostwolf-US191300Not updated
21Villainz The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US189487Not updated
22Thomy WarfareFrostwolf-US184732Not updated
23Roalviro FrostFrostwolf-US181945Not updated
24Swiftmonkey Southshore Gank SquadFrostwolf-US172136Not updated
25Loneknight Hidden LeafFrostwolf-US169153Not updated
26Aguilablanca FormidableFrostwolf-US166139Not updated
27Tien IrkedFrostwolf-US165538Not updated
28Desrook Thunderbluff SteakhouseFrostwolf-US164666Not updated
29Valil Teufel HundenFrostwolf-US161922Not updated
30Opal  Frostwolf-US160650Not updated
31Hyprbng  Frostwolf-US158395Not updated
32Prødígy Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US158060Not updated
33Hhlock CursedFrostwolf-US157775Not updated
34Smooch CursedFrostwolf-US157650Not updated
35Litez D e s t i n yFrostwolf-US157594Not updated
36Tenney Frost LegionFrostwolf-US156964Not updated
37Jusdredd Action Psycho SquadFrostwolf-US156159Not updated
38Daswolff The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US154780Not updated
39Turanor  Frostwolf-US154161Not updated
40Xnames  Frostwolf-US153566Not updated
41Luucious CursedFrostwolf-US151534Not updated
42Applelonia FrostFrostwolf-US150946Not updated
43Oghmand Blûnt FòrceFrostwolf-US149905Not updated
44Presso IRON CHEFFrostwolf-US149359Not updated
45Mtr  Frostwolf-US148917Not updated
46Worgwolf Moving ForwardFrostwolf-US148366Not updated
47Hellzyup FrostFrostwolf-US148030Not updated
48Adum Real Life BaddiesFrostwolf-US145572Not updated
49Zanetti 1upFrostwolf-US145071Not updated
50Zeekoshrub Raiders Of The Lost ArkFrostwolf-US144499Not updated
51Mysticol SiNSFrostwolf-US143372Not updated
52Tassedaar Glory for the BoredFrostwolf-US142902Not updated
53Karage  Frostwolf-US141512Not updated
54Terrørbull 1upFrostwolf-US140690Not updated
55Dymlosauru HasteFrostwolf-US138536Not updated
56Winira FATALITYFrostwolf-US138382Not updated
57Uafraidofme Tang DynastyFrostwolf-US137235Not updated
58Neonix  Frostwolf-US137021Not updated
59Dojjie  Frostwolf-US136890Not updated
60Nza  Frostwolf-US135023Not updated
61Nooneneo VitarisFrostwolf-US134731Not updated
62Bloort  Frostwolf-US134493Not updated
63Chunkymunkey GLMFrostwolf-US133185Not updated
64Slimerr Hordes of VirdoFrostwolf-US132726Not updated
65Dalvinlawl  Frostwolf-US132597Not updated
66Hhacid CursedFrostwolf-US129070Not updated
67Funnyman  Frostwolf-US128257Not updated
68Gnomestompèr Casual CorpsFrostwolf-US127354Not updated
69Munyshot If Looks Could KillFrostwolf-US126902Not updated
70Barashin WE are the LOVERSFrostwolf-US126578Not updated
71Cainomed NîghtmareFrostwolf-US125686Not updated
72Mll Unholy AllianceFrostwolf-US125266Not updated
73Titowmam The Little RascalsFrostwolf-US124781Not updated
74Donttrust OfflineFrostwolf-US124662Not updated
75Epicantrix  Frostwolf-US123575Not updated
76Satele  Frostwolf-US123444Not updated
77Toombs  Frostwolf-US123398Not updated
78Zj MBsFrostwolf-US123383Not updated
79Stevevader  Frostwolf-US123307Not updated
80Lól CensoredFrostwolf-US123086Not updated
81Synne DeviousFrostwolf-US123047Not updated
82Vice Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US122398Not updated
83Greny RebourneFrostwolf-US121244Not updated
84Sinni Forge and PassionFrostwolf-US121050Not updated
85Triggr FYSKFrostwolf-US120880Not updated
86Murders FrostFrostwolf-US120802Not updated
87Nâni Hidden LeafFrostwolf-US120488Not updated
88Kubrick  Frostwolf-US119818Not updated
89Dànkness  Frostwolf-US119431Not updated
90Animosity  Frostwolf-US118720Not updated
91Nomoredots  Frostwolf-US118650Not updated
92Revolve Almost AverageFrostwolf-US118606Not updated
93Accident AtrocityFrostwolf-US118472Not updated
94Ninizhuzhu Symphonic RainFrostwolf-US118307Not updated
95Rykuu Tang DynastyFrostwolf-US118061Not updated
96Syraco Boondock SaintsFrostwolf-US117876Not updated
97Azureflames ToFUFrostwolf-US117775Not updated
98Victimology FrostFrostwolf-US116680Not updated
99Bedro The UnlimitedFrostwolf-US116551Not updated
100Amicae SerenityFrostwolf-US116419Not updated

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